Posted on: November 4, 2015

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Based in New York City, Clarria Cosmetics is your trusted brand when it comes to elegant, opulent, and luxurious beauty products for women. We offer top quality natural and organic cosmetic products that are safe for the skin. On our site, you can choose from a wide selection of beauty products in order to ensure that you get the perfect item that will help you satisfy your beauty needs. Clarria Cosmetics favors an all-natural and organic cosmetic line using clinically-approved ingredients. These products range from make-up to skincare. These products are ideally created for the;

Facial Makeup (including Primer, Concealer, Powder, Blush, Sealer, Liquid Foundation, Bronzer, and more) Our facial makeup products are all designed to allow you to play with colors to highlight your most beautiful facial features. Using them, you can directly add to alter the color of the makeup you apply to your face in a way that will serve you with finish and color that is even and smooth. Even when you apply the foundation on full coverage to your face, you can see that it all goes on smooth with a matte finish that feels light on your skin.

Eye Makeup (including Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Eyebrows, Mascara) – Coming Soon
Our eye makeup is certain to fulfill your beauty desires even when you are on the go. With the all-natural ingredients they are made of, whether it is eye shadow, eye liner or mascara, each of them can truly brighten and highlight the beauty of your eyes in a subtle shimmer. They say that the eye is the window of your soul and so we thought that we will open you the window to cosmetic products that will cater to all your eye makeup needs.

Lip Makeup (including Lip Gloss, Lipstick and Lip Liner) – Coming Soon
Clarria Cosmetics also have a wonderful collection of cosmetic products for your lips. These are products made from natural ingredients that are certain to condition your lips and bring it to a brilliant shine and rich colors. What we have here for you are makeup and cosmetics for lips, all you could ever need for your dream of everyday designer beauty. Using them, you can easily play from your lips natural pink color to a dramatic red lips, or any color that will make for the perfect look you are looking for.

Cheek Makeup (including cheek powders, cheek brush, etc.)
For an overall natural look, we also have for you a set of organic cheek makeup designed so you can achieve that perfectly natural blush to your cheeks. You can do that using our cheek powders which are all formulated using organic berries and tinted minerals that will help give your complexion with your desired natural, healthy glow.

Our all-natural, organic cosmetic line favors cosmetic products that foster true natural beauty and aimed at helping you get away from the harmful toxic ingredients commonly used in cosmetic products.

The Difference of Organic Cosmetics these days, more and more people are becoming aware of the health problems and issues of using the conventional cosmetics which are commonly laden with potentially harmful chemicals. In this age, people have now recognized that many commercially made products can have poisons and toxins depending on the ingredient used for it. Not only skin care products but even hair products such as hair dye can contain ingredients that might be toxic.

Although these products are supposed to be safe, you cannot be really sure about that, choosing organic and natural products are much safer of a choice for you. The best cosmetics are definitely those that are made completely from natural ingredients. By choosing organic products, you can be sure of its safety, they also have the potential for healing your skin that are infected due to poor quality cosmetics.

If you do not practice choosing the right cosmetics to use, it can result in permanent damage to your skin or face and instead of highlighting your beauty, it can potentially harm the skin. This thing happens at times when you are lured by cheap prices without thinking of its quality. As such, it is important that you actively practice being careful when choosing the cosmetics you use.

It is important that you are aware of what conventional cosmetics can do to your skin, not to mention the harmful chemicals within these cosmetics can also cause damage to internal organs and create diseases. If you really want good cosmetics, you must always check the cosmetics you buy and see if they are made from natural ingredients. You can start off by checking whether the cosmetics are made from such natural ingredients as coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter, castile soap, etc.

These are only the start of the list of all natural ingredients that organic cosmetics use. It will be a good start for you to check our list of all-natural cosmetic line and see for yourself how all our products are safe for you. With all these, surely you will not be looking for any other place to get your all-natural skin care products.

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