Posted on: September 4, 2016

CRAZY FOR AVOCADOS!!!! As of late, I’ve grown to love and devour avocados. I’m a huge fan, some may detest it, some may be allergic (sorry folks) and some may just LOVE them just as much as I do!! Now the latest crave in tasty delights are toast, specifically Avocado toast. It’s become a great staple for a simple, fresh and healthy dish. That can be serve daily at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch or even dinner. There are so many variations to this quick, easy and might I add oh so delicious dish, that the possibilities are endless!! And its HEALTHY TOO!! It’s the GOOD fat we all want and need!! Healthy and nutritious I’m ALL about that!!

Who doesn’t love Caprese Salad, fresh mozzarella, heirloom, tomatos, drizzle some EVOO, a like balsamic drizzle and top it off with some fresh basil. Can you say YAZZZZZ and YUM!! Now combine Caprese +Avocado Toast= Caprese Avocado Toast, the end result is a party in your mouth doing the happy dance all at the same time. Here’s my recipe below. Try it out and let me know what you think!! Follow me: @SocialFashionistaBeauty and #SFBEATS #SFBCapreseAVOTOAST



Use any kind of bread you like (Wheat, Multigrain, Sourdough, Ezeikel etc).. I usually go for Wheat, Multigrain or Ezeikel. Then toast your bread
1 Heirloom Tomato (Sliced or diced, your preference)
1 or 2 Avocados (Depending on how hungry you are)(Cut, DeSeed, and Scoop out into a bowl)
Fresh Mozzarella sliced into cubes or small slices
Ground Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes (To add a litlle spice and kick to your Avo Toast, trust me your tastebuds will LOVE it)
EVOO To drizzle on top of your toast
Balsamic (Glaze or Vinegarette) to Drizzle on top
2or 3 Fresh Basil Leaves (Optional) (Last Step)

After you’ve cut, deseed, and scooped your avocado, place in a bowl and mash it up. Mash it up to however you like (Smooth or leave some chucks whatever your heart desires). Then set aside, then once your toast is all toasted and ready, place on a plate and assemble your avocado toast. Spread your avocado onto the toast. Add a sprinkle of ground pepper and the red pepper flakes. Place your diced or sliced heirlooms on your toast, next do the same for your mozzarella. Sprinkle a little more red pepper flakes (optional and your desired amount). Drizzle a little EVOO and top it off with a your balsamic glaze or vinegarette either works just fine. Top your toast off with a few basil leaves this step is completely is optional. But it’s so delicious, how can you not try it. Either way you’ll love this combination!

There you have it–now eat, devour and enjoy! Try it and let me know what you think!! Don’t forget to tag and hashtag me. Enjoy Loves!


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