Posted on: August 20, 2015

Learn the basics on how to strob by clicking on my Youtube tutorial.  I show you the products I LOVE LOVE LOVE at the moment and the basics to achieve the all over GLOW, “lit from within” look.

Strobing is just a new trend to hit the make up scene. It’s basically highlighting to the next level. It’s all the rave this Summer, the look that will give your face that all around glow looking bright and radiant.

To create this look just use your favorite highlighter/luminizer to emphasize the high points on your face. My personal favorites vary between powders and cream base products. Currently, I’ve been using more powders than cream products because I like the texture. I feel they are more manageable, giving me more control in my brush strokes when I apply the product.

Areas to apply highlight:

Enhance your Cheekbones- High points of your cheek

*Underneath your brow bone

*Inner corner of your eye

*The bridge of your nose

*Cupid’s bow

*Underneath your bottom lip

 How to strob 101 2

Check out my Youtube Tutorial to learn the basics in Strobing!

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