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Posted on: February 9, 2017

Hi Loves!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Can you believe it,  just yesterday  it was 60 degrees in NYC and now a blizzard? Oh, mother nature always full of surprises making a big entrance, LITERALLY (LOL). Today, marks the the official start to NYFW. I wanted to share this post with you all.  I hope this will enlighten, empower and inspire us all during NYFW and in life.

Stay warm and be safe out there loves!! 

Recently, I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories over Lady Gaga, her body and what she wore during her Super Bowl Halftime show. I don’t know about you, but I thought she looked ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Her immense talent, fierce fashion and killer body proved all of that during her performance last Sunday. That night overall was truly something, make that epic and a night to remember. My question is, What are all the haters talking about and why are they harping on Gaga? I don’t see why anyone would hate on her, what she wore but more importantly her body. Well, as the saying goes, “Haters are gonna hate!”  But strong, fierce, fashionable, chic women like Gaga rise above it! I truly admire women like Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham and many others celebrities who have spoken out about body shaming. We should all love ourselves no matter what shape or size.

Many of our youth struggle with this issue of body shaming and we all need to stop the hate.  I’ll be the first to admit I too, felt ashamed of my body growing up and even as an adult I deal with this issue from time to time. I work in an industry where everyone is both small framed and for the most part skinny. I may not fit the nor of being super skinny or small framed, but I’ve learned to embrace my curves and LOVE  the skin I’m in. Don’t get me wrong I have my moments where I feel out of place or uncomfortable but hey, I’m human. The female body is such a beautiful thing and we should admire it for all it’s beauty. Remember, we’re all beautiful inside and out! Never let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Here’s what Lady Gaga had to say to her body shammers:

 “I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions.” “Thank you so much everyone for supporting me,”  “I love you guys.” 

All I gotta say in response to Gaga’s statement: PREACH GAGA, PREACH!! 

Another story that caught my eye is in regards to the controversy over Vogue’s March issues cover. Plus size Model, Ashley Graham is breaking the mold and posing on the cover of Vogue alongside beauties like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Ashley Graham recently tweeted: Thank You @voguemagazine I’m so incredibly honored to be one of your March cover models! #breakingboundaries 

The March issue {hits stands on February 21st} is devoted to differences in beauty and the celebration of Women being Fearless!  Yay, Women do rule! The future is female in my eyes, no offense to all my male readers and all the men out there in the world.

The controversy many are questioning is — the cover isn’t as diverse as many thought it would be. As you can see, a gorgeous plus size model posing with her fellow beautiful yet skinnier models. Some are going as far to say that Gigi Hadid’s hand was elongated and extended out (through the workings of photoshop) to conceal Graham’s torso. Many fans are speculating if the magazine was trying to conceal Graham’s body.??

Despite all the social media uproar, misconceptions and disbelief Ashley Graham defended the Vogue cover. In her most recent Instagram post she stated,  “I chose to pose like that. No one told me to do anything.” Even though many may have their misbeliefs and opinions, the March cover speaks many volumes and has an empowering message outside of what misconceptions may be lingering.

To me, I felt that these two stories needed to be address and shared. I know that both women have inspired me and gave me more reason to love me and my curves. I’m all about inspiring and empowering all my readers and followers. Lady Gaga and Ashley Graham both do that and continue to rise above it. Their words are not only encouraging but both inspiring and empowering. Both women promote body positivity and break the barriers in this sometimes harsh, opinionated industry of Entertainment and Fashion.  I hope we can be enlightened and moved by them and rise up together. No matter what shape or size you are, love yourself. You are beautiful!


What are your thoughts on these two stories?

How do you rise above the bodyshammers?  Please do share using the #SFBBeautiful #SFBInspires

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Coach Shanita

Posted on: July 18, 2016

“ Behind Every Successful Woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” 




If you know me by now, I’m all about supporting one another and having each others back. I believe that by supporting one another, we can inspire, motivate, empower, also learn from one another. For me, I’m about exploring all forms of creative outlets and how it can help in ones career goals. I’m extremely grateful and proud to live in a city that supports and celebrates ones passions, a city that truly is a place where one can make dreams happen. I love the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in all of us and in a city like New York. How we can all band together, embrace our strengths and empower one another as we grow in life and in business.

I love learning about new businesses and not only learning about them but supporting them as well. Recently, I had the pleasure of learning about one of my girlfriends new and growing business. She recently transitioned from working in the school system to becoming a life coach. While, she enjoyed enriching the minds of students everyday, she thought it was time to shift gears. She wanted to help and guide those in need and learn a different trade. Thus, began her journey on her path in becoming Coach Shanita. While she isn’t your traditional therapist, she is referred to as a coach. One to help you through those difficult times in life, whether its in your career, personal relationship, whatever the case is, her techniques shouldn’t be confused as therapeutic but more holistic and in a coaching manner so to speak.

One night after catching up with my girl Shanita, she started telling me about her new Coaching business. Not to be confused as a therapist, but a life coach. Her methods help you to look from within and channel in on what really may be troubling you, or even any obstacles you may be facing. She helps you deal with your frustrations, self-doubt or angst of not being able to move forward. It may sound like a therapist, but she’s your Life Coach. Helping you build a better you and face whatever your going thru head on. Allowing you to clear your head, seek the power that lies within you. Her holistic and personal methods are not only inspiring, they are empowering.



Coaching is a powerful way for you to get you the tools and support you need to remove obstacles that are in the way of your goals around: 



STEP 1:  Contact me!

 any of your questions via email, see if coaching is right for you, and set up a time for free coaching session.

STEP 2:  Get coached!
Free 30-minute
Sample Coaching Call

xperience coaching and see firsthand how this transformative course of action can help you move from where you are currently to where you want to be. 

STEP 3:  Dare to discover!
Free Discovery Session Call
or Video Chat, 45 minutes

I will send a questionnaire in advance to get a deeper sense of you, get clear about your future goals, and get focused on the steps that will lead to your success. We will share expectations and discuss which packages seem right for you as we co-create a powerful coaching relationship.

* I offer in-person Discovery Sessions to those in parts of New York City and Long Island, NY.

STEP 4:  Powerful coaching begins!

By employing my 5 A’s: Authenticity, Awareness, Action, Accountability, and Alignment, we will GET CLEAR on your vision, GET POWERFUL with goal-setting, and GO take action!

Shanita’s Five A’s

  • Authenticity
  • AHA! Awareness!
  • Action
  • Accountability 
  • Alignment


In our coaching partnership, I hold a safe space for us to explore the real you so your authentic self can gain confidence and powerfully emerge.

AHA! Awareness!

I ask powerful questions that spark mind-blowing “Aha” moments and lead you to deeper awareness of your needs, values, and vision.


Together, we design manageable action steps that will move you closer to your desired outcomes.


acknowledge your efforts, root for you 100% of the way, and communicate on a weekly basis to see how you are doing with your goals—What’s working? What’s not working? What needs to shift?


My coaching packages are designed to get you aligned with your creativity and core values to ultimately become unstoppable

My 30 minute Session: 

She gave me an overview of what she does and how her coaching methods have helped the clients she’s currently working with. Now, in order for her to best tell me about her work, she’s asked if she could try a 30 minute session with me over the phone.  So, I was delighted to hear more about Coach Shanita and her methods so we began our session.  At the time, I had been dealing with some personal conflicts in my life, and thru her coaching methods, Shanita helped me work through those underlying feelings I was having. She coached me thru it, and made me face it head on. She had me stand up and face all my fears and doubts, and confront it.  In that 30 minutes I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt strong, empowered and unbothered by what had been effecting me. We went over my 30 minutes slightly, but she helped me find my inner strength and be at peace with it all. Although, her methods are about personal growth and clearing you from self-doubt its something we ourselves have to work

If you or anyone you know is looking for a coach or just to seeking advice in working through anything your going thru contact her today. You have nothing to lose, your first 30 minute session with her is FREE. What’s stopping you, she’s not only a great friend, she’s is amazing at what she does. Schedule a time to speak with her today, and feel empowered and inspired after just your first session.

For more information go to: coachshanita.com.

How have you been empowered today?

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Chloe+Isabel: Creative and Smart Brand for the Entrepreneurial Woman

Posted on: July 11, 2016

“ When women support each other, incredible things happen.” 

“Hustle hard and Stay humble.”

chloe+isabel chloe+isabel 3 chloe+isabel 2 quote

The quotes above are true statements, that I believe in and what I’ve applied in my life and business. They are also reasons behind why I joined the Chloe + Isabel community. Today, I’m sharing with you all about Chloe+ Isabel, the company, what they’re all about and why I joined C+I.

Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry +lifestyle brand+ pioneer of social retail, dedicated to empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs. 

Chantel Waterbury, CEO+Founder, conceived Chloe + Isabel as a place where smart, creative and confident women could play a significant role in creating an innovative new business model where they were at the center. Chloe + Isabel is both a brand and opportunity that combines elements of direct sales, retail and eCommerce with the sole purpose of providing a more meaningful experience to the modern woman. My mission was, and remains to this day, to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.

Chloe + Isabel is the opportunity I wish I had when I was a young, ambitious woman with the goal of one day being my own boss. Today, I see in our Merchandisers that same drive I had when I first stepped out on my own, moving away from home at the age of 13 to pursue my education. I began working and saving up for school, and ultimately turned to a direct selling opportunity which paid my way through college. While it allowed me to make the money I needed, and gave me confidence in running my own business, I would have loved to have built my resume with an even wider set of skills, as well as been connected to a community of like-minded women.

It had taken me years to climb the corporate ladder and gain the skills I needed to run my own fashion business. Here was a chance to share my knowledge with today’s women so they wouldn’t have to wait, or potentially never get the exposure they needed. I wanted to help them reach their goals, whether they were financial or skill-based. We can be her stepping-stone or her destination. Chloe + Isabel was created to be a brand people would love, and more importantly, an opportunity our Merchandiser could believe in.

C+I’s mission: ” Our mission is to help tackle the financial needs of the modern woman- to provide the training and tools to accomplish her goals, whatever they may be.” 

 My reasons for joining the Chloe+ Isabel Community:

My initial reasons for becoming part of Chloe + Isabel was  because I had a strong passion and love for Fashion and jewelry. And after I saw the jewelry, I immediately fell in love. Soon after, I learned it was much more. It was a community that supported, empowered, inspired and motivated Something that I try and strive to do on a daily. We all have the same purpose in life, and I’m all about supporting that purpose and helping others  reach their goals and be successful. The Chloe+Isabel model is something that I feel everyone can learn from. Life is all about learning and growing, it’s a daily process. Having never owned a business, let alone a jewelry business, i’ve taken what I’ve learned at C+I and have created something that’s truly empowering and inspiring. Without this opportunity that C+I provided me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It goes far beyond the jewelry, it’s an opportunity for women to take their creative spirit and turn it into an opportunity towards success. I’ve met so many amazing women, LadyBosses that have been quite influential and inspiration in my life. I feel i’ve grown a lot both personally and professionally over the years. I am the woman I am today because of what I’ve learned with C+I. My confidence has grown tremendously, and I’ve learned to take more creative risk to grow my business. My experience at Chloe+Isabel has enriched my abilities to network and communicate while also providing valuable social media skills. I’ve learned so much in just 2 years and I continue to daily. I’m turning my dreams into a reality because of Chloe +Isabel. Chloe+Isabel has helped me take my career to a whole new level.  I’m truly thankful and grateful for the experience and opportunity. Just as C+I has opened my eyes, by empowering and inspiring me,  I hope I can do the same for you.

To learn more about Chloe+Isabel and to become part of the community go to: www.chloeandisabel.com. To shop and fall in love with our jewelry head on over to my boutique: www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/emilydesouza.

What inspires you?

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Have you got your SOUL on yet?

Posted on: June 27, 2016

Motivational “Soul” Monday’s


I discovered SoulCycle at a time when I needed it the most. I had just gotten engaged and I was about to plan my version of “My Big Fat Filipino-Guyanese Wedding.” With wedding stress on my mind, work and other things happening at the time, I needed something that could help relieve me from everything going on. Running usually is my go to, source for exercise and the ultimate stress reliever. But I started to see my body plateau and I wasn’t seeing any results, my body had gotten used to my routine and daily workouts, and I too,  started to get bored with it. I started to explore different options, even classes that would still give me a great workout, help me get fit and in shape for my wedding, but also fun and something that wasn’t tiresome or tedious. Let’s face it, we all have those moments where we don’t want to workout, but we all know we should. It only makes us better and in turn its great for our overall health.

Thus, began my obsession with SoulCycle. I was hearing the word Soul everywhere. It was the latest craze in the fitness world and heard all over New York City. All the celebrities were doing it, it was literally everywhere. I was hearing many different reviews about SoulCycle, but the only way I would ever really know what all the talk was about is if I would try it for myself.  I’ve taken a spin class before, and I will be completely honest, I had my butt kicked. But when I walked into my first class SoulCycle class in the Tribeca, I will admit, I was intimidated. But, I was eager to see what Soul was all about. I was determined to get thru my first class. What I did notice is that everyone was so welcoming, it wasn’t just your normal spin class. It was a fun-filled, upbeat 45 minute class that worked all parts of your body. What makes SoulCycle different from your normal spin class, is that you work all elements of your body, while moving to the beat of the music. After I started to get the hang of it, I learned some new moves on the bike and was moving and grooving to the music. My intimidation soon passed when my instructor, Krista, reassured me and other newbies, we could go at our own pace. If we couldn’t get on the beat, not to worry, just as long as we listened to our bodies, have fun and follow along as best as we could. No judgements! You can just feel the energy in the room, it was contagious, I wanted more. I craved for more soul.  After 45 minutes was up, I knew I was definitely coming back. While I still went on runs and to the gym, I began going to SoulCycle regularly. I started to see the changes in my body, mind, and soul. I felt stronger both mentally and physically. I felt more at ease and less stressed. I truly can say that SoulCycle has helped me become a better me. Not to mention, it was fun riding alongside the likes of : Tyra Banks, Bradley Cooper. and Kelly Ripa When I say everyone is joining SoulCycle, I mean EVERYONE! 🙂 So happy I found Soul cycle especially before my wedding.

What you learn in Soul isn’t just about the physical. It’s a mind, body, spirit experience. Soul cycle is more than just a spin class it allows you to find perspective, get centered, change your body and find your SOUL. If your looking for a class that’s fun, strength building both mentally and physically then SoulCycle is for you. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


soulcycle-7 soulcycle-6 soulcycle-5 soulcycle-4 soulcycle-8 soulcycle2  soulcycle3

I’ve said this time and time again, every ride is different but the outcome is always the same, AMAZING! I love the feeling I get after each class. I feel empowered, refreshed, and ALIVE. No one can ever take what you’ve worked on and what your working towards away from you. You are in control, and you decide. SoulCycle, a brand, a community, a way of life. Get your Soul on today!

If you haven’t tried SoulCycle yet, I highly recommend it. You can always find me on the bike either in Tribeca or the West Village. Come ride with me! Let’s get our Soul on together.

My favorite move on the bike: TAP BACK!

Are you a renegade?

Find your tribe, your squad and keep them close. They’re hard to come by!

What is your favorite workout? I love hearing from you all, comment below or write to me.

As always, thanks for reading, subscribing, and following along on my journey!

All photos were taken by me and are owned by Emily Sotera, Social Fashionista Beauty



Posted on: May 20, 2016

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a fashion designer and see just  where all their inspiration comes from? Ever wanted to learn a designers aesthetic and see how they create their designs from start to finish?

Continue reading and learn more about Fashion accessories designer: Maria Cardelli.



Q. Give us a little background of yourself, how did you get started in design?

A. I have been designing my entire life. I started very young, and used to draw all over my school books even during school lessons. I began painting at around age 10, and spent all my pocket money on new pencils, watercolours and paints. I still remember when I found my first set of watercolour pencils in the shop. I was so excited! As a teenager, I used to spend evenings and late nights working on oil paintings. Since at the time we didn’t have the internet, I had to teach myself and just figure things out. An artist friend of my dad lent him a book on basic painting techniques, how to prepare your own mix of gesso, how to stretch a canvas, etc., which I learned from, as well as from my own mistakes. At that time, my works were mostly figurative, and sometimes a friend would pose for me.

Q. What lead you into the direction of designing Clothing?

A. At a certain point I had to make a decision whether to go into fine art, architecture or fashion design. Since I really enjoyed designing my own clothing, which my aunt Matilde was making for me, I opted for fashion design and joined the Accademia di Moda e Costume in Rome. After a couple of years, eager to get some hands on experience, I began looking for freelance work with companies all over Italy. A friend of mine mentioned someone she knew in NYC who was designing children shoes, and recommended that I stop there on my way to California, where I was headed. I did. I ended up working at BBC international for 7 years, designing children’s shoes for very diverse clients.

Q.  Where does your inspiration come from when designing your pieces?

A. I’m mostly inspired by my own past designs. I dig into my pile of sketches and things that I drew but hadn’t had a chance to produce and I rework them, often for hours or even days, until I come up with something that I am happy with. I may take a piece from one of my bags and make it into a strap for a shoe, or sometimes get an idea while at night when I am trying to sleep. I always keep a sketch pad near the bed for those moments of inspiration. Other times I get inspired from a new leather treatment I find, or a fun fabric I see, and I may design a bag or a shoe just to use them.

Q. What is your design process? What types of things do you or don’t you incorporate?

A. I plan the categories I want to cover in the handbags, or the heel heights I want represented if I am working on the footwear, and then I start drawing ideas. I may draw numerous rough sketches in a little book I keep around, then I choose the ideas I like the most and develop only these. Since my brand is a small company, I cannot make a very large collection, so I do a preselection at an early stage. I then carry ideas from the footwear into the hand bags or vice versa, so that they can complement each other. Once I am happy with my designs I start with the prototyping process.

Q.  Do you envision the wearer when you’re designing your pieces? Who do you envision?

A. I mostly design things that I would like to wear myself. I don’t have many opportunities to wear glamorous shoes myself, so when designing footwear I imagine the wearer at a special event, all evening, and I try to make them beautiful and functional. (For example, I can sometimes add platforms in the front of the shoe so that the heel does not feel as high as it looks.) When designing the bags, I like making them beautiful and practical as well, with useful inside pockets, removable shoulder straps or even bags that can be used 3 ways, like a handbag, shoulder bag and also backpack (like my Back-Up bag). All of my bags have the modern working woman in mind, and are large enough to fit a laptop and other gadgets, so that she can always travel and work in great style.

Q. What are some new designs you’re working on? What do you envision for the future?

A. I am currently working on the spring-summer collection for 2017. Lots of gorgeous colours, simple, sophisticated and clean lines, and some fun prints.


Q. How did you come to realize your talents? Did youhave any formal training for jewelry design and or clothing design?

e83807_188306259fb245609060120a947aeea8-mv1 (1)

A. My true love is to create more luxurious products, ones allowing for more creativity. And, I always wanted to go back and produce things in Italy, and to one day be able to create something more special and unique as a tribute of sorts to Italian craftsmanship. I took part in numerous art exhibitions around Europe for a few years. Many people commented on my colourful paintings in a way that made me think that I could probably have them printed on silk and make scarves, or ‘wearable art.” So, in 2013 I started doing that. After that I added a collection of handbags and now a small collection of women’s footwear for winter 2016-17. Everything I design is made in Italy.


Q.  What were your first designs that you created? And how has your brand evolved over the years?

  A. To be honest, I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t remember my first design. But come to think of it, it might have been some kind of clothing. And as far as how my designs have evolved, I think they probably evolved with what i’ve included in my designs and I attribute that to what I have learned through the years. When I started, for example, I used to design only very elegant footwear with leather soles and artsy heels. However, after working with factories in many parts of the world and designing many different types of footwear, from wooden clogs to athletics and dress, I incorporate that knowledge into my designs and I can mix and match styles as I please, for example incorporating some typically athletic feature into the more elegant styles, and I can have more fun in the process.

Q. How did you go about creating your business plan and what was your starting investment?

A. I had gained some experience already while working for others, but did additional research before creating my own company, especially since I didn’t know the rules in The Netherlands. (Where my husband and I relocated.) My husband has been my main supporter of course. And, he had been telling me for years that I should do my own collection. So he helped me by financing most of it. The rest came from cashing out my pension plan.

Q. What is a typical day in your life and at your office?

A. In the morning I take care of my 2 children. I get them ready for school and when they are off, I work until I have to pick them up at 3:30. Once they are in bed for the night, I pick up my work again. Fortunately, I work on my own and, without many distractions, I can be as productive as possible. And, with all the communication tools we have these days like Skype and video calls, I can talk to the factories regularly and make many corrections to the products without leaving my desk. Sometimes traveling is still necessary, especially at the prototype stage, but thankfully, Italy is not far from The Netherlands.





e83807_188306259fb245609060120a947aeea8-mv1 (1)


A true world class designer Maria is, and her accessories are to DIE FOR!! A fashionista, multi-tasker, designer and fellow lady boss, Maria Cardelli is one woman to watch out for she’s taking the Fashion world by storm.  Her designs are ones you’ll want to own and add to your wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE her designers. I want one of everything and I know you will too. To shop and learn more visit her website: www.mariacardellifashion.com.

Go and check out her website you WON’T be disappointed!!

Thanks to Maria Cardelli for collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts are my own.

As always thanks for stopping by, reading, supporting, and following along!!


Posted on: April 4, 2016


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

“When you take risk you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important. It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres


                                                              “Tis a lesson you should heed:

Try, try, try again.

If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, Try, Try again.”

Proverb- William Edward Hickson



” Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know what failure is inevitable.”

– Coco Chanel

I hope you’ll had a wonderful weekend, I had a great weekend. Catching up on some work, enjoying time with the hubs and catching up and enjoying good food and drinks with the bestie. Overall, it was a great weekend.

Recently, I’ve been asked by many co-workers, friends and family about how I constantly stay motivated in my work, career and  life. So I thought I’d write and post about it for my  “Motivational Monday’s” blog post.

Just like most of us, I’d like to think we all make goals for ourselves, and have dreams and aspirations. I try and make my goals realistic and attainable, whether it’s a weekly goal, or even life-long goals. Because I’ve made goals in the past that weren’t as easy at they seemed when I thought about it at first, and I didn’t stick to them. But I never want to discourage myself or others in the same respects too.  Just speaking from experience and being human. But I believe it’s important to dream and to set goals for ourselves. For myself, it helps me stay on track and keeps me in check.

Lately, many may think I run myself too thin and I may have too much on my plate. I’ve recently joined and began collaborating and partnering up with other companies and brands. And yes it may sound a lot, in addition to my two business, job and other stuff,  but I can truly say that I fully enjoy what I do and I have a passion for it. So, enjoying what I do, along with having a passion for it, keeps me focused, motivated and striving for more, for my businesses,  side projects and partnerships.

One of my girlfriends said,” Are you ever gonna give yourself a break?” Breaks are great and needed for sure. They are so we can stay on track and stay sane. And with balance, taking vacations when I can and taking breaks I’m still moving and grooving through life!! 🙂

I said, “I’m enjoying the ride and I’m still young.” So, my thought process is- I want to work hard now, so that later on, in a few years maybe , I could retire or not work as much and continue to live and enjoy life even more than I do now. Because I’ll know that all my hard work has paid off.

Ultimately, I said to her that I know in due time my hard work will all pay off. All those sleepless nights, long days/hours will all be worth it in the long run. My girlfriend replied, I appreciate her comment, kind words and sentiments. I’ve also taken notice over the years, how dedicated and hard-working my parents are, and how far they’ve come to get where they are now. Ultimately, I said to her that I know in due time my hard work will all pay off. All those sleepless nights, long days/hours will all be worth it in the long run. My girlfriend replied, ” That’s amazing and inspiring. Spoken like a true woman with much determination and ambition.” I appreciate her comment, kind words and sentiments.

Another things that has always kept me motivated is seeing how hard my parents have worked to get where they are today. My parents taught us to work hard at everything we do. There will be difficult times and times where sacrifices need to be made, but in the end it will all be worth it. I’ve always taken what my Dad has said to me and my siblings, all his talks and advice have stayed with me in all my 30 years. And I continue to believe in his words and work hard on the daily, and keep my eyes on the prize. Because I know in the end all of it will be worth it and it will all pay off in the long run. It also helps to have a husband whose as hard-working as I am if not more. With his love, support, advice and his work ethic, my husband continues to be my number one supporter, since the very beginning. So, it makes it that much easier for me to stay focused and motivated. I’m truly blessed, lucky and grateful to have a man like him by my side for life. He is truly an inspiration to me and a driving force in my life that keeps me grounded , and a positive force in my life. It makes a world of a difference when you have a huge support system and positive like-minded individuals like my Dad, Husband and brothers in my life.  My cheering squad for LIFE!

” Failure is so important. We speak about success all the time. It is the ability to resist failure or use failure that often leads to greater success. I’ve met people who don’t want to try for fear of failing.”- J.K. Rowling

Here’s my list of things that have  helped  keeps me motivated in all aspects of life:

1. Set goals– Start off small and simple. Then as you progress and are moving forward, work your way to bigger ones

Make it fun. .. It’s important to always be passionate in all things that you do. I’m a firm believer in being passionate about what you do in life. It will reflect in your work, and your overall appearance and outlook on your work life/life. You’ll feel more confident about your work, and your overall performance.

Stay active3. — A healthy body goes a long way. Health is wealth, you only have one body so treat it RIGHT! Stay fit and be active, and you’ll be feeling great, rejuvenated, and have so much ENERGY! Which will fuel you and help you get through those long days.

4. Create a Dream Board or Vision Board– I’m a VERY visual person, so I like to make list and see my goals and aspirations all laid out on paper for me.  I find it inspiring and it helps me see why i’m working so hard. And I can see my dreams and goals in front of me. It’s a great constant reminder and a useful visual tool.

5. Strategy– Having a Business and PR mindset, I like to always be strategic in all the things I approach.  It helps me stay organized and keeps me thinking. Always thinking outside the box. Keep the ideas flowing– get the creative juices flowing.

6. Ask for Help when needed — I always thought before I was superwoman and I could tackle anything and everything all at once. I learned the hard way that isn’t necessarily the case. Asking help doesn’t mean you’ve failed or that you failed in reaching your goals. It just says your human. Sometimes we need help along the way. It’s perfectly ok to ask for it when needed. So don’t be afraid to say you need help. Two minds are sometimes better than one.

Try not to Stress7. — Stress happens, its natural, we are human. And no matter how hard we may fight it, it inevitably and can get to the best of us. But it’s always good to step away from whatever you’re doing and take a break. Come back refreshed, with an open-mind, and clear head. It’s always good to take a break, take vacations. To get clarity and relax. Work will always be there, regardless,  but you need to take care of yourself too. So, take breaks, take vacations, trust me you won’t feel burnt out, and overworked as much when you do.

8. Check in with yourself– Check in with yourself once in awhile. Refer back to your list of goals, dreams, and see where you’re at, at that point in time. See your progress, or lack of it and see where you need to be, or should be. See and evaluate what needs to be done to make it to where you want to be. Start to gain perspective of things and see how far you’ve come and where you’re going. It’s always good to re-assess, regroup, and either look deeper if need be. Or try to look further to see the bigger picture.

9. Stay positive, Surround yourself around Positive people– Staying positive is always good. I like to surround myself around positive minded individuals. Be optimistic, always look for the good rather than thinking the worse. When I surround myself around positive and like-minded people I feel amazing and they do too.  So, why not feel great ALL THE TIME!  Leave the drama and negativity for all the negative Nancys and naysayers. Don’t waste your time on situations or individuals who continue to bring you down or who are always negative and don’t lift you up. NO TIME FOR NEGATIVITY.

10. Balance– Try to lead a well balanced life. Leading a well balanced life is a work in process for all of us. Sometimes it’s hard to find balance, I struggle with this still. But I’m slowly but surely learning and getting there. But i’ve found when I do find balance, I”m so much happier and better because of it.  I’m more focused, energized, and all the good vibes are flowing. I’m find myself even more determined than I was before. I know it’s hard, we all fall victim to this, but when we learn to try and work at,  it truly helps in the long run.

11. Make your work space visually stimulating– If you’re able to, make your work space some thing you would want to look at on the daily. This will help and make you want to work in that space . It’s like training your mind to think that your work is like your “happy place” when you creative that kind of space. Whether your working with desk space or an office room, whatever it is, make it a space you feel comfortable in, something that’s inviting, and a place you feel you can create and do great things!

12.As the proverb goes, “At first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again” –. Everything takes time, effort, hard work and dedication. Nothing ever happens overnight or poof just like that. So if ever you feel defeated or that you’ve failed, stop, breath, stay calm, and take a step back. And remember, there’s always tomorrow, it’s a new day and try again. Sometimes stepping away from a project and leaving it to the next day is best to attack with fresh eyes and a clear mind. We are all human, we all have our moments. As much as we would like to believe we can do it all and get it all done. Sometimes we just need to stop, reassess and try again. It’s ok to admit our failures and downfalls, it’s part of life, we weren’t created to be perfect, no one is perfect! Just remember, with hard work, determination, staying focused, know that all the tears and sweat will pay off in the end. So keep pushing, keep trying and moving forward! You can do it, it may take time, but it will get done.


What are things that help you stay motivated?

Try any or all of these things and let me know what works for you

Comment below and write to me, I LOVE hearing from you!














Posted on: April 1, 2016

If your anything like me, and those who know me I’m a lover of all things fashion! With that being said, that goes for handbags too. I’m a huge handbag LOVER!! Some may call me handbag obsessed, but I love changing up my style, and I feel that they are great statement pieces all on their own. Plus, what I keep on telling my husband, is that they are great investment pieces for our future daughter. Even though I know fashion and trends are always changing, he doesn’t need to know that.. (But I’m sure he does lol). Anyways, with my love for handbags, I thought it would be fitting that my for Fashion Fridays post, I’d share with you the latest trends in handbag fashion.

Spring is here and the weather in the city has been unpredictable, if I must say. But I can’t complain, because the sun is out and warm weather is on it’s way….. It’s time to change things up, spice up our style and fashion, and think bold, with color and statements galore. Well, at least when it comes to fashion, specifically handbags. The Handbag game is so strong right now it’s time to get everyone on point and on trend. After Spring Fashion week 2016, if the fashion runway taught us anything It would be, that we shouldn’t have to choose between what would be practical and what’s aesthetically beautiful when it comes to our everyday bag.

I don’t know about you, but the latest trends and styles in handbags are just to DIE FOR…. Now if you haven’t gotten your hands on a bucket style bag, this will be one you’d want in your collection because it’s a style that is here to stay. Another fashion alert in the handbag department would be bags with statement handles, bold and fierce colors. This type of handbag will soon replace your run of the mill boring tote bag.  And whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor day didn’t know anything about fashion because just like clothing, all white everything is all the rave and it  just screams supreme elegance, classy and sophistication.

Below are examples of  affordable and high end brands/options to keep you in the loop and on trend for this season. And if you’re anything like me,  you’ll definitely want to go out and purchase one if you haven’t already. It’s so hard to choose from all the different styles and variety out there. But here are some options that may suit you and ones that you just might go out and buy.

Before you know it your  fashion and style sense will be on point and you’ll be getting compliments everywhere you go!! Enjoy loves!!


All white everything–the fresh new addition to hit the runways this Spring. And it proves to be easy to wear– just like the saying goes, everything goes with black same for white. Many Designers proved that white is all the rave for this season, and surprisingly the biggest statement that needs little to no effort. White to mean can be so versatile,  but a “color”  will give off the chic and elegant vibe all at the same time. Here are some options of handbags in different styles. What suits your fancy?

Mansur Gavriel Saffiano Large bucket Bag Barneys $625

Kevin White Drawstring Bucket Bag  Sole Society $51.96

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Nordstroms $195 Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent classic Medium Monogram Gourmette Chain Shoulder Bag with Interlocking Metal YSL Signature $1,990.00 YSL.com

Savannah Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel $348.00 MICHAEL KORS 

Tom Ford India Large Leather Satchel Bag $3,950.00 Neiman Marcus


Owning and sporting a bag with a statement handle is one way to changing up your Spring style. Shift gears and spice up your Spring look and shop for bags with more details and bold colors.  Owning a bag that has a killer statement handle, along with detail and color, just screams TRENDY and not to mention oh so chic. Rock it  Honey!! YASS CHILD!

Chain City Bag $179.00 Zara  

GOTHAM SNAKE MINI TOTE $428.00 Henri Bendel 

Gucci  Dionysus Striped Bamboo Top-Handle Bag, Cuir/Green/Red Satchel Neiman Marcus $3,500.00



If you don’t own a bucket bag you’re gonna want to own one after hearing this. Let’s face it, we all lovesmall clutches and handbags but they aren’t designer to carry or hold all our everyday essentials. But don’t get me wrong I love all my clutches and small purses, but they are more ideal for the evening hours or a night out on the town when you don’t want to carry so much or don’t need to carry as much in your bag. The bucket bags are back in style and on trend and they are better than ever. Designers like Celine, Mansur Gaviel and others have taken notice to this style and they have created the perfect bucket bag that’s great for everyday use. It’s sleek look, durable and spacious shape, makes it your go to bag to choose for work or just something to use on the daily.  This is one bag you won’t mind showing off!! So get out there and grab a bucket bag of your own!! Own it girl!


Medium Miranda’ Bucket Bag $695.00 Michael Kors

Madewell Lafayette bucket bag $174.50 Madewell

BUCKET BAG $49.90 Zara

BLOCK-T BUCKET TOTE $ 425.00 Tory Burch 

Are you a handbag lover?

Whose your favorite handbag designer?

What bag style is your style?

Comment below and write to me I love hearing from you!



Love can move Mountains: The Passion

Posted on: March 24, 2016

e83807_7c8b565814f0484592ffed0e90d89111 e83807_267222d23738453289f750272c3d1752 e83807_3973d3f5361149e1ad2929caa1057925 e83807_5429be5e3ee943f1b435a3d69ef2d59c e83807_166f9b77ce96406488c9160fcb299a3a e83807_ddfbe532647845e58dd7a31653b65c1b

In light of recent events in the world, I thought to write this post. And with it being Palm Sunday and the Lenten Season I feel it’s only fitting. It’s a time for sacrifice, a time to give thanks, a time to reflect, to give hope and love to one another. I want this post to serve as a means for inspiration, a means for hope, and to show love to everyone in the world.

I wouldn’t call myself super super religious, but I’m a worshiper and believer in my own right as a Catholic . And with today being Palm Sunday, this would be a great post to speak about hope, love, sacrifice and a time to give thanks. I thought it was very fitting for this to air on television with it being Palm Sunday after all. After watching the modern day take of The Passion, it made me think about a lot of things, especially what’s currently going on in the world today. Even if your not religious or even Catholic, I hope this post can speak to you and inspire you.

This is a great story of the all mighty and creator of the universe– Jesus Christ. Tyler Perry takes us on a journey through New Orleans, the backdrop for this musical event. Tyler Perry narrates and tells us the story of Jesus Christ and his followers has he spreads his word making his most ultimate sacrifice for all humanity, offering salvation for all those who believe. A story about betrayal, friendship, hope, sacrifice  and forgiveness something that speaks to us all. But a story about love in it’s truest form.

“New Orleans, an iconic city in itself. Filled with so much culture and history similar to that of Jerusalem so it seemed fitting to place this modern day version of “The Passion” in a city like that of New Orleans. This city too, prevailed and rose again after the affects of Hurricane Katrina. Leaving many homeless, hungry and in a state of despair. But just like Jesus, the city rose, prevailed, and once again became restored. While the community and many others came together to help rebuild. Redefining, reflecting and reminding themselves what New Orleans stood for . Realizing that giving them hope,  love and the resources to rebuild up New Orleans like how it was before. And now, the people of New Orleans stand proud, with their hearts filled with hope and love, a true inspiration in itself.  This is the true message and sacrifice that Jesus was showed and was trying to spread, showing that ‘Love can truly move mountains,” which is what the people of New Orleans invoked when trying to rebuild and regain their lives after this natural disaster.

The music incorporated in “The Passion” were hit songs from today that fit well with each scene in this modern rendition. The music made you feel the words and realize the importance of God’s word. I don’t know about you I felt the love and the yearning for hope that evening, and for the world. The show in it’s entirety, I thought was truly remarkable and the message and story is still alive, and well-known even today. If you haven’t seen this or heard of the story, it’s truly powerful, it’s message is a true testament of the truly meaning of Love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness. And I recommend it to everyone.

I also enjoyed the diverse cast coming together in this compelling and empowering event. I hope that after you see this post and if you watch “The Passion” I hope it can inspire and empower you. I hope that it will shed some light of purpose and hope for you, the future, and that we can overcome anything when you try and seek everything in life with love, passion, hope, and more.  Christians during this time of Lent, we learn to sacrifice, show compassion, listen to the words of God through worship and remember what he did for us. Jesus Christ showed us great LOVE by sacrificing himself for us. That is the truest form of love anyone can show the world.

” When will the hate end?” ” When will we all come together, and realize that love and peace is more important and hate is just a means for continued turmoil and tragedy… ” But what can we all learn from this?In relations to recent events, the country Belgium, specifically Brussels was attacked and many were hurt, and left for dead during this tragedy. My question is, And it’s not just Brussels who have endured such attacks, we all feel the effects of this tragedy. And not to long ago, Paris was attacked and many died as well. Just like Paris, I know that through the help of all of us, sending our prayers and thoughts to Brussel, they too,  will rise and prevail through all this. I hope we can all learn something from Jesus Christ and his sacrifices and the love he showed us. He died for us, for our sins, and he rose again. That is the truest form of LOVE one could do for all humanity. We need to practice this in our society, and show more love and compassion for others. And not turn to hate, or discrimination for others. This is the time for hope, this is the time for peace. Just like Jesus did with his disciples he spread love, he gave them hope, he made them realize that peace will come again. Love can move mountains and we can/will rise and prevail.

We don’t need to die to show our sacrifices, but we need to lean towards peace and love rather than hate. We need to show and spread more love, give hope and spread peace throughout the world. Maybe one day, our country will be rid of the hate, and maybe just maybe we will live in a loving and peaceful world that is safe for our children and the rest of the world. This maybe wishful thinking and me and many wanting to live in a dream world,  but we can only hope for a better tomorrow for all.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I hope this post enlightened and inspired you to do better not just for yourself but for the greater humanity. Wishing you all an abundance of Love, Light, Happiness, Peace, Hope, and Blessings for today and the future.

**If you didn’t catch the live show of The Passion, you can watch it now available on Hulu, or on the Fox App on your Apple TV or Roku device.

How do you inspire others?

What are your thoughts on the recent attacks going on in the world?

Comment Below and write to me, I’d love to hear from you!


Posted on: February 26, 2016



My day starts off with a big cup of coffee well a Skinny Soy Vanilla Latte to be exact from none other than Starbucks. Then off to the office before my first show at 10am Tadashi Shoji. But first work must be done to start my TGIF and day 2 of NYFW. As I sip on my coffee and check my emails that go on for days….. I reply to a few emails, chat on a some conference calls with clients, and continue with my talent submissions. That’s just the beginning of my day, fridays are casual at my office and at times can be chill, today wasn’t one of those days. If your looking for PR or Talent Management advice or consultation, head on over to my services page. I list all of my specialties and services and how I represent you as a client. I’m all about building relationships, creating, and harvesting careers, and taking a brand or client to the next level. Contact me today for more information.

And one thing I may add, while trying to be stylish and chic for NYFW, this Fashion week was all about layers and feeling comfy but still keeping it glam. Because it was beyond cold, and winter was definitely in full effect. I don’t know about you but I was cold AF. (excuse my language but I’m keeping it real 🙂 )


Now off to the Tadashi Shoji show, I absolutely love Shoji’s creations. Tadashi Shoji is known for his iconic red carpet gowns and evening wear.  Flowy, shimmery and  sparkly dresses, where some have been influenced by his Japanese culture and background. The set design was stunning, dark but dramatic, and the gown definitely gave off major sex appeal. That runway was hot and sexy and we loved that from this collection. With thigh -high slits, cutouts and embellished bodysuits, the collection was super sexy and to die for. This collection caught everyones attention, including mine, and I love the contrast in his direction with this line. Velvet, sequins and lace were recognizable on the runway. Tadashi Shoji gave his gowns a super sexy upgrade, and I’m sure we all can agree we absolutely LOVED IT. Definitely a collection worth checking out and rocking.


Best known for her bridal designs, casual fun and flirty wear and accessories,  also a former Rhody as an alum of Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her work and seeing it come alive on the runway, a great show to close my week and Friday.  For this collection,  she wanted to find a way to make winter seem more happier and brighter as oppose to it’s cold and gloomy outlook. She makes references to nordic style with wears featuring colorful beading, embroidery, tassel prints, and tons of ruffles. Even with the Nordic style and

folkloric influences, she channels and connects eclectic vibes and wintery whimsical air, while staying true to the labels essence of fun, flirty style with a youthful spirit.



I absolutely LOVED Mara Hoffman’s presentation at The High Line Hotel. I must say, I love going to presentations because you get to see the designers designs up close and personal, take the photos you’d like and really get a feel for the collection. Not to say I don’t like runway shows, but sometimes they are too fast and you aren’t able to capture the true essence of what the designer is trying to convey at times. Also it can sometimes be hard to get the right photo opt. With the constant flow and movement of all the gorgeousness on the runway, getting that perfect shot can be tricky. Nonetheless, both are visually beautiful.  Mara Hoffman’s presentation seemed dream like, inspired by her three muses of Grace Jone, Jerry Hall and Cher.  Women and children were dressed to the nines with ensembles referencing the  twenties and seventies. Ladies lounging on persian rugs giving off the luxe and chic vibe. All of the designs were eye-catching, I wanted one of everything in my size. She even incorporated her signature pieces- her beautiful maxi dresses that were lace embroidered. She was saying at the presentation that she wanted to “Represent the journey of a women, a women who traveled the world.” In this collection, with it’s vibe, fabrics, and twenties -seventies influences she sure did that just that.



My husband and I head to the ShopStyleCollection Social House event at 404 10th avenue. We braved the cold again, all layered and bundled and headed to the fun-filled event. And it surely wasn’t just an event for just women, men, husband, boyfriends etc were welcomed too. My husband got to join in on the fun, and he enjoyed himself, but mostly he enjoyed seeing me in my element. Networking, connecting, and embracing the whole experience with me. We arrived in this social house filled with vendors and brands, displays of the latest styles and trends in fashion for you to borrow and wear to complete your look during NYFW. How awesome is that, it was AMAZING! We met some of the team from Shopstyle, Gigi of New York, and Daniel Wellington. And to top it off, Gigi of New York gifted women monogram bags that had a crossbody strap that detached to convert the bag into a super cute clutch. Daniel Wellington was also gifting their watches to attendees. My husband and I got matching watches. Love the brand, so classic and versatile,  and definitely stylish and fashionable. We enjoy small bites, light cocktails, a photo session with notable photographer Craig David, viewed wearable collections from top brands and I enjoyed a little beauty touch up from their beauty station with Stoway Cosmetics & R+Co.  While at the event, I met other fashion bloggers and fashion savvy elites, as we discussed our week ahead and exchanged which shows we were attending as well as information to stay in touch. What a great event to start the Fashion week mania. Overall, both my husband and I were thankful for the invitation. Looking forward to future events. Upon leaving we were gifted goodies totes filled with momentums, gifts and other information about the event, the brands there and more.

With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, I got to enjoy the rest of the day with my forever valentine, my husband.  Took a break from my NYFW schedule and spent the rest of the day and evening with my love. We grabbed a bite to eat in the city before heading home. We continue our Valentine day/weekend by relaxing and cuddling up on the couch to a movie at home. To some that may seem boring, but with it being so cold, and both of us being super exhausted from the week, it was a perfect evening. And it’s never boring when your spending it with someone you love. (Sounds corny, but I keep it real and it’s the truth)!! 🙂


After a romantic night in with my husband, this was yet another sleepless night for me. My body was telling me I need sleep, but my mind was telling me you still haev a gazillion things you need to do. I began my mental list…. As much as I tried to get some shut eye, I still had a million things to do before my next couple of shows and presentations for today and the week ahead. So after enjoying a nice movie with my husband, as he rested, I replied to a few client emails, (my westcoast clients) and edited my photos from shows, presentations and events for the blog and portfolio.

A PR girl’s job is never done nor does she ever stop working, she’s always in working mode, and making moves everywhere she goes. Stress will arise regardless,  but I too sometimes need to listen to my own advice. It’s extremely important to get rest, even though your days are long and busy rest — staying healthy is vital and important.  Even though I may struggle with the lack of sleep element, I fully promote R&R. It’s good for your body and good for your soul.

That day I met with the two amazing female bloggers BrownEyedToast and Rock.Paper. Glam at the Michael De Paulo presentation. Michael De Paulo’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection was truly exquisite and breathtaking. I appreciated that De Paulo didn’t shy away from working with varying silhouettes. It was nice to see the versatility throughout his collection. From his full-length ball gown to his flirty and might I add sexy beaded jumpsuit and his fun and whimsical take on a ballet skirt. I can’t express enough how I love seeing a designers creative artistry come to life. Michael De Paulo’s collection exudes luxury and sophistication yet chic and sexy all at the same time. My personal favorite was the beaded deep v jumpsuit. It was very chic and super sexy!

 For the rest of NYFW I attended the shows/presentations of:  Lela Rose, Rachel Zoe, Monique lhuillier, Style Fashion Week, Nolcha Show– Rohitava Banerjee, and Alice and Olivia. On one of the nights during Fashion week, I took a break from it all and attended a NY Society event and Release Party for Sophisticated Weddings. I’ll  speak more about the event in my Wedding Wednesday post for next week. Overall, NYFW 2016 was a success, even though my body and mind were completely exhausted, it was a fun-filled week. The fashion just gets better and better each time around. I enjoyed seeing and meeting the people I connected with. A couple days with little to no sleep is all worth it for the sake of FASHION!!  That concludes my recap and take on NYFW 2016, hope you enjoyed my take and recap of my fully loaded week of glamour, fatigue, and fun!!

Enjoy my gallery of photos below of : A NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR GAL TAKES ON NYFW 2016

My PR /Talent Management/Blogger advice: R&R is key, stress will come with anything, and the workload will surely be there. But be sure to take care of you first, before anything else. Above anything else, stay humble, and stay true to yourself. Take a moment and take it all in and never let a moment pass you by. Count your blessings each and everyday. And always remember to be courageous, be stylish, be glam, and be YOU! Love of love to you always!

What can we expect in fashion trends?

Color blocking

Gradients of colors

greys, caramels, creams,

Blue hues

Twenties and Seventies influences

Sexy, Chic, luxe styles

The blend of masculine and feminine styles colliding

 Fashion that’s more comfortable, chic yet versatile

Lots of drama, floral prints, flowy dresses and gowns

Lace, velvet and embroidered pieces

After what I saw and what you’ll see in my photos you would want to own something from each collection if not all!!

To end here’s my PR/Talent MGNMT/BLOGGER GAL Advice to you all:

 R&R is key, stress will come with anything, and the workload will surely be there. But be sure to take care of you first, before anything else. Above anything else, stay humble, and stay true to yourself. Take a moment and take it all in and never let a moment pass you by. Count your blessings each and everyday. And always remember to be courageous, be stylish, be glam, and be YOU! Love of love to you always!  If you can dream and believe it anything is always possible!! MUAH!

Who is your favorite designer and who would you wear most?

Let me know by commenting below!



Inspiration: You Can Do Amazing Things!

Posted on: February 10, 2016

e83807_0fa2907fda91426984708c2425d92bb5 e83807_2ca785589cdc40caa28ecbff5f102d39 e83807_d70ae7ce1ec24d3dbc5aa943499463fc e83807_ae41da02ac6649b9879f76acc7ff1cb5 e83807_81d06e776c42483495872b1b201557ee



Inspirational quote #2


inspiration quote


Inspiration quotes

Feeling down, and unmotivated? Here’s a little inspiration for you! Remember no what anyone ever tells you, remember you CAN do AMAZING THINGS!! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. There will ALWAYS be haters in our lives (sad but true) but no matter what they say, don’t let their hurtful words hold you down from accomplishing your dreams!! Keep pushing through, work hard and stay determined!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

What Inspires you to do better?

Stay focused, stay determined and remember ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Comment, Subscribe, and write to me I love hearing from you!!