Petits Bijoux Stacking Ring

Posted on: April 6, 2018



Personalize your jewelry box + stack to your heart’s content with our every-color-of-the-rainbow rings! With sparkling styles for each birthstone month + your choice between silver or gold plating, there’s no such thing as having too many!


January: Garnet (R175GASR, R175GASG); February: Amethyst (R175AMSR, R175AMSG); March: Aquamarine (R175AQSR, R175AQSG); April: Diamond(R175DISR, R175DISG); May: Emerald (R175EMSR, R175EMSG); June: Alexandrite (R175PISR, R175PISG); July: Ruby (R175RUSR, R175RUSG); August: Peridot (R175PESR, R175PESG); September: Sapphire (R175SASR, R175SASG); October: Opal (R175WOSR, R175WOSG); November: Topaz (R175TZSR, R175TZSG); December: Blue Topaz (R175BTSR, R175BTSG)

  • sapphire cubic zirconia crystal
  • shiny gold-plated
  • sizes 5-10
  • genuine cubic zirconia branded logo
  • nickel-free plating

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