Happy 2016! 7 Blogging Tips and Habits to adopt and consider in 2016!

Posted on: January 5, 2016

It’s a new year and a new you, and that means its time to start anew and fresh. Time to set goals that you’ll stick to in 2016. Lately, I’ve noticed since 2016 began I’ve been reading everyones goals and habits that myself included want to make for ourselves.

When I started this blog, initially it was just for fun… Then I started to realize I have a passion and knacked for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food and so much more. And not to mention I just LOVE writing and sharing with all of you what I love, adore, and what inspires me. And I really thought if I want to turn this into something business-worthy, I’d have to work hard at it. Whether it’s only one person whose reading my blog or millions I’m just happy to share with all of you. While working hard at it and putting in my all.

2016, I feel will be a great year! And this year, I will make a few changes to my blog, just making it even better. It’s part of my goals for the year. I’ll have another blog post aside from this one, that will have my goals and resolution, stay tuned!

Having a PR and Talent Management mindset, my approach to a lot of things has always been thought out and precise. All dealing with strategy and brainstorming.  But first and foremost, I try to never lose sight on what’s important at the same time. Even though I have a business- savvy mindset, and attack things with strategic thinking, I never forget to have fun with anything that I do. I believe that if something isn’t fun anymore than you won’t produce the best work that you possible can. So make sure when developing your own strategy and business plan of action, dont forget your passions, to make it fun and enjoyable. Remember it’s all about balance. Your job should never feel like a chore to you, so even though you want to stay on track, but when things start to become overwhelming, take a step back. Because when you start to over think things, that can and will lead you off course.

I also know that their are a handful of things to have a thriving blog, and has hard has it may seem it really isn’t. Just remember just like anything, it just takes time and dedication. If you’re looking to take your blog up a notch (aren’t we all) consider adopting these 7 tips and habits for the new year.

1.  SHARE YOUR POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA. For every post that you publish, be sure to share it on all your social media channels. After each blog post, I auto-share my post on twitter every morning once it’s gone live . And then I share it on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter (again) throughout the day. Get your post out there. Remember it’s all about engagin, connecting and sharing! Sharing is caring!! 🙂

2. WRITE ENGAGING POST TITLES.  Be relevant but also know what will keep your audience sucked in. Having relevant post titles not only helps your SEO, but it will also make your readers more inclined to click on your post and read your content. Think like your readers and try creating titles that you would want to read about.

3. TAKE KILLER BLOG PHOTOS. I know that you’ve probably heard this time and time again. But I strongly believe that taking a beautiful and not to mention sharing a killing photo is key to having a successful blog. So make sure to get the right shot! A photo can go a long way!

4. CREATE AN EDITORIAL CALENDER THAT WORKS FOR YOU. We all know that everyone’s schedule’s and lifestyles are different. Creating an Editorial Calender (For blogging and photos) will help you stay organized and stay on track. This will help you keep content coming out on a regular basis. And you have to admit organization is key in all elements of life!! 🙂

5. CREATE HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT THAT AIMS TO HELP, INFORM, ENTERTAIN, OR BENEFIT READERS IN SOME WAY. Don’t ever be afraid to share your thoughts, inspirations, tricks , just about anything with this growing community and more. Like I said before: “Sharing is caring!” You can do this in a : DIY, Tutorial, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Roundups, Reviews , etc…. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

6. BLOG WITH INTENTION AND WORK HARD AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Just like any occupation, you gotta work hard to make it anywhere. So if you want to take your blog from a hobby and into something business-worthy, you have to take it seriously and work work work! Work your butt off and make every post better and better as you go. Be intentional in what you create and put out there. Make it authentic and real and something that sticks to your personal self. Present yourself in the best light! ALWAYS strive to put your best foot forward!

7. MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN IN THIS COMMUNITY. I think the biggest mistake one can make is that just because you create amazing content, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically net viewers and readers. Make yourself known and get yourself out there. Creating spectacular content is one thing, but don’t just let that represent you. Interact, engage and connect with this growing community. Nothing inspires me more than connecting, engaging and creating long-lasting relationships with like-minded influential and creative people. So put yourself out there, check out other blogs in the blogger universe. Read and comment, and slowly but surely you’ll see your network grow. Even on social media, comment on others photos, share and interact and meet fellow bloggers. Trust me it will not only help your blog, and your viewship, but also the experience will not only be enriching but uplifiting and empowering. Connecting and engaging is a great business tool to utilize, that’s what it’s all about.  It’s also a great way to exchange ideas, advice, collaborate with others, and more. So get out there and meet new bloggers, create and build new friendships, and increase your traffic and readership! Happy connecting, engaging and sharing!

What blogging habits and tips will you stick to in 2016?

What are some of your helpful tips for a successful blog and business?

I love hearing from you comment, share, and write me .

Inspiration: The Power of Social Platforms and How they’ve made an impact on our society and it’s ways of being Empowering, Inspiring, and Uplifting

Posted on: October 13, 2015


Last week, I had the pleasure to lunch with a fellow blogger, who I met during fashion week. We met at at Cafe Minera. A  little cafe that many NYC bloggers hangout. Sit and enjoy a latte while admiring the beautiful brownstones in front of the this cozy spot located in the ever-so trendy and chic West Village. Sitting in this cafe you can definitely get the creative juices flowing. We also found that with such large windowpanes and awesome nature light seeping in it made for a great photo op! (We were lucky enough to enjoy it on a beautiful Fall Sunny Day).  It was so great to meet and chat with a new blogger friend . I enjoyed our discussions on life, blogging, what inspires us and so much more. One of the things we talked about is the inspiration behind this blog post: the power of social media in particularly: Instagram.

 Social Media has shaped the way of our society, its help build and grow businesses, connecting people in such a unique way. Social platforms such as instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat are just some explains to show how technology has evolved and how it will continue to in the future.  It goes to show that by using these platforms, it can not only be beneficial but a great tool in taking your business to the next level.

No matter what we do in life or who we meet along the way, the people we meet whether positive or negative can make some kind of impact on us.  I’ve felt this way in my years working in Public Relations and Talent Management. And now, diving in head first as a full pledge blogger I see this too, but through social media in particularly instagram.  I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for social media and how it’s been a driving force for gaining inspiration for my blog, a means to grow and build my brand, and one of the main resources in meeting and creating new relationships in the blogger community.  Even though I created my blog: SocialFashionistaBeauty back in 2013, I still consider myself a newbie to the blogger world. Because in this last year, I decided that I wanted to fully committed to creating new content for my blog as well as building a brand for myself. And it’s so great to meet other bloggers and exchange ideas, gain exposure/experience, and become more familiar with those locally.

Nowadays, social platforms like Instagram has played a big role in helping many bloggers/creatives type like myself build their brands, gain exposure for our respective blogs, while also creating relationships in this rapidly growing community. I just LOVE looking at different IG feeds and seeing what others find beautiful. For me I believe in the phrase, ” I aspire to inspire.” I feel IG is a great source for just that. It also gives you a little insight on what others Love and admire in life. And not to mention it makes us happy too.  For others it may not have the same meaning, but for myself it’s been quite inspiring and uplifting. A simple photo could mean nothing to one person, for me I see it as a form of art and something beautiful. And for me I try and see the beauty in everything, no matter how simple or extravegant it may be. And just by liking eachothers photos or quotes and exchanging a few meaningful comments we start to build and create relationships with such great people. Who have become great role models to me as a new blogger.

Instagram has become such a powerful channel for so many. I will admit, as of late I’ve become a little IG obsessed.  But I truly admire the beauty others see in anything and everything. Blogger @browneyedtoast and I expressed our experiences with instagram and what it means to us. We also exchanged ideas and thoughts for our respective blogs.  But we equally shared the same feelings on how instagram has been a great source for creating relationships with other bloggers.  I hope to continue to meet and create new relationships, to inspire others, engage and exchange ideas and help others in the community however I can. I also hope to work and collaborate with people in the blogger community in the future. If aren’t following or haven’t seen @BrownEyedToast instagram feed you should.

She has some great photos on there it and its DEFINITELY worth checking out.  Keep a look out for her blog which is launching soon.

Cheers and lets continue to: engage, empower, inspire, stengthen, support and love one another one photo or blog post at a time. 🙂

Who have you met that has inspired you?

What are your thoughts of Instagram and other Social Media Platforms.?

How has it influenced you or made an impact on you?

I’d love to hear from you, share your thoughts with me.