In a NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR Gal takes on NYFW 2016 PART I

Posted on: February 26, 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to NYFW has a PR gal, well look no further. Here is my recap of my busy week during NYFW 2016.

Everytime NYFW comes around I always anticipate a fun and not to mention jam packed week full of shows, presentations, events and an overall exciting week all around. But this also means, keep the lattes coming. Little to no shut eye is a given, but it’s all worth it for the sake of fashion!! Nothing a little concealer, big sunglasses can’t fix, oh and not to mention a killer outfit to go with it!!

I can’t believe it’s that time again, NYFW!! Everytime this time of the year comes around, it just gets better and better. The fashion and the events, a great way for networking as well as connecting with new and old friends. I love meeting and connecting with people, great way for building lasting business relationships as well as long lasting friendships.

The first show up is BCBG MaxAzria, I always look forward to this show, because it’s always the first show of the week and not only am I a huge fan of the designers and the brand, I alway look forward to see what’s up  Max and Lubov Azria sleeve.

The muse behind their inspiration is a performer with an individualistic style that “reveals artistic ingenuity through her onstage presence and offstage persona ” ( WWD magazine).  The collection envelopes a rich winter palette with gradient shades of light greys, creams and camels transitioning into rich merlot, ink blue and carbon colors. For this collection we can look forward to colorblocking colors, linear sihouettes and layers.  Overall it was a great show, and I would like to add a few pieces to my wardrobe!

With a break in between shows, I headed back to my office to get some much needed work done. Prepping for upcoming client events, client submissions, conference calls, and meetings I knew the day was gonna be a long one. But let’s face it, when is my day NEVER long or busy…. Just an insight into a PR and Talent Management creatives life.

I try and look on the brightside, there’s never a dull moment in this business. And as hectic and crazy as my days can be, I always have to find the humor and not to let things get the best of me. Aside from all the stress, and craziness that comes my way in a day, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

From the office I headed to the Skylight at the Moynihan Station…..

Next show up is none other than the talented Marissa Webb! I’m an absolute fan of her work, and honored to see it all unfold on the runway. Her style and chic designers are ready to wear fashion, and who wouldn’t want to own one of her creations.  — Her collection for Fashion week 2016, played up to her style of masculine and feminine, hard and soft edgy and sweet looks with a twist. I loved her printed silk flutter dresses and long plaid coats and outerwear, I must say very chic and luxe all at the same time. She threw us all for a loop with her tight leather pants and layers, the look proved to be somewhat different from the usual look she is known for. Although the black leather pants, may have proved to be controversial to some, I still admired her direction, and she’s still one of my favorites. I love how her style can be wore in the work place but can also be dress down for a casual day or night on the town. Either way, her designs are worth the purchase, you’re wardrobe will be thanking you!

From the Marissa Webb show I rushed across town to Gotham Hall to Style Fashion Week. Had the pleasure of seeing the designs of designers: Pop Impresska, Nina Gleyzer and House of Perna. I truly admired seeing such creativity and artistry come to life on the runway. Simply beautiful and stunning. I was honored and happy to be part of Style Fashion Week for another year, and glad to share this moment with fellow blogger: BrownEyedToast.

From Gotham Hall, I met up with my husband and we went to the Jewelry Boutique Marisa Perry’s Bourbon and Baubles event. Who can refuse cocktails, small bites, and beautiful jewelry paired with great people!! A girl can never go wrong with fashion and Diamonds, I mean they could equally be a girls two best friends!! My husband and I enjoyed meeting the owner of this posh and upscale Jewelry boutique located in the ever so chic Meatpacking Area. We met some great people that evening, and looking forward to connecting with them again soon at a future event. But if you’re in the market for an engagement ring or other fine jewelry delights definitely visit Marisa Perry Atelier at: 636 Hudson Street, NYC or check out her website at: You won’t be disappointed, I found a few gorgeous eye candy gems that i’d want to shine on my finger!!

After the Bourbon and Baubles event, we headed uptown to the Go for Red for Women– Red Dress Collection event and Fashion show. This is one event and show that I’m always so blessed and thankful to be part of. It’s a great event to support a great cause.  I love seeing designers, celebrities, personalities, models and more come together to show their support for women’s health and the American Heart Association. I also had the honor of meeting a fellow filipina and our very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtbach. She is truly an inspiration and a remarkable young woman. She sure is confidently beautiful with a heart! She was a great addition to the show, along with singer, song-writer and model Monica, Actress Candace Cameron-Bure, to name a few. It was a great end to day 1 of NYFW. Uplifting and empowering a great way to end the evening.

One thing I will say that I’ve learned in this business, no matter how much stress comes my way, or how defeated I may feel from time to time. I love connecting and meeting like minded creatives. I love how we can all come together reflect, engage, create while uplifting and inspiring one another in more ways than one. For me, that’s what keeps me going each day in this business. For the amount of times I’ve felt discouraged or uninspired, I get a pick me up every so often, and I tell myself I’m doing a good job. And no matter how big or little the job is I’m making a difference and inspiring the next person that comes along. So just remember, don’t ever think a dream or idea is ever to small and nothing can come from it. Continue to dream, inspire and do your thang girl!!

And that’s a wrap for Day 1 of NYFW 2016! Stay tuned for part II of: In a NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR GAL TAKES ON NYFW 2016 II- UP NEXT!

Check out my gallery of photos below of all the fun!

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(All Photos were taken by me. Photos are owned by Emily Sotera, SocialFashionistaBeauty)

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