Love can move Mountains: The Passion

Posted on: March 24, 2016

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In light of recent events in the world, I thought to write this post. And with it being Palm Sunday and the Lenten Season I feel it’s only fitting. It’s a time for sacrifice, a time to give thanks, a time to reflect, to give hope and love to one another. I want this post to serve as a means for inspiration, a means for hope, and to show love to everyone in the world.

I wouldn’t call myself super super religious, but I’m a worshiper and believer in my own right as a Catholic . And with today being Palm Sunday, this would be a great post to speak about hope, love, sacrifice and a time to give thanks. I thought it was very fitting for this to air on television with it being Palm Sunday after all. After watching the modern day take of The Passion, it made me think about a lot of things, especially what’s currently going on in the world today. Even if your not religious or even Catholic, I hope this post can speak to you and inspire you.

This is a great story of the all mighty and creator of the universe– Jesus Christ. Tyler Perry takes us on a journey through New Orleans, the backdrop for this musical event. Tyler Perry narrates and tells us the story of Jesus Christ and his followers has he spreads his word making his most ultimate sacrifice for all humanity, offering salvation for all those who believe. A story about betrayal, friendship, hope, sacrifice  and forgiveness something that speaks to us all. But a story about love in it’s truest form.

“New Orleans, an iconic city in itself. Filled with so much culture and history similar to that of Jerusalem so it seemed fitting to place this modern day version of “The Passion” in a city like that of New Orleans. This city too, prevailed and rose again after the affects of Hurricane Katrina. Leaving many homeless, hungry and in a state of despair. But just like Jesus, the city rose, prevailed, and once again became restored. While the community and many others came together to help rebuild. Redefining, reflecting and reminding themselves what New Orleans stood for . Realizing that giving them hope,  love and the resources to rebuild up New Orleans like how it was before. And now, the people of New Orleans stand proud, with their hearts filled with hope and love, a true inspiration in itself.  This is the true message and sacrifice that Jesus was showed and was trying to spread, showing that ‘Love can truly move mountains,” which is what the people of New Orleans invoked when trying to rebuild and regain their lives after this natural disaster.

The music incorporated in “The Passion” were hit songs from today that fit well with each scene in this modern rendition. The music made you feel the words and realize the importance of God’s word. I don’t know about you I felt the love and the yearning for hope that evening, and for the world. The show in it’s entirety, I thought was truly remarkable and the message and story is still alive, and well-known even today. If you haven’t seen this or heard of the story, it’s truly powerful, it’s message is a true testament of the truly meaning of Love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness. And I recommend it to everyone.

I also enjoyed the diverse cast coming together in this compelling and empowering event. I hope that after you see this post and if you watch “The Passion” I hope it can inspire and empower you. I hope that it will shed some light of purpose and hope for you, the future, and that we can overcome anything when you try and seek everything in life with love, passion, hope, and more.  Christians during this time of Lent, we learn to sacrifice, show compassion, listen to the words of God through worship and remember what he did for us. Jesus Christ showed us great LOVE by sacrificing himself for us. That is the truest form of love anyone can show the world.

” When will the hate end?” ” When will we all come together, and realize that love and peace is more important and hate is just a means for continued turmoil and tragedy… ” But what can we all learn from this?In relations to recent events, the country Belgium, specifically Brussels was attacked and many were hurt, and left for dead during this tragedy. My question is, And it’s not just Brussels who have endured such attacks, we all feel the effects of this tragedy. And not to long ago, Paris was attacked and many died as well. Just like Paris, I know that through the help of all of us, sending our prayers and thoughts to Brussel, they too,  will rise and prevail through all this. I hope we can all learn something from Jesus Christ and his sacrifices and the love he showed us. He died for us, for our sins, and he rose again. That is the truest form of LOVE one could do for all humanity. We need to practice this in our society, and show more love and compassion for others. And not turn to hate, or discrimination for others. This is the time for hope, this is the time for peace. Just like Jesus did with his disciples he spread love, he gave them hope, he made them realize that peace will come again. Love can move mountains and we can/will rise and prevail.

We don’t need to die to show our sacrifices, but we need to lean towards peace and love rather than hate. We need to show and spread more love, give hope and spread peace throughout the world. Maybe one day, our country will be rid of the hate, and maybe just maybe we will live in a loving and peaceful world that is safe for our children and the rest of the world. This maybe wishful thinking and me and many wanting to live in a dream world,  but we can only hope for a better tomorrow for all.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I hope this post enlightened and inspired you to do better not just for yourself but for the greater humanity. Wishing you all an abundance of Love, Light, Happiness, Peace, Hope, and Blessings for today and the future.

**If you didn’t catch the live show of The Passion, you can watch it now available on Hulu, or on the Fox App on your Apple TV or Roku device.

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