Posted on: May 20, 2016

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a fashion designer and see just  where all their inspiration comes from? Ever wanted to learn a designers aesthetic and see how they create their designs from start to finish?

Continue reading and learn more about Fashion accessories designer: Maria Cardelli.



Q. Give us a little background of yourself, how did you get started in design?

A. I have been designing my entire life. I started very young, and used to draw all over my school books even during school lessons. I began painting at around age 10, and spent all my pocket money on new pencils, watercolours and paints. I still remember when I found my first set of watercolour pencils in the shop. I was so excited! As a teenager, I used to spend evenings and late nights working on oil paintings. Since at the time we didn’t have the internet, I had to teach myself and just figure things out. An artist friend of my dad lent him a book on basic painting techniques, how to prepare your own mix of gesso, how to stretch a canvas, etc., which I learned from, as well as from my own mistakes. At that time, my works were mostly figurative, and sometimes a friend would pose for me.

Q. What lead you into the direction of designing Clothing?

A. At a certain point I had to make a decision whether to go into fine art, architecture or fashion design. Since I really enjoyed designing my own clothing, which my aunt Matilde was making for me, I opted for fashion design and joined the Accademia di Moda e Costume in Rome. After a couple of years, eager to get some hands on experience, I began looking for freelance work with companies all over Italy. A friend of mine mentioned someone she knew in NYC who was designing children shoes, and recommended that I stop there on my way to California, where I was headed. I did. I ended up working at BBC international for 7 years, designing children’s shoes for very diverse clients.

Q.  Where does your inspiration come from when designing your pieces?

A. I’m mostly inspired by my own past designs. I dig into my pile of sketches and things that I drew but hadn’t had a chance to produce and I rework them, often for hours or even days, until I come up with something that I am happy with. I may take a piece from one of my bags and make it into a strap for a shoe, or sometimes get an idea while at night when I am trying to sleep. I always keep a sketch pad near the bed for those moments of inspiration. Other times I get inspired from a new leather treatment I find, or a fun fabric I see, and I may design a bag or a shoe just to use them.

Q. What is your design process? What types of things do you or don’t you incorporate?

A. I plan the categories I want to cover in the handbags, or the heel heights I want represented if I am working on the footwear, and then I start drawing ideas. I may draw numerous rough sketches in a little book I keep around, then I choose the ideas I like the most and develop only these. Since my brand is a small company, I cannot make a very large collection, so I do a preselection at an early stage. I then carry ideas from the footwear into the hand bags or vice versa, so that they can complement each other. Once I am happy with my designs I start with the prototyping process.

Q.  Do you envision the wearer when you’re designing your pieces? Who do you envision?

A. I mostly design things that I would like to wear myself. I don’t have many opportunities to wear glamorous shoes myself, so when designing footwear I imagine the wearer at a special event, all evening, and I try to make them beautiful and functional. (For example, I can sometimes add platforms in the front of the shoe so that the heel does not feel as high as it looks.) When designing the bags, I like making them beautiful and practical as well, with useful inside pockets, removable shoulder straps or even bags that can be used 3 ways, like a handbag, shoulder bag and also backpack (like my Back-Up bag). All of my bags have the modern working woman in mind, and are large enough to fit a laptop and other gadgets, so that she can always travel and work in great style.

Q. What are some new designs you’re working on? What do you envision for the future?

A. I am currently working on the spring-summer collection for 2017. Lots of gorgeous colours, simple, sophisticated and clean lines, and some fun prints.


Q. How did you come to realize your talents? Did youhave any formal training for jewelry design and or clothing design?

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A. My true love is to create more luxurious products, ones allowing for more creativity. And, I always wanted to go back and produce things in Italy, and to one day be able to create something more special and unique as a tribute of sorts to Italian craftsmanship. I took part in numerous art exhibitions around Europe for a few years. Many people commented on my colourful paintings in a way that made me think that I could probably have them printed on silk and make scarves, or ‘wearable art.” So, in 2013 I started doing that. After that I added a collection of handbags and now a small collection of women’s footwear for winter 2016-17. Everything I design is made in Italy.


Q.  What were your first designs that you created? And how has your brand evolved over the years?

  A. To be honest, I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t remember my first design. But come to think of it, it might have been some kind of clothing. And as far as how my designs have evolved, I think they probably evolved with what i’ve included in my designs and I attribute that to what I have learned through the years. When I started, for example, I used to design only very elegant footwear with leather soles and artsy heels. However, after working with factories in many parts of the world and designing many different types of footwear, from wooden clogs to athletics and dress, I incorporate that knowledge into my designs and I can mix and match styles as I please, for example incorporating some typically athletic feature into the more elegant styles, and I can have more fun in the process.

Q. How did you go about creating your business plan and what was your starting investment?

A. I had gained some experience already while working for others, but did additional research before creating my own company, especially since I didn’t know the rules in The Netherlands. (Where my husband and I relocated.) My husband has been my main supporter of course. And, he had been telling me for years that I should do my own collection. So he helped me by financing most of it. The rest came from cashing out my pension plan.

Q. What is a typical day in your life and at your office?

A. In the morning I take care of my 2 children. I get them ready for school and when they are off, I work until I have to pick them up at 3:30. Once they are in bed for the night, I pick up my work again. Fortunately, I work on my own and, without many distractions, I can be as productive as possible. And, with all the communication tools we have these days like Skype and video calls, I can talk to the factories regularly and make many corrections to the products without leaving my desk. Sometimes traveling is still necessary, especially at the prototype stage, but thankfully, Italy is not far from The Netherlands.





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A true world class designer Maria is, and her accessories are to DIE FOR!! A fashionista, multi-tasker, designer and fellow lady boss, Maria Cardelli is one woman to watch out for she’s taking the Fashion world by storm.  Her designs are ones you’ll want to own and add to your wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE her designers. I want one of everything and I know you will too. To shop and learn more visit her website:

Go and check out her website you WON’T be disappointed!!

Thanks to Maria Cardelli for collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts are my own.

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If your anything like me, and those who know me I’m a lover of all things fashion! With that being said, that goes for handbags too. I’m a huge handbag LOVER!! Some may call me handbag obsessed, but I love changing up my style, and I feel that they are great statement pieces all on their own. Plus, what I keep on telling my husband, is that they are great investment pieces for our future daughter. Even though I know fashion and trends are always changing, he doesn’t need to know that.. (But I’m sure he does lol). Anyways, with my love for handbags, I thought it would be fitting that my for Fashion Fridays post, I’d share with you the latest trends in handbag fashion.

Spring is here and the weather in the city has been unpredictable, if I must say. But I can’t complain, because the sun is out and warm weather is on it’s way….. It’s time to change things up, spice up our style and fashion, and think bold, with color and statements galore. Well, at least when it comes to fashion, specifically handbags. The Handbag game is so strong right now it’s time to get everyone on point and on trend. After Spring Fashion week 2016, if the fashion runway taught us anything It would be, that we shouldn’t have to choose between what would be practical and what’s aesthetically beautiful when it comes to our everyday bag.

I don’t know about you, but the latest trends and styles in handbags are just to DIE FOR…. Now if you haven’t gotten your hands on a bucket style bag, this will be one you’d want in your collection because it’s a style that is here to stay. Another fashion alert in the handbag department would be bags with statement handles, bold and fierce colors. This type of handbag will soon replace your run of the mill boring tote bag.  And whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor day didn’t know anything about fashion because just like clothing, all white everything is all the rave and it  just screams supreme elegance, classy and sophistication.

Below are examples of  affordable and high end brands/options to keep you in the loop and on trend for this season. And if you’re anything like me,  you’ll definitely want to go out and purchase one if you haven’t already. It’s so hard to choose from all the different styles and variety out there. But here are some options that may suit you and ones that you just might go out and buy.

Before you know it your  fashion and style sense will be on point and you’ll be getting compliments everywhere you go!! Enjoy loves!!


All white everything–the fresh new addition to hit the runways this Spring. And it proves to be easy to wear– just like the saying goes, everything goes with black same for white. Many Designers proved that white is all the rave for this season, and surprisingly the biggest statement that needs little to no effort. White to mean can be so versatile,  but a “color”  will give off the chic and elegant vibe all at the same time. Here are some options of handbags in different styles. What suits your fancy?

Mansur Gavriel Saffiano Large bucket Bag Barneys $625

Kevin White Drawstring Bucket Bag  Sole Society $51.96

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Nordstroms $195 Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent classic Medium Monogram Gourmette Chain Shoulder Bag with Interlocking Metal YSL Signature $1,990.00

Savannah Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel $348.00 MICHAEL KORS 

Tom Ford India Large Leather Satchel Bag $3,950.00 Neiman Marcus


Owning and sporting a bag with a statement handle is one way to changing up your Spring style. Shift gears and spice up your Spring look and shop for bags with more details and bold colors.  Owning a bag that has a killer statement handle, along with detail and color, just screams TRENDY and not to mention oh so chic. Rock it  Honey!! YASS CHILD!

Chain City Bag $179.00 Zara  

GOTHAM SNAKE MINI TOTE $428.00 Henri Bendel 

Gucci  Dionysus Striped Bamboo Top-Handle Bag, Cuir/Green/Red Satchel Neiman Marcus $3,500.00



If you don’t own a bucket bag you’re gonna want to own one after hearing this. Let’s face it, we all lovesmall clutches and handbags but they aren’t designer to carry or hold all our everyday essentials. But don’t get me wrong I love all my clutches and small purses, but they are more ideal for the evening hours or a night out on the town when you don’t want to carry so much or don’t need to carry as much in your bag. The bucket bags are back in style and on trend and they are better than ever. Designers like Celine, Mansur Gaviel and others have taken notice to this style and they have created the perfect bucket bag that’s great for everyday use. It’s sleek look, durable and spacious shape, makes it your go to bag to choose for work or just something to use on the daily.  This is one bag you won’t mind showing off!! So get out there and grab a bucket bag of your own!! Own it girl!


Medium Miranda’ Bucket Bag $695.00 Michael Kors

Madewell Lafayette bucket bag $174.50 Madewell

BUCKET BAG $49.90 Zara

BLOCK-T BUCKET TOTE $ 425.00 Tory Burch 

Are you a handbag lover?

Whose your favorite handbag designer?

What bag style is your style?

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FASHION: Secret’s Out: I’m a Designer Handbag LOVER! Move over TOTE, here comes the MINI!

Posted on: December 11, 2015

I guess it comes to no secret or surprise, especially for those who know me and have met me.  But, yes,  I’m a HUGE designer handbag LOVER!! My collection has grown so much over the years, and continues to, that I just keep telling my husband and myself that they’re  great investment statement pieces. (LOL 🙂 )  I love switching my purse up and accessorizing it with an outfit for any event. I also like to keep up with the handbag game, and stay on trend. While also staying true to myself, my style, while also being unique, fun and classic all at the same time.

After work yesterday, I took a stroll down fifth avenue to do a little christmas shopping. I noticed that many women even men carrying smaller accessory pieces versus the popular tote size handbag. Now, I’ve always been a huge fan of big purses–they are great for travel, the office, and they fit just about anything and everything. But I will tell you that as of late, I’ve enjoyed carrying less. And as the saying goes, “Less is More,” and this is so TRUE!! Clutches, Pouches, Crossbodys, you name it are all the rave  in Handbag fashion. And I’m in complete awe and a big fan. Some may call me a little  bag hoarder, but my style is:  classic, fun,  and stylish yet unique. And this is the same for when I make a purchase

My latest purchases that go with the current mini trend: Chanel Caviar Leather  Zipper pouch, Goyard Bois Pouchette Clutch, Givenchy Antigona Clutch, just to name a few. And carrying around a clutch or a pouch even a crossboday is so cute, fun and not to mention so chic!! As of late, I’ve been loving my Givenchy Envelope Clutch, my Chanel Caviar Leather O Case Clutch Pouch,  they’re great for everyday use to glam up a simple outfit. Or even for a night out on the town, and you don’t have to carry a huge purse, just carry your essentials for the day or night. No matter how you wear and style your mini bag you’ll be lookin’ oh so cute, chic, and so on trend!!

During my shopping adventure yesterday, I went to Henri Bendels, and saw so many pretty things, I wanted to purchase EVERYTHING!! But, one thing I did admire the most is their Cosmetic Clutch from there West 57th Collection. They are so stylish,  uber cute and not to mention so versatile. Another plus is that it’s affordable too, priced at $98. You can put all your make-up, travel essentials and more, it fits a ton.  Or, wear it out with a fab outfit as the perfect clutch! Win win for me, when you can find a bag is useful, practical, and stylish!  It comes in an array of colors, I’m sure you’ll LOVE it just as much as I do. With the holidays upon us Bendel’s some great holiday sales going on now:  20% OFF ALL JEWELRY & HAIR ACCESSORIES + EXTRA 20% OFF WHEN YOU SPEND $150! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS.

Plus, they offer complimentary embroidery monogramming on any leather product they offer. So head on over to their website: or if you’re in the New York City area stop by the store and shop til you drop!! You won’t want to miss out!! Great gift options!! Enjoy!!

Even though I’m a lover of all types of handbags, any shape or size,  Big or small, but I’m totes lovin’ the mini trend. (Get it LOL)  Take a look at a few of my fave mini bags that have caught my eye and have made it into my collection. So many to choose from, but when you find the ONE, you will be in LOVE!!







 Not sure if you can fully commit and make that big purchase, no worries! Check out: and to purchase Luxury Handbags for up to 80% off Vintage or Pre-Owned Handbags. All authentic guranteed!

What’s your favorite handbag designer?

Are you a fan of the Mini trend?

Share your photos with me using the hashtags #SocialFashionistaBeautyDoestheMiniBag #SFBLOVESFASHION

Write to me I love hearing from all of you :

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Handbags+Accessories Oh MY!!: Carlend Copenhagen Collection

Posted on: September 15, 2015

This past weekend, I attended the Style Fashion Show at the beautiful Gotham Hall in Midtown. There, I had the pleasure of meeting Danish Fashion accessories Designer, Gitte Carlend.

Carlend is the Designer and founder of Carlend Copenhagen,– A fashion handbag & accessories line.

Gitte Carlend, has a great eye for detail, which is clearly shown in her designs. With her love for Fashion and impeccable style, she created Carlend Copenhagen. She combined her love for fashion and bags, and created these beautiful Organically handcrafted pieces, that exudes LUXURY and STYLE. All of the handbags and accessories are classic, versatile and SUPER stylish– no wonder the Danish Royalty and Celebrities can’t get enough of her designs.

Carlend Copenhagen’s mission is to develop and convert natural resources through innovation and international entrepreneurship, while bringing inspiration and joy to the worlds of fashion and interior design. And with that her vision and aspiration is to become the strongest Danish brand to create and develop unique, specialized products. (

Carlend’s designs/collection immediately caught my eye, I was drawn to it’s unique look. I”m a huge Handbag + Accessories LOVer but these- they are just to die for! They aren’t just beautiful, they are classic and versatile. I could easily style any of her pieces from day to night. I’ve NEVER seen anything like Gitte Carend’s designs. Original+ authentic, I love meeting new designers that know fashion + put their heart & Soul into their craft, With each piece, this is evident in Gitte Carlend’s designs.

I can DEFINITELY see Carlend Copenhagen’s Collection having a strong presence in the U.S– being sold in many Trendy+Stylish boutiques and major retailers. If you haven’t heard about Carlend Copenhagen, NOW you have!! If you haven’t purchased a Carlend Copehegen Original yet, check them out on their website and make a purchase today!! You won’t want to miss out, you’ll definitely want a Carlend Copehegan original part of your collection, I sure DO!!

Carlend Copenhagen’s website:

Follow Carlend Copenhagen on instagram: @Carlend_Copenhagen

Phone: +45 41 90 00 00

Handcrafted & Certified

Carlend Copenhagen Ships Worldwide

For Fashion, Style, Trends, and More stay tuned!