My 32nd Year!

Posted on: June 23, 2017

This year, I welcomed and danced into my 32nd year gracefully. Every day I feel grateful to see another day. As the saying goes, Another year older, another year wiser. I’ve learned a lot so far and I continue to learn new things every waking day. Thank you for all the lessons, experiences and moments that have brought me to 32. I’m thankful and blessed to have an Amazing husband, family and friends. And last but certainly not least, I can’t forget all of you! I’m so incredibly thankful to connect, interact, engage and meet you all. All your daily love and support warms my heart and continues to lift my spirits which is an added reason for my will to continue to empower, inspire, and enlighten you all.

I’m continuing my journey to living a life with passion, love and saying “I can!” Thank you for all your love, support and for following my journey. Looking forward to what 32 has to offer. Can’t wait to share it all with you!! This year, I’d like to grow even more personally and professionally. I’d like to see my businesses succeed and grow even more, I’d like to add more checks to my bucket list, I’d like to travel to new countries–learn about other cultures and try some more delish foods. I’d like to spend more quality time with my husband, family and friends. I’d like to host more events with my husband. Connect with new friends, old friends and family. I’d like to run a marathon, if not this year one day! These are some of my goals and what I look forward to doing this year. Call me a goal getter, but I’m a creature of habit. Try it sometime (writing out your hopes and goals for the year), see how much you can achieve in a year.  I challenge you all do this this, it will not only keep the momentum of living life fully going, but it will inspire and empower you, believe me!!!

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Please enjoy the photos from a fun photo shoot I did to welcome and celebrate my 32nd year, and photos from past birthdays.

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Top: (Old Lovers+ Friends) Similar|Skirt: Rachel Roy||Wedges: Jimmy Choo| Top: Zara|Denim: J. Brand| Heels: Christian Louboutins|Accessories: Chloe + Isabel, Noellery, Cartier 

As always, thanks for reading, following along and supporting my journey!

Wedding Wednesday Series: Love bares no boundaries.. The Heartbreaking Fairytale wedding story: Rowden and Liezl

Posted on: May 14, 2016

For many couples, they are overjoyed, excited, basically filled with every emotion possible when that moment happens…. When your longtime sweetheart ask you to be his wife. It’s a long awaited moment bringing two people together to become one.  After watching this video, I couldn’t help but cry because it was so sad yet so touching all at the same time.

(Photo Credit :

Rowden and Liezl planned to marry on July 8th, 2014, on his 30th birthday. In the midst of the planning their upcoming nuptials, the couple found out that Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. Rowden’s last request was to marry Liezl. With the help of his family, friends, and the Philippine General Hospital, Rowden received his dying wish.

On his deathbed, he said “I Do” do Liezl for all his family, friends, and the hospital to witness. Sadly, on June 8th 2014, Rowden passed away, less than 10 hours after his wedding. His memory lives on with his wife, his family and friends. He passed away with this unforgettable moment that he and Liezl shared.

My condolences goes out to his wife Liezl, his family and friends. This video was so touching and heartfelt.  Rowden is no longer suffering, and he is survived by his wife Leizel May, daughter Zakiah Rowzel, mother Lorelei, and brothers Hasset & Hisham. May he rest in peace.

Rowden’s brother Hasset Go shared this video that went viral. Watch it here:

( I do not own the rights to this video)

Watching this and hearing their story really touched my heart. It made me think about love and all its possibilities. It also made me think about my faith too. The bond that two people share, and the love that’s within two people is so powerful, that against all odds Love shines through. Though Rowden got his dying wish, by marrying Liezl, he still lost his fight to cancer. Cancer is such a deadly killer and I hope one day we can find a cure for all cancers so we won’t lose the ones we love so soon.

This story was so touching, I had to share it with you all for my Wedding Wednesday series.  Against all odds, love is out there for all of us, Even in our last moments, love happens. I hope this story and video touched your heart and inspired your souls as it did for me.  Never lose faith on love, it’s out there. Never lose hope, for Rowden didn’t. Even though he was dying, he still married the love of his life. He remains now, the guardian angel for his wife and his family always looking down and watching over them.

Remember that even when the going gets tough, and your stressed to the bone with all the wedding planning, remember why you’re marrying your partner. Why did love happen for you? Amidst everything, never lose sight on your love and its’ meaning. Every love story has a something unique, for Rowden and Lizel, they had a fairytale love, that will last in their hearts and minds forever. What does your love story tell…….

What would you do for love?

What gives you hope? What inspires you most when it comes to love?

Please share your thoughts and comments, I’d love to hear from you!