Posted on: January 18, 2016


This past December I was invited to Library for All’s: Young Influencer Winter Holiday Party. A great event that was held at the beautiful Hueb Jewelry Boutique located at 717 Madison Avenue in New York City supporting their organization and a way to ring in the holiday season. It was a great holiday event, learning about the organization, as well as meeting and greeting some of New York City’s young Influential Creatives.

I met other bloggers in the New York City area, as well as  other creative individuals, while learning more about Library for All and the wonderful work they do. I enjoyed speaking with the staff from Library for all, while admiring some gorgeous, luxurious jewelry by Hueb. Such a great turn out, supporting their works in providing a digital library for children in developing countries. I was honored to be invited to such an event like this, and learn about an organization that is doing so much good for those in need. I take such pride and admired the work that Library for All does, as well as other organizations reaching out and helping others in third world countries.

One of my goals for 2016, is to become more involved in organizations, like Library for All, as well as other charities and philanthropic work. It gives me great joy to be able to give back however  I can. For me, doing good for others has been something that i’ve always wanted to do and I take great pride and joy doing it. I feel blessed and fortunate everyday, but if I  can touch others hearts and souls, while also giving back to those in need that to me means the world. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in this world, and even just a little I know can go a long way. However I can help,  I will offer a hand, and I feel we all should take part in some charity or philanthropic organzation or work.

 And I applaud the work that Library for All does for children and others in developing countries such as: Haiti, Cambodia and many more. The gift of education and giving a child the tools to gain the knowledge to learn is invaluable. And with these digital libraries that they are providing they’re changing the lives of each child one book at a time. That is just remarkable and inspiring.











While at the event, I also had the pleasure of meeting Singer and Anti-Bullying activist, Meredith O’ Conner. A born and raised local artist of New York, she too offers her talents to the world through song and performance. But she too also gives back, and lends a hand and her voice, and as an activist she encourages and empowers us all . Although our encounter was brief, I was able to have a mini conversation with her. It was great to learn more about her and hearing the things  that are important to her. She loves attending and being part of events like this one, because she too is all about giving back. I asked her what drives her to do all that she does. She stated,

               ” I want to be the role model that I never had growing up.” As a child and into her teen years, she herself had dealt with a history of bullying. She was bullied for her height, her looks, and the words were so hurtful and painful  that she knew when she grew up she wanted to make a difference. With bullying being so prevalent in our society today, she wants to be a voice, that role model that she never had as a child and young teen. She tries to make a difference and  speak out for others and tell her story in hopes to inspire us all while raising our spirits and bringing a positive light and an end to bullying and the hate.  She always tells others, “You’re beautiful, inside and out.”   Just speaking to her in that moment, her words were so motivating and encouraging. As a young singer/performer and activist, she  has become such a positive outlet to those suffering  because of bullying. Hopefully her works can help put an end to bullying. We can only hope that her positive words, advice, and activist works can help others (which she has in raising awareness for the cause) and we hope that our youth take note and listen to her voice and become empowered instead of turning to hate and just love one another.

 It was a pleasure meeting the team of Library For All, Meredith O’ Connor, the team of Hueb Jewelry, and other fellow creatives and influencers in New York City. A remarkable evening overall. Can’t wait to connect and hopefully work with any or all of them in the future!

(Noted Photos were taken By: @SocialFashionistaBeauty and @Desouza_03, Non-Credited photos were from @LibraryForAll)

For more information about Library for All’s organization go to: www.libraryforall.org/ IG: @LibraryForAll

More information on Hueb Jewelry: www.hueb.com/ IG: @hueb_official

Meredith O’ Connor : meredithoconnormusic.com/ IG: @Meredithoconnor

What are some of your goals for 2016? What motivates you?

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