Women’s Wednesdays: Anniesa Hasibuan

Posted on: March 15, 2017


As Women’s History month continues, I wanted to show recognition to this remarkable woman. Someone who has redefined culture, impacted the world and fashion and is the epitome of what it is to be a strong, empowering female. Her name has been heard all over the world and rightfully so. At the young age of 28, her designs go beyond fashion, she is not only a designer but an influential role model for many women all over the world. Her name is: Anniesa Hasibuan. If you haven’t heard of her yet, now you have, she is one woman whose unforgettable. A humble, talented women that has made her mark on the world as one of the first Indonesian females to present during NYFW last September.

This NYFW season, I was grateful to attend another show of hers, and I was reluctant to sit front row alongside my fellow Lady Bosses Ellese from Rock Paper Glam and Gina from What The Doost. Each season, I’m in complete awe with all of the creations the designers present during NYFW. Anniesa Hasibuan is one designer who not only creates exceptional pieces but gives a whole new meaning to the word empowerment. Last September, she presented her collection where all her models wore the infamous hijab. The Hijab as been seen on many women all over the world often times as a sign of modesty and privacy. Most often, women have been stereotyped as disempowered and constricted when wearing the hijab. But she quickly changed many perceptions of that in one evening. It’s as if I was transported to another time, where women were seen as equals, where we all stood strong and proud wearing the hijab. In one evening, her impact during NYFW, made a HUGE statement in the most positive ways seen all over the world.   The hijab is now not only seen as a strong symbol for many women around the world, but a big fashion statement that is recognized and seen has something quite powerful.  Despite’s many misconceptions and stereotypes, Anniesa Hasibuan changed the view of many and has made a huge impact on both the world and fashion.

This season, she presented her F/W ’17 collection Drama. Once again, she left us in complete awe with all the glitz and glam. Each model dazzled and shined down the runway, in her hand beaded pieces, full-length detailed skirts and intricate designs accessorized with once again the infamous hijab. Her collection and show uplifted our spirits and left us wanting more. Although the hijabs proved to be the main focus last season that wasn’t the case this season. They blended into the background as the outfits took center stage— but perhaps this was the intention. Her designs modeled and seen on the runway illustrated a strong, elegant, glamorous, empowered woman who had exceptional taste and exuded a luxurious lifestyle and persona. Anniesa has proved to us that she is a women beyond her time that can will continue to make waves and statements for all of us to applaud and follow. It comes to no surprise that Anniesa Hasibuan stunned her audience again with an intense, regal runway show. I’m sure many of you are aware of how we females have felt disempowered in our society lately. After seeing Anniesa’s show and many other designers during NYFW, the presence of the female voice was very strong. Giving us all hope that we can all stand proud, unite together and feel strong, empowered and uplifted.  If you attended any of the shows at NYFW you felt the strong politic presence this season. The feeling and atmosphere was quite powerful. Anniesa Hasibuan not only keeps us fashionable but inspires us to be all we can be no matter what race or culture. More reasons to love her, not just for her fashionable creative talents but her encouraging female spirit.

After seeing her show, I left feeling proud and teary-eyed. Her runway show not only gave me chills, but the message and impact she’s made on the world is truly incredible. There aren’t many women who’ve dared to make a difference, made changes in cultural perspectives and continues to uplift everyone around them but she is one whose done this and so much more. I’m blessed and grateful to witness her journey and see how she’s made a name for herself heard all over the world.  She is a true example of a strong, influential, creative, inspiring lady boss who we all can look up to and follow for years to come.

Behind the Scenes and interview with Anniesa Hasibuan:


If you missed this show, watch it here:

What were your thoughts about her runway show? Do you think she’s an inspiration to us all? What are ways that you can inspire, empower and enlighten the world?  Please do share your stories I love hearing from you and please use the hashtags: #SFBWW #SFBInspires #SFBEmpowers

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Posted on: December 22, 2016

Tis’ the Season!

It’s the holiday season, a time to give thanks, to celebrate, a time for hope, love, peace and joy. But most importantly its the season for giving. I’ve mentioned this before, this season always gives me all sorts of the feels and when you continue reading you’ll see another reason why it gives me all the feels. Good ones too!

I’ve been a fan of this duo and their Youtube family for many years now. I stumbled upon Judy’s beauty videos many years ago and even then she was very relatable with many useful beauty tips and tricks. Then, I started watching her daily vlogs and fell in love with both Judy and Benji and the love they share. When they had their kids (who are the absolute CUTEST) their daily vlogs turned into a wholesome family vlog that I would tune into daily. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Judy and Benji in person and they are exactly the same as they are in their vlogs and so much more. They’re so sweet and down to earth, just a good wholesome people. When you meet them and see all they do it’s hard not to fall in love with them and their family. I truly admire all they do for their kids and for others. The values and morals they’ve taught their 3 girls are all things I hope to be when I’m a parent one day.

In the spirit of giving back, Benji and Judy do so much for their community and to those in need. Every December for the past 5 year, Benji and Judy began this annual fundraiser called #Dancember raising awareness and giving back to their chosen cause. During their 24 hour broadcast, they dance to raise awareness and and funds for that particular cause/organization/mission. Each year it’s gotten bigger and bigger and it just warms my heart that I can be part of this amazing fundraiser and so can you. This year once again they are giving back to Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope is an organization that helps those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting. This year, during their annual 24 hour broadcast Benji and Judy along with friends and family hope to raise $500,000 to help feed 50,000 children. This years live broadcast was on December 17th, and if you’ve seen this years live feed and years prior you’ll see, feel all sorts of emotions, fun, and want to be part of the cause as well as see all the good that comes out of the event. If you’ve seen this Youtube duo and this cause before, then you know all they do is simply spectacular. You too can give back, just think $10 dollars can go a long way. Think about it, your donations can help feed children in need, starving, and impoverished. It’s the season of giving, let’s all come together and help Benji and Judy get to their goal of $500,000 to feed 50,000 children . They are 87% away from their goal. Know that your donations are going towards a good cause and it will help so many children in need. See all the good Benji, Judy, family, friends and all of you have done and can do, click the videos below.


Click the link below and donate HELP FEED $50,000 CHILDREN TODAY! https://fundraise.feedone.com/campaign/dancember/c111817

I hope this post inspired you to continue to be all you can be and to believe in the power of giving. I hope the spirit of this holiday season is enlightening, inspiring and empowering. Sending you all warmth, peace, love and joy this holiday season!

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Beauty with SFB: All About Chanel and the Le Lift System

Posted on: December 6, 2016


I’m always on the search for new products that help with anti-aging, firming and lifting. Let’s face it, as much as I love make up, theres only so much make up can do.  I’m very in tune with my skin, and I listen to my skin and make sure I treat it well too. I’m always reading and researching ways to keep my skin clean, clear, hydrated, refreshed, rejuvenated, well the list goes on. Now that I’m in my 30’s I’ve been adding more products that contain ingredients that aid in anti-aging and firming. Although, I’m still considered young and my skin looks youthful and fresh, this is how I’d like to keep it looking for as long as I can. My philosophy is why not start early, and kick the aging process in the butt with the best skincare products known to man.  Your skin should age gracefully not prematurely. We all have beauty secret, some are worth telling and sharing. Here are mine and you’ll want to try these. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!!

I discovered these products when I watched one of my favorite Youtuber’s:  HudaBeauty’s beauty video. She talked about Chanel Le Lift products and she swore by them. She spoke very highly of Chanel and the  positive results she’s seen in her skin and they were quite noticeable. {How could you not LOVE chanel, I mean from their handbags, clothing, fragrances, make up and skincare you can’t go wrong, EVER!} After seeing the results on Huda and after hearing her speak so highly about the products I wanted to try these out for myself. And I did just that. Although, it was hard to get my hands on the massage tool. It was released overseas early last year but not many were released in the US. I searched high and low for this tool and had no luck anywhere. I was told that the US were suppose to get this hot new beauty tool back in April/May but that never happened. It wasn’t until I went to the UK where I found it and bought it. I’m so happy I did!

This unique massage tool was created to boost the effectiveness of the Le Lift cream. This simple tool helps the skin become more receptive to the benefits of moisturizers, serums even facial oils. It’s easy to use and  fits the contours of any face shape. The tool is suppose to help massage the product into your skin evenly while stimulating the skin and lifting the muscles. Reducing the signs of wrinkles and aging effects. Leaving your skin and face feeling firmer, looking youthful and lifted. It’s best to work from your chin to your jawbone and across your cheekbones. Here’s a great tip: Place the tool in the fridge so that when you apply the tool to your skin the cooling effect helps speed up drainage.

Purchase yours here: Chanel Le Lift Massage Tool 


The Le Lift Creme Yeux Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is the creme de la creme of eye creams. It’s so rich, luxurious and the results will amaze you. This silky-smooth not to mention a powerful eye cream. It  reduces the signs of dark circles, puffiness, firms, and lifts. After a few uses of this eye cream I noticed a huge difference and I love the results. It’s suggested to use both morning and night, but I use it for my night time routine so that the product and work its magic on my skin and eye area while I sleep. So, when I wake I look awake, fresh and ready to start the day. Try this product out and let me know your thoughts, trust me you’ll be thanking me after you use it!

Buy your own today: Chanel Le Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream  


This cream has done wonders for my skin. It’s soft, creamy and smooth formula helps promote elasticity, firms, contours and refines the complexion of my skin and reduces the appearances of wrinkles. It’s lightweight and feels amazing on my skin. I love using this for my night time skincare regiment so it can work its magic on my skin while I sleep. When I wake in the morning my skin looks and feel incredible. This is one cream you’ll want to owe the results will astonish you!

Chanel Le Lift Creme

Would you try Chanel’s Le Lift Products?

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A Tribute to Modern Femininity: Say Sì

Posted on: November 1, 2016


Looking for the perfect Autumn + Holiday scent and lip shades??

Look no further, today I’m teaming up with Influenster and Armani Beauty to tell you all about Say Sì Eau De Parfum and Armani Beauty’s Lip Maestros.

Do you consider yourself a woman whose passionate about life, accomplished, audacious in your own right and the perfect balance between glamour and chic?? Say Sì Intense Eau de Parfum is the perfect scent for the modern day woman. A woman who enjoys saying yes to her most vibrant emotions. One whose stylish, passionate and craves an unexpected adventure. All things I’d like to characterize myself and more. But aside from how it makes me feel and how I’d like to describe myself, the scent is absolutely sensational–you’ll be turning heads and attracting so many as you walk by them. Thanks to Armani Beauty and Influenster for gifting me this scent. And after trying this out, I knew it was one I’d love and one to share with everyone. It may be intense but nothing too overpowering or strong, nothing you or I couldn’t handle.  I love this scent so much, and so does my husband. He finds its invigorating and absolutely LOVES the scent on me. This fragrance screams: elegance, sophistication, style and glam all at the same time. This is one scent you’ll want to own, now available at: sephora.com, macys.com and armanibeauty.com. Buy yours today!

Sì Eau de Parfum Intense accentuates the sensual and elegant facets of the Armani woman. The duality of an extremely seductive blackcurrant neo jungle essence, with just a hint of silky freesia, and a timeless chic intense chypre accord. A fragrance of passion, softly powerful, assertive and unmistakably feminine. (ArmaniBeauty.com)




Say Si Intense

If your in search for the perfect shade of red this holiday season, this is one lip shade you’ll want to own. Perfect for the holiday season— Armani Beauty’s Lip Maestro’s in the shades 400 and 201. It feels like butter on your lips–so rich, fine in texture, intense color pay off,  drys matte and long-lasting. Perfect for my long hour work days, doesn’t transfer, and super hydrating. All things I look for when I’m in need of a new lip color. An intense matte shade that last up to 8 hrs with very little need for reapplication, this is one lip product you’ll want to try and own. Be sure to check out Lip Maestro by Armani Beauty now available at armanibeauty.com and sephora.com


107579203005_1l  unknown-1 unknown

I received these Giorgio Armani Beauty products complimentary but all opinions are my own. Be sure to try these out and if you do please do share using the hashtag: #SFBBeauty.


Posted on: June 28, 2016




For today’s SFB Beauty Tuesday post, I’m talking all about HAIR.

Ever wanted luscious, summer ready, sexy smooth curls?

Wish you had those sexy beachy waves and curls all year round?

Well, you’re in luck, i’m talking all about hair with Curl Keeper products. Learn more about the brand, products and useful hair styling tips and tricks that will last you thru the Summer and throughout the year! To find out more, keep reading. #ad #sponsored

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a Beauty Press event, where I got the opportunity to meet other beauty bloggers as well as various beauty brands, products and their creators. It was such an awesome event to engage and learn more about various products and brands out in the market. There with other beauty enthusiast, bloggers and industry reps, we all were able to learn first hand about each and every brand who participated in the event and much more. There I met, the CEO of the brand Curl Keeper, Steve Torch. He and his team gave me a brief but full in depth rundown about their product line. Now, although I don’t have curly hair, I can say that my hair does have somewhat of a wave, or so I’ve been told by my stylist. But being Asian, my hair is typically sleek, smooth and straight, with a slight wave. For years, I’ve found it hard for my hair to keep a curl, but with practice, I’ve learned to master the style. After learning from my stylist and various youtube videos I’ve learned to master how to obtain a wave or a curl using certain hot tools and products. But I still run into the problem where my curls loosen up and fall easily, but that’s normal due to my Asian hair texture.

 When I do style my hair using a curling wand or iron,  I’m always looking for products that will:  A). Hold my hairstyle throughout the day and longer,  (that’s a plus), B) A product that doesn’t have a strong scent, no harsh chemicals,  C) Products that won’t make my hair feel hard or stiff, and D) A product I can trust and use for years.  And after meeting Steve and learning about Curl Keeper, he gave me some products to try out. Out of all the products, what caught my eyes were the H2O Bottle : The Best Water Bottle for Fabulous Curls and their Beach Mist spray.


And after using these two products, let me tell you the results were AMAZING! I normally use a few  (typically 6 different) products in order too keep my hairstyle to stay in tact, and last. And luckily I’ve been able to keep my curls as long as 2 days or until I wash my hair, but the longest maybe for 3 days. And this is with using a few products to keep my curls in tact and long-lasting.  But after using the Curl keepers: H20 Bottle and their Beach Mist spray, my waves and curls lasted and kept their curl and style for a good couple of days. And besides my heat protection spray, I used only these two products, and I was so thrilled and HAPPY with the outcome. An added plus, the beach mist spray smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Back in May, my husband and I took a trip to the Bahamas for a little getaway and some fun in the sun. And not only did I want to get a fresh golden bronze tan, I wanted those luscious beach waves too, all day -everyday. I mean who doesn’t, am I right?!?! 🙂   So, I brought my trusty 2 inch barrel curling wand and styled as normal. After styling my hair, I gave my locks a few spritz of Curl Keepers: H2O to loosen up my curls {so they weren’t tight} so they looked like natural- flowing waves. Last step, is I gave my hair a few spritz of the beach mist spray all over and then gave my curls a little scrunch and flipped it down twice to give it more volume and bounce. My hair literally stayed wavy, and I achieved the natural-looking beachy waves style which lasted for a solid 2 days. I’m sure it could’ve lasted longer but I washed it out after being on the beach, and the pool. My hair had so much volume and bounce, I absolutely loved how it looked and felt. My husband loved the look, and he too, thought the beach mist spray smelled fantastic as well. And I achieved this look with just those two products. Nothing makes me happier when I can use less products when styling my hair.  I fully believe the phrase, “Less is more,” and in this case, it’s so TRUE!

Since I travel often, I love how Curl Keeper offers travel size products as well. SUPER convenient, and an easy pack, great for those on the go days as well.  Let’s just say I’ve already gone through 2 travel size bottles and now I’m almost done with my full size. So, that can only further tell you that I LOVE this product and I know you will too. I’ve mentioned Curl Keepers: Beach Mist Spray on my “Faves List,” it’s clearly a favorite for a reason. Curl Keepers products are: safe, affordable and have worked wonders on my hair and I know it will for you too. Especially when I want those luscious beachy waves. Whoever said that those who didn’t have curly hair couldn’t, were SO WRONG! Curl Keepers Beach mist spray promises to: ” Drastically improve the moisture balance that is essential for creating volume, bounce and strength to your hair. With 84 trace elements that are brewed from Pink Himalayan Crystal Salts, these energizers work like electrolytes drawing moisture from the air to your hair and skin” (Curl Keeper, formulated by Jonathan Torch). 


And because I LOVE you all so much, and I only share true and honest products that I’ve tried and trust. This is one that I KNOW will be a fave for you this Summer too! I’ve partnered up with Curl Keeper and we want you all to try their Beach Mist spray as well as other exclusive products from their brand. You can also shop and find Curl Keeper products at Target but shop their website and use my exclusive code: “SFB16” and receive 15% off your order from now until July 31st. Go to:frizzoff.com and get your hair on now!


*Use a 1 or even a 2 inch barrel curling wand or iron

* Separate your hair into sections so that it’s not overwhelming when you go to curl your entire head

 * Remember to curl outwards and for added texture and dimension for each curl/wave curl the opposite way from the way you curled your previous curl.

* If you don’t want a full head of curls/waves you can curl every other pieces of your hair instead of your entire head. You can still achieve the beach waves look. This style is just more effortless and more messy. But hey who doesn’t love that kind of hairstyle, especially when it looks so natural and effortless as if you woke up with hair like that. So ROCK the look!!

Whatever way you decide to curl your hair, spritz a few sprays of the H20 water to loosen up the curls a bit and finish off the look with the Beach mist spray. For body, volume and bounce, flip your hair down and spray the beach mist to your hair. Then flip your hair up and fix and style as you desire. Then give it a little scrunch on each side and there you go. Effortless, sexy, summer beachy hair.

For more styles and ideas head over to: www.frizzoff.com/videos.aspx 

there you’ll find more tips, tricks and so much more.




















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Wedding Wednesday Series: Love bares no boundaries.. The Heartbreaking Fairytale wedding story: Rowden and Liezl

Posted on: May 14, 2016

For many couples, they are overjoyed, excited, basically filled with every emotion possible when that moment happens…. When your longtime sweetheart ask you to be his wife. It’s a long awaited moment bringing two people together to become one.  After watching this video, I couldn’t help but cry because it was so sad yet so touching all at the same time.

(Photo Credit : www.weddingsatwork.com)

Rowden and Liezl planned to marry on July 8th, 2014, on his 30th birthday. In the midst of the planning their upcoming nuptials, the couple found out that Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. Rowden’s last request was to marry Liezl. With the help of his family, friends, and the Philippine General Hospital, Rowden received his dying wish.

On his deathbed, he said “I Do” do Liezl for all his family, friends, and the hospital to witness. Sadly, on June 8th 2014, Rowden passed away, less than 10 hours after his wedding. His memory lives on with his wife, his family and friends. He passed away with this unforgettable moment that he and Liezl shared.

My condolences goes out to his wife Liezl, his family and friends. This video was so touching and heartfelt.  Rowden is no longer suffering, and he is survived by his wife Leizel May, daughter Zakiah Rowzel, mother Lorelei, and brothers Hasset & Hisham. May he rest in peace.

Rowden’s brother Hasset Go shared this video that went viral. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVocnNIgKwY&feature=youtu.be

( I do not own the rights to this video)

Watching this and hearing their story really touched my heart. It made me think about love and all its possibilities. It also made me think about my faith too. The bond that two people share, and the love that’s within two people is so powerful, that against all odds Love shines through. Though Rowden got his dying wish, by marrying Liezl, he still lost his fight to cancer. Cancer is such a deadly killer and I hope one day we can find a cure for all cancers so we won’t lose the ones we love so soon.

This story was so touching, I had to share it with you all for my Wedding Wednesday series.  Against all odds, love is out there for all of us, Even in our last moments, love happens. I hope this story and video touched your heart and inspired your souls as it did for me.  Never lose faith on love, it’s out there. Never lose hope, for Rowden didn’t. Even though he was dying, he still married the love of his life. He remains now, the guardian angel for his wife and his family always looking down and watching over them.

Remember that even when the going gets tough, and your stressed to the bone with all the wedding planning, remember why you’re marrying your partner. Why did love happen for you? Amidst everything, never lose sight on your love and its’ meaning. Every love story has a something unique, for Rowden and Lizel, they had a fairytale love, that will last in their hearts and minds forever. What does your love story tell…….

What would you do for love?

What gives you hope? What inspires you most when it comes to love?

Please share your thoughts and comments, I’d love to hear from you!




Posted on: March 16, 2016

Everyone of us have experienced some dryspells, bumps and hurdles. In every relationship and marriage,  life  happens and reality at time hits us hard.  At one point in our lives,  we tend to lose touch with our significant others, partners and life long soulmates. Sometimes, we start to lose faith, become afraid or unaware of what the outcome may be, or what to come for our relationship. And as much as we don’t want to admit it sometimes that initial “spark” can lose it’s flame.

But there are ways to get back on track to where it all started, and re-ignite that spark………

Everyday I continue to count my blessings, and I thank god for all the blessings he’s given both my husband and myself. Thankfully, we continue to remain heavy in love and believe in our love, bond, and our vows we pledged to one another. But every now and then we may get into a big  disagreement or argument. And we just can’t seem to stand the sight of one another. This is natural and part of that bond. It happens to the best of us.  But no what how big the fight is, we know that we are in this together and till we are old and gray.  We know that no matter what, we love one another and we couldnt’ imagine life without the other person in it.

But in any relationship, disagreements and arguements  will and can happen and sometimes you are at each other’s throats and can’t seem to get on the same page. Some times the best solution is space, and taking time to regroup,  think through your thoughts before speaking outright and saying something you will regret in the long run. And I know as much as you hate yourself after the fact, we all have been in the heat of the moment and have said the most hurtful things to our partners and really in the end don’t mean it. We’re all victims of this…..

The point of this post is to share my beliefs and thoughts on marriage through my experiences in my own marriage.  What my husband and I do to keep the flame and love makin’ alive and kickin’. As well as exploring ways in keeping a healthy, strong and loving marriage. Including ideas and activities to do with your spouse or partner to maintain a strong and thriving relationship/marriage.  I also introduce something that I saw  that has become a big thing that many people are trying out and seeing big improvement in their relationships and marriages.

For my husband and myself, we make it a point to always set aside time for ourselves. We believe in balance. As hard as it can be, we try and balance our time wisely, among each other, family, work life, as well as with our friends. It can be tough but we try our very best. We also try and go out every friday for a date night. During that time, we find it’s important to engage with one another, setting aside our phones, and ignoring everything else but ourselves and the moment. It’s important to take that time, to step away from work, your phones, and other distractions and really enjoy the moment and night together.

Although we don’t have children at this point in our lives. It’s something we want but it’s in our future plans, just not at this point in time. But with work, and our crazy busy schedules, during the week  having that “quality time” always is something we and i’m sure everyone in a marriage or relationship wants, but sometimes work and other engagements can get in the way of that time.  So I can’t stress to you enough, having that time is VERY important. Whatever you may do, it helps in keeping that connection and bond alive and kickin’.

I’m a huge fan of Youtube, and have partnered up with them as well. And one day after watching our friends and one of our favorite Youtube Vloggers Benji and Judy from ItsJudysLife, they spoke about it being “Friday FDAY.” Just like the rest of the world we wondered, ” What the hell are they talking about?” Some of us I’m sure t questioned and said, ” Hmmm, is Friday FDAY mean, today they are gonna have sex or F*** ( I hate using that term, but i’m sure we were all thinking it) ?” You know we were all thinking it. Now for those of you who don’t know them, they are a married couple and a family of 5. They are blessed with 3 beautiful girls, Julianna (their oldest 3 yrs. old) and the twins Miya and Keira (2 yrs. old).

While Judy was getting ready in her beauty room, she started to speak about marriage, and how 50% of marriages end in divorce. And America is the #1 country with the highest percentage rate where marriages end in divorce. She also mentioned that as of late her and Benji have been fighting non-stop and just at each others throats. With work, the girls, and everyday life, all these  factors have played a part in why they’ve had some of their disagreements. This happens to all of us they aren’t the only couple, we all have experienced this in our relationships and marriages. And sadly sometimes, many have ended their marriage because they couldn’t get on the same page anymore and they just fell out of love. But not every marriage is bound for divorce and Mark and I like Benji and Judy and others say NO to divorce.

Like Judy and Benji explain and how they look forward to their Friday FDAY, Judy calls it a movement and it needs to happend for every couple out there.  We, (Mark and I), believe anything and everything has a solution and it’s fixable. We know what’s important and continue to always  remember all the reasons why we got married and why we are together. In the end, we realize that no fight is ever that important and we will continue to work at our marriage and our relationship. Because it’s that important to us, and although we love eachother so much, someitmes love isn’t enough. Which is why we travel and go on trips, engage in activities that reinforce the love we share, and all the things we believe in for us and our marriage.  Just like Judy and Benji, they too have the same beliefs and even though they’ve been fighting recently, they planned a weekend getway/ date night away from the girls, (as much as they hate leaving them behind), to enjoy one another, destress, relax, and have fun with one another.

Heres’ the link to the FDay reference in Judy and Benji’s Vlog on ItsJudysLife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpmVh6KTzLM

Now cue the meaning behind Friday FDay……. Interpretation is up to you, the “F” in FDay can mean whatever you and your partner/spouse choose it to be.


  • Dates that end in bed with your spouse can lead to stronger, healthier, more committed marriages. Take the Fday Challenge at fridayfday.com and see why.

  • Your marriage counts and is worth investing in! Do so, by taking the Fday Challenge at Fridayfday.com. All that’s required of you is that you go on dates with your spouse that end in bed. Yeah, we know, you’re welcome. Oh yeah, a date doesn’t have to be extravagant. Could just be a walk around the block or it could entail a weekend trip to the City. No matter. Just spend at least an uninterrupted hour with your spouse each week and you’ll feel the transformation!

  • FDay is a movement for married couples, dating couples etc…. to come together and reconnect and rekindle their relationship. And enjoy the time together with no distractions.

Whether you have kids or no kids, whether your married or in a relationship, it’s important to take the time for eachother, have fun with one another, and enjoy life together. And makin’ love to one another is such a beautiful thing, a time to be shared with the one person that truly matters. It’s the build up of emotions and feelings that’s so strong, so intense and magnified. That in the end you realize your bond and love is so much more important than any  fight or disagreement That closeness, with eachother is a feeling that’s irreplaceable. Nothing beats that feeling in my book….

 So, no matter what you do: a date night, weekend getaways, taking a walk, whatever it may be do it together without any distractions. And focus on one another and continue to connect with one another. Take that time to rekindle your love and reconnect with one another. In my opinion, no matter what you call it, it’s important to reinforce the love you have for one another, continue to light that spark, and never let the romance die, no matter what life throws at you. Life can be difficult at times, but taking the time to reinforce the love and care you both have for one another and the foundation you two built together is something we all need to do and it’s important to know this and to do this.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, I just thought to share with you what my husband and I do to rekindle our love, everyday. We LOVE to travel, and the best part about seeing the world is seeing it and experiencing with my best friend, soulmate and life-long partner. We are big foodies too, so we go out for a date night every Friday which we started when we were dating and continue to do so in our marriage today. We enjoy trying out new trendy restaurants near us and date night is great for doing that while reconnecting with eachother after a long busy week. We believe in living a healthy lifestyle, so we like to work out with one another and enjoy going on walks together over the weekends when the weather is nice. Whatever it may be, these are just some ideas/ activities you and your special someone can do together to keep the romance alive and kickin’. And remember no relationship or marriage is EVER PERFECT we ALL hit a few bumps in the road but we ALWAYS meet back in the middle together still so in love like the when we were dating but even better.

My advice to you all is that divorce should never be an option. It should never be a word that you speak of in your marriage. Try and work it out through communication, learning to hear one another out whole-heartedly. Learn to compromise, learn to see the situation from the others perspective (step into their shoes). Try to grow together never one higher than the other, this is a partnership not a dictatorship. And if working it out together doesn’t work, seek help and speak to a professional to help work through some those problems and issues you are experiencing.

Trust and believe talking everything out makes it all better. Hear one another, respect one another and love one another. Life and love is never easy, especially when other factors are added to the mix, but if the love is there and it’s worth it to you both, than your love and relationship is ALWAYSworth fighting for, remember that. I have a girlfriend that is dealing with stuff and going through a difficult time with her spouse, and divorce is still a lingering option for her, and she feels strongly about it. Every situation is different, but in my opinion I feel like adding to the situation, like a baby or jumping into marriage when you already have lingering issues or problems won’t ever truly fully solve the problem(s) completely. Before adding a baby or jumping into any situation, think it out, talk it out and lay everything out on the table. Healthy communication is sometime we all need to practice in all our relationships, its vital and important. But I continue to always encourage anyone to communicate with their spouses or partner, and try to fix it. Because they didnt’ just get married by chance, it was a choice and deep down inside the love is there. They just need to break down those “factors” and lingering issues that are causing reoccuring disagreements.

Relationships are all about learning and growing with one another. Sharing your feelings and expressing your thoughts only makes you as an individual and as a unit better. You can only grow and get better by learning from one another. Try it and you two will see what I’m talking about. It’s never gonna be easy, but just know that everything you and your partner are doing to better your union and your relationship is always gonna be better in the long run. Try out Friday FDAY or whatever you choose and see if you see any improvements! Again, I wish you all the best and more in your union and relationships, wishing you all a lifetime filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness, blessing and so much more.

What do you and your partner do when you have a disagreement or fight?

Do you and your spouse, partner, or significant other go on date nights or getways?

What do you do to rekindle your love?

I wanna hear from you, comment below and write to me.

For more on the Wedding Wednesday Series, Stay Tuned!
























Posted on: October 22, 2015

     Each one, Teach one…
“Stand up Today”
“Be part of the future, not part of the cycle.”
“Speak up!”

As we all settle into the fall season, we embark and celebrate many holidays up ahead. We also take the time to mark each month for a particular awareness to educate, inform, and acknowledge what is going on within our society. October is dedicated to spread awareness for  Anti-Bullying. In our society, many of our youth are teased and ridiculed each and every day. If its not our youth, its those who are disabled, the elderly, those who are overweight, and many others. We need to stand up and teach one another the importance of speaking up and stopping this cycle. Because before we know it, it may be too late. Many children who are bullied at school tend to be home-schooled because the crude remarks and hurtful comments they receive in school are just too hard to deal with. No one should ever have to stay home or leave school because of someones verbal abuse and attacks.

In the last couple of years, studies and research have shown that those who were mocked because they were gay, obese, disabled, or just someone thought to be out of the ordinary were ridiculed so much to the point where some took their own lives to stop the pain. Some sometimes turn to self mutilation or another self hurting tactics to end the hurt.  Others who were bullied came out of the attack with a broken arm, a punch in the face, or even a broken leg. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

The United States still doesn’t have a bill for Anti-Bullying, and it’s been 9 years and counting…. Let’s come together and stop the bullying TODAY! Join the cause today, join with me and lets make a difference.. Let’s make a stand together. A young influencer who was deemed, “World’s Ugliest Woman” is one of the most bravest, couragegious, positive rays of sunshine this centuries seen yet. Lizzie Velasquez is an American Motivational speaker and author. She was born with a rare congenital disease among the other symtoms, one of which impedes her ability to increase her body fat. Even with her disease, and all the ridicule she’s received over the years, she remains positive as she shares her story with the world.

Her message and story is so inspiring, that we all need to hear it. To me, I find her to be one of the most courageous women out there with the most beautiful soul and heart. After all the hate and hurt she’s gone thru she still remains relentless, positive despite the odds. She’s truly an inspiration, watch her video below and you’ll see what i’m talking about. Join Lizzie and others to end bullying today. She’s been a victim and at times continues to be, but that doesn’t stopped her and her fight. Let’s come together for change and join Lizzie today. I’m with Lizzie. Are you? Join the fight and cause and let’s help get a bill through Congress and end the hate now. Raise awareness for bullying and become part of the cause not the cycle. Watch the video and join Lizzie and others. Join the cause.


I’M WITH LIZZIE | Influencers Against Bullying

We need to teach our youth and the rest of our society that violence and saying hurtful words isn’t the answer. We have to stop the hate, we have to stop judging others because if we don’t, the results are can be heartbreaking. Each one, Teach one, that is the motto we have to take to our youth. It starts now, to stop the hate, stop the bullying. And say you’re with Lizzie and you will help build awareness against bullying. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Spread the word and continue to show kindness and compassion for others. Remember “Each one, Teach one” and join the cause today.  Say, “I’m with Lizzie!” And then maybe we can save a life or even create a better society without any hate or judgement. Maybe this can only exist in a dream world, maybe not but we’ll never know if we don’t try…

 What do you think about all this? What is your take on bullying?

How can we make this end?

What are your preventative ways for ending hate and bullying?

How will you spread the awareness?

Share your thoughts and comments, I would love to hear from you.


Posted on: September 16, 2015

                The warm Summer weather is still here, and don’t get me wrong I’m a Summer Lovin’ babe at heart. But today I’m feeling inspired by the beautiful shades of Fall.

       The official start to Fall is just around the color, which means: it’s that time to switch out my Summer brights and reach for more deep and Moody shades like: Deep Reds, Neutrals, Grays, Gold, Plum and more.

I’m in LOVE with my new LORAC PRO Palette  that gives me enough Shimmer on the eyes for those lingering Summer days. Yet, gives me all the  Deep+Dark shades that are just PERFECT forFALL! Plus, LORAC PRO+Fiber Mascara leaves me with fuller +voluminious lashes for days!

My fave Fall Color for the Nails: Essie’s “Lady Godiva”

My Fall Current Fave Lipstick Shades : Milani Cosmetics Cabernet Blend, Rose Femme, and Sangria. The perfect shades to go from Neutral to Dark in no time!

I’m big on keeping up on ALL the styles and trends, and ELLE Style Magazine keeps me up-to-date and in the know of all the latest in Fashion, Style and more. Readin’ up on my Fall Fashion +Style. Can’t wait to rock my Fall Wardrobe!!

What your Fave Fall Staples?

For more Beauty, Fashion, Style Tips, Inspiration and more Stay tuned!!


Posted on: August 25, 2015


The white eye look is back and we’re just FLIPPING our lids over this trend. I remember doing this look a lot back in the 90’s and it looks like this beauty trend is back and better than EVER!! Back in the day, during my high school years, I was still exploring make-up. This look is SUPER easy and effortless and doesn’t take much time at all. Which is why this was my go to look back then.  Back in the day, I used Wet & Wilds white eyeliner pencil or Bath & Body Works White eyeliner pencil. Another product I used was Prescriptives Creme Eyeshadow in the color Frosting. Not sure if they still make it but that was one of my go to products during my high school days. I would use it on my bottom lashes, the inner corners of my eyes, or just a swept over my lids, and thats it. Having the white eyeliner or eyeshadow on my eyes definitely gave me a more awake and fresh faced look. Contrary to our beliefs, this cool shade is so versatile, easy, and quite favorable, a Must-try.

This look is all the rave, its hit Fashion’s runways, Celebs like:  Sarah Hyland, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and many more celebs have tried this look. And with this look being such a versatile beauty trend its GREAT for any season!

Using white eyeliners or shadows on the eyes– creates an automatic eye opener, brightens the eyes area, and a great change to your everyday make up routine. Don’t be afraid to try this out, try a gorgeous cat eye, or go bolder and mix it up with shadows. With the Fall season upon us, mix it up with some metallic eyeshadows. Might I add, Metallic eyeshadows are a MUST for the Fall season and the white eyeliner look is great for any season ……. SO, pair them  together or mix it up…. Whatever you choose to do,  you will be looking oh so chic and you’ll be right on trend!

Try these looks:

 1.  Gorgeous Cat- Eye

 2. Mix it up with Metallic Eye Shadows

 3.  Duo eyeliner- BLACK & WHITE COMBO

Try this look out…. Follow & Tag me on Instagram I’d LOVE to see your version of the “White Eyed Look” @SocialFashionistaBeauty




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