Posted on: September 9, 2015

With all the details coming together, and your big day only weeks away its time to figure out what gifts to give to your wedding entourage…… Some may say this is the most frustrating and daunting part, why? Because on top of everything– the seating chart, the centerpieces, flower decor etc finding the perfect gifts for your wedding party can seem like another task.

Your wedding party that you and your soon to be husband chose, are the people who have been there for you and have stuck by you. They are your family, but more importantly, the people who have made an impact in your life someway and somehow. So when finding the right gifts to gift them, make it something memorable, meaningful, and useful.

For our wedding, we had a traditional Filipino wedding, with a big entourage. There were 89 people in our wedding party alone. This included: Bridesmaids, Man of Honor, Matron of Honor, Best Men (2), Groomsmen, Flowergirls, Ringbearer, Lanternbearers, Bible Bearers, Principal Sponsors, Secondary Sponsors, Readers, and our ushers. YES, I know what your thinking BIG WEDDING– and it was. Both my husband and I come from very BIG families. Needless to say there was a lot LOVE felt all around that day!

Here are some ideas and what we gifted our wedding party:

Bridesmaids: For our bridesmaids I gifted them with a Tote bag that said “Bridesmaid.” I thought it was perfect for them to carry all the things they needed for that day and the color on the bag was perfect! Our theme colors were : Blush and Silvery Grey, and they went nicely with our theme. In the totes I made each of my bridesmaids an emergency kit equipped with: extra bobby pins, band-aids, safety pins, aleve, blush essie nail polish, and a bottle of champagne for getting ready. I also gave them a diamond “Bow” pendant necklace. Because they signified as a gift to me. Meaning that being in my life and having them in my life has touched my heart and they have made an impact in my life in someway or form. And they were placed in my life for a reason, which is why they were chosen to be in my wedding party.

Chevron Blush “Bridesmaid” Tote from Francesca’s: $20

Emergency Kit Items: Around $50- $60

Diamond “Bow” Pendant Necklace: $75

For our Groomsmen, Best Men, Man of Honor, The Guy Secondary Sponsors, Reader, and Ushers:  For them we gifted them with personalized cufflinks. My husband and I thought they were timeless, classic and something the guys can wear again and again. I also made the guys an emergency kit along with a bottle of their favorite liquor.

 We bought them from the Etsy Shop: PishPoshPendants for $13.95 each

 Emergency Kit Items: $50 to $60

For our Principle Sponsors and some of the Secondary Sponsors: We got them personalized hankerchiefs saying” For Tears of Joy” ” Thank you for all your Love and Support Today and Always. Love the Happy Couple, Emily and Mark 8/24/13.”

We purchased these from Etsy as well from the ThePolkaDottedBee Shop: $20 for a Set of 10

You can personalize your order just write them a message detailing what your looking for.

For our secondary sponsors we gifted them with Earrings that we’re the color Blush and Silver for our theme.

For our FlowerGirls and Ringbearer, Lantern bearers, and Bible Bearers: We gifted them with personalized tee shirts to wear after the wedding.

 Both were purchases on Etsy from the TheRedCaboose(Tuxedo shirts) : $60 for 7 shirts

 GirlExtraOrdinaire Shop : Set of 4 Rhinestone shirts $108.95 – $18.95 each

For our parents We made them Personalized handkerchieves too.

For my dad we gave him custon cufflinks, and my mom we bought her Tiffany & Co. Gold Pave Bangle Bracelet. And My husband and I gifted my in-laws Diamond drop earrings from Tiffany & Co.

I know this may seem a lot, but as I said we had a BIG wedding. Our gifts we’re heartfelt, just giving back and showing our love and thanks to everyone who was part of our special day.

For our guest: we made personalized CDs, Candy from our Viennese Table, and their photos from our Photo Booth.

These are just some ideas that we did for our wedding. Hope this helps when looking for wedding gift ideas for your wedding!

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