Practicing Gratitude in Style

Posted on: August 8, 2018

Start and end each day with a grateful, loving heart. Begin your days with positive thoughts. When you do, trust and believe all that good energy and good vibes that come your way. In my opinion, remaining calm and positive in any given situation, is the way we all should live life. It’s definitely easier said than done. But trying is half the battle, but we must learn to shake off the bad and seek the good. When you shift your negative thoughts, and remain positive in any given situation, you will see a shift in your mindset and overall perspective of life. Trust, believe and always have faith.  Practice gratitude daily and you will increase your energetic vibrational frequency. Focus on the positive, even when some days are harder than most. Set the tone, not just for your days but as a whole. Stand strong and always #hustleandheart. Gratitude is a powerful process of shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you already have and you will attract more good things.  We’re all fighting battles that many of us don’t know about–so be kind, be grateful always, and above all never lose faith and hope. No matter what we all are facing, we still must be grateful and thankful for the blessings of each and everyday. Keep the good vibes flowing!

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Year of the Woman Part II

Posted on: January 10, 2018


There’s nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself. Comfortable in her perfect imperfections that is the true essences of beauty. 

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

She’s the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul. 

Don’t just be good, be Great!

I know who I am, this is me, raw, original, authentically me. 

Trust your Dopeness

Trust your Soul

Love yourself, be gentle and kind to yourself 



Hi my loves,

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. If you all read my latest entry, I shed some light on why I was silent and didn’t blog or post for the latter half of 2017. As I stated in that entry, the time was well needed. For myself and well being as a whole. I needed to take a step back and grasp everything that had been going on in my life at the moment. I had so many emotions running through me. Some may say that writing during these times, can be quite cathartic, and yes, I do agree. But, I needed time to think, and writing at the time at least for me wasn’t something I could do. I tried several times, but couldn’t. When I say that 2017 was definitely by far the hardest, most challenging year I’ve ever experienced, it truly was. It was filled with many ups and downs, good times and bad, and the kind of experience I would never wish upon anyone even my worst enemy if I had one. The time when I learned so much about myself and the people around me.

I can even honestly admit that I’ve had my share of panic and anxiety attacks through all this. I’ve never really had these kind of attacks until this very point in time of my life. So much was happening, and it was unraveling before my eyes. At times, it was hard to even bare. But my time away from the blog and posting was well needed to take a look at my life in the moment and see it as a whole.  For what it was and from all perspectives. Life can definitely throw us some curve balls that we least expect and it can truly take a toll on you in more ways than one. Sometimes, we are dealt with cards that we don’t want, but I guess that’s life…. Will it make us happy, of course not, but life keeps moving. We just have to keep moving with it, as hard as it will be. We may not know the path before us, but I truly believe we have to walk with faith and not by sight. All I can say is let God and our faith guide us through it all. My faith and God, has helped me get through this time, along with the support of family and friends. I can’t beat myself, or be hard on myself, these are the cards I’m dealt and I have to try and keep on living for me.


Don’t get me wrong, I did in fact miss writing, posting and sharing with all of you. Sharing my passions with you and being open as well as to inspire and empower you brings so much joy into my life. There aren’t enough words to describe how it makes me feel to do all that and so much more. If I can inspire, motivate, empower, enlighten just one person, I feel like I’ve accomplished something and that’s a good feeling.  That’s what I will continue to do in 2018.  This time has truly been an emotional rollercoaster that has been going on for months. I felt like so many things were happening and in the process I began to lose sight of myself. I’m human, and sometimes, we tend to lose ourselves at times, and I can honestly admit this all to you. As hard as it was to face, it was even harder for me to realize I was losing my very self through it all. Certain things and factors made me feel less of myself and the person that I am. Life has a funny way of showing you things, in order for you to find yourself again. Having that time to go through the motions, feel my every emotion, gave me a chance to see me and find me again. I can admit to you all now, I do have my days of minor set backs as we all do, but I love the person I am and I love the person I’m becoming. I know I am a strong, confident, beautiful woman both inside and out. I know who I am and I trust and believe in myself even after all this.


I believe myself to be a pretty dope soul. I’m kind, gentle, caring, fun, loving and I will admit I wear my heart on my sleeve.  But don’t get it twisted I’m still a very strong, confident woman. I’m strong willed in every sense of the word. I’ve been through hell and back in my lifetime, I’ve fallen before, but I picked myself up and got right back up. This time, I’ve fallen even harder, but trust and believe I will rise up from all this even stronger.  I’m the most realest person you’ll ever meet. I tell it how it is, I’m honest and true. To me, honesty, loyalty, trust, are always the best policies in every aspect of life. When I love, I love hard, because that’s the only way I know how to, and those who know me, know this about me. But it comes with a consequence when you love hard. I’m a good person, a good woman, with a kind heart, my philosophy is: treat me right, and I’ll treat you even better. When your in my life, your in my life for a reason. My circle knows this about me and my circle isn’t that big at all. Get to know me and you’ll see. I’m by no means perfect, I have my flaws, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.  I believe that makes me who I am. Just like all of us, we’re all unique in our own way. You are you and there will be nothing like you. That is your power and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  And when your unapologetically yourself, one who can embrace your flaws and be comfortable in your own skin that to me is truly a beautiful.

I truly believe that 2018 is the year of the woman. This is the year we will all stand together and be proud of the woman that we are. Through all this I still can say that I am proud of the woman I am. We will let our voices be heard and won’t let it go unnoticed. We will be a voice and not an echo. Even through all this, I’m rising above it, as an even stronger woman than before. We won’t allow anyone to tell us we are weak, we are nothing, we don’t have the potential to be anything. This will be the year of change, the year we continue to grow, evolve and stand loud and proud. Our voices will no longer be degraded and diminished. We won’t be subjected to feeling lesser than who we are, we are strong, independent, confident women who rule this world and can do anything. Trust and believe we can and we will. I believe in all that and more for you all and for myself. I’m empowered to be and even better woman than before. My past doesn’t define who I am, I am who I am and because of everything I’ve been through, I can tell you I’m standing taller and stronger each and every day.

I believe God created us all for a purpose and to share our purpose with the world. For me, I will continue to share, post, empower, enlighten and inspire you all with passion. I want to feed your soul with so much positivity, good vibes for you all to take with you through your day and feel like you can do anything you set your heart, mind and soul to. Vibrate higher, chase your goals and dreams. Stay focused, motivated and determined, trust and believe it will all work out. A near and dear friend told me to never forget that better never stops and that I am unstoppable! She’s so very right and that’s so true, not just for me but for all of you my loves. Never forget that, we’re all capable of doing anything. Be bold, courageous and fearless in everything you do. The possibilities are endless.


To end, as you see me rise in 2018, I challenge you all to do the same. Let’s rise together, stronger, fiercer and bolder. Keep on growing, keep on evolving my loves.

As always, thanks for reading, following along and supporting my journey!


Posted on: September 30, 2016


Anniesa Hasibuan’s show was simply captivating and moving. At the young age of 28, Hasibuan was the first Indonesian designer to showcase her collection at NYFW. This show has been heard all over the world, and with good reason. History was made in New York at NYFW, for she was the first Indonesian designer to present her collection, where the hijab made its debut on the catwalk. Featuring colorful headscarves in pink, silver and gold. The hijab was styled with eye catching jackets, gowns, colorful silk and patterned tunics, velvets and brocades adorned with pearls and sequins. All handcrafted and beaded with precise detail and care. Anniesa Hasibuan’s collection was inspired by her hometown Jakarta. The final outfit was the most gorgeous showstopper that left the audience stunned. It was truly inspiring to see a young designer like Anniesa Hasibuan present at NYFW. Not only inspiring but empowering, making you believe that dreams really do come true. The look of joy and happiness shined bright on her face has she walked the runway at the end of her show. The show concluded with a standing ovation, that gave me goosebumps.

anniesa-hasibuan-5anniesa-hasibuan-4 anniesa-hasibuan-2 anniesa-hasibuan-1

ah10 ah9 ah8 ah6

ah5 ah4 ah3 ah2


I fell in love with the beaded jackets and gowns shown that evening. You can clearly see the time and effort that went into making each piece. How they were all handcrafted with the utmost love and care. Truly remarkable. I would totally rock one of those jackets any day!

[The hijab is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest. The term can further refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to a certain standard of modesty. Hijab can also be used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in the public sphere, or it may denote a metaphysical dimension, for example referring to “the veil which separates man or the world from God”. (Wikipedia)]

Most often the hijab is worn by muslim women to display modesty and privacy. Most women are often stereotyped as disempowered, and constricted when wearing the hijab. Although, many women today choose to wear it for personal reasons. The hijab is in fact seen as a feminist statement to many. The women of the muslim culture have been neglected in the fashion industry for quite some time. But thanks to designers like Anniesa Hasibuan–she made her mark which was well received by many in the fashion industry. At the end of the show, I along with fellow blogger and friend Ellese Launer of Rock Paper Glam had the pleasure of speaking with the designer. A lovely women, with such great talents and a heart of gold. We asked, ” How long did the beading take?” And she responded, ” Quite some time, all were hand beaded and crafted.” When you speak to her, you too, will see her grace, charm and passion for fashion.

I’ll concluded with a statement Anniesa Hasibuan made to CNN, “I am so proud and thankful for everyone on the team who helped me so this event could happen, and I am thankful to international and local media from Indonesia for exposing my show. I did not realize the result can be this amazing, and I am thrilled and humbled by the welcome reaction given.” (CNN

Thank you Anniesa Hasibuan for inspiring and empowering many of us with your collection and making a huge impact on the world. Your designs are truly amazing and well respected.

If you saw the show, and if you caught my Snapchat story that evening, what were your thoughts? Comment below, I love hearing from you!

As always, thanks for reading, following along and supporting me in my journey. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this post inspired you just as much as it did me.


Posted on: June 24, 2016


Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with this lovely, smart, fashionable business woman. Whose combined her love for fashion and Yoga and created a business that speaks for itself. The moment I first spoke with Jen Stock, I immediately was drawn to her positive vibes and energy. It was no surprise that we immediately gravitated towards one another. From that moment on, I just knew I wanted to learn more about this savvy – yogi loving and fashion forward business woman.

When you meet Jen Stocks it’s easy to be completely drawn by her presence. She’s all about positive energies and good vibes which is something I can definitely relate to. With her positive outlook on life, spiritualty, love for fashion and yoga these elements are what inspired her jewelry line: Jen Stock Designs.

She’s always had a love and passion for fashion and knew one day she would do something with that. Thus came her spiritually inspired jewelry designs. For over 25 years she’s practiced yoga which has been the root and inspiration behind her jewelry. She takes what she has practiced on the mat and puts it all into her work. All of her jewelry is handmade, vegan, and yoga inspired. Her jewelry exudes luxury, with a symbolic and spiritual balance between mind, body and soul, all things that Jen Stocks embodies and something that holds a strong importance to her.

Her designs have been worn by the likes of Russell Simmons, Heidi Klum, Rita Ora and many well- known Hollywood stars and yogi enthusiast. Her jewelry is known for its wearable fashion and style for both for men and woman. Each piece holds a different meaning and possess a unique design. The message behind her jewelry is: “What you put out in the universe, is what you will receive in return.”Something I feel many can relate to and believe in.

If ever you get the chance to meet this remarkable, business owner and Lady Boss you too will see what I see. Not only does she design beautiful, luxurious jewelry, her personality is so positive and not to mention contagious. You can find her at a Yoga studio near you, either on the mat or displaying and selling her designs. If you too embody and belief in all things: positive, uplifting and empowering, check out Jen and her jewelry. Not only will you love her jewelry line but the designer behind it all as well. A true lady boss and spiritual believer, we all can learn something from her.

As you read along and follow my journey, just like Jen’s positive vibes and energy that’s what I’m all about.  So, it was only fitting to have worked with such a positive minded and fashion minded enthusiast like herself. I too hope to inspire, empower and uplift you all to have only the most positive outlook on life.

Jen Stock is a true talent, who takes being a business owner and fashion lover to the next level. I look forward to working with her again and seeing her new collection and designs come to life.

For more information on Jen Stocks and her jewelry go to:  You can also find her on Instagram: @JenStockDesigns. Be sure to purchase your very own Jen Stock Designs jewelry today!!






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Thanks for reading, following along my journey, and all your love and support.

What inspires and empowers you?

As always much love and happiness to you ALL!!

It’s more Fun in the Bahamas

Posted on: June 9, 2016

It’s definitely more fun in the Bahamas, with great weather and fun in the sun, how could you go wrong! I mean, am I right?!

Last May, I enjoyed a little getaway to the Bahamas.  A little fun in the sun and some good ol’ R&R. I’ve enjoyed visiting the Bahamas ever since my first visit back in High School.  It was a nice way to free my mind and getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city . Whenever you get a chance it’s always nice to get away now and then, and I feel it’s important too. Great way to get refreshed, relaxed and feel restored and ready to get back to reality.

img_3467 img_3513


I stayed at none other than the Atlantis Resort & Casino on Paradise Island. I stayed at the newest, most modern and fashionably chic part of the resort: The Cove Atlantis.

Atlantis Paradise Island Resorts & Casino: Located at: One Casino Drive Paradise Island, Bahamas. It’s the Caribbean’s top vacation resort to visit. Discover all the fun and all it has to offer. The Resort has water parks the whole family can enjoy, fine dining, casino gaming and so much more. The resort has so much to offer you almost don’t need to go anywhere else. The Atlantis is such a gorgeous hotel and resort with so much to do for the whole family. I would highly recommend staying here when you visit the Bahamas. There are also many other hotels on Paradise Island and in downtown Nassau that are also notable. But this is one hotel that offers so much and has just about everything you’re looking for when your looking for relaxation, fun in the sun, and much more. Plus, it’s one of our favorites.

  • Royal Tower: is the most iconic tower and the heartbeat of the resort and the central location for the hotels premiere attractions.
  • Beach Tower: relaxed and care-free atmosphere, your room is steps away from all the fun, the beach and pools. The most affordable accommodations.
  • Coral Tower: contemporary and relaxed Bahamian ambiance, moderately priced accommodations.
  • The Reef Atlantis:Your home away from home, Luxury beachfront suites and residential apartments
  • The Cove Atlantis: Most stylish and fashionably chic escape, upscale guest experience. Exclusive access to the Adult only pool and beach club Cain at the Cove as well as Cascades Family pools. (This is where were stayed)
  • Harbourside Atlantis: Enjoy both simple and spacious charm of comfortable villas here at the Harbourside resorts. Ideally suited for families or groups of 9 or more.

What Atlantis has to offer–What To See + What To Do: 

  • Enjoy the Dolphin Experience at Dolphin Cay extraordinary environment and intimate interaction programs at this 14-acre marine habitat
  • Go and experience Atlantis’s Water Park 141-acre water park includes a mile-long river tubing adventure, nine water slides, and 11 pools
  • Water Adventures: Learn how scientists and Atlantis Blue Project are working to conserve the world’s coral reefs
  • Check out their Marine Habitat: Experience up-close views of more than 50,000 marine animals from over 200 species (Included with your stay)
  • There are a plethora of activities for the Kids and Adults to enjoy outside of the waterpark: Tennis, Shopping, Earth & Pottery Studio, Rock Climbing, Atlantis Theater, Atlantis Library, Yacht and Fishing Charters, and Tours
  • Golf: Guests of Atlantis can enjoy invigorating play and spectacular ocean views at the Ocean Club Golf Course, an 18-hole, par 72 championship course, designed by Tom Weiskopf
  • Spa: Mandara Spa brings together ancient Balinese healing touches, traditional European therapies and natural elements indigenous to The Bahamas to provide the most unique and pampering spa treatments
  • Entertainment : Atlantis has many bars and lounge and great nightlife. Experience it all and check them all out.
  • Cain at The Cove
  • Aura Nightclub
  • Atlantis LIVE
  • Atlantis Theatre
  • Jokers Wild Comedy Club
  • Bars & Lounges

Guest don’t just have to go to Rodeo drive or 5th Avenue for luxury shopping. Atlantis Resorts offers world-class shopping thats just steps away from your room. Visit the Crystal shops located in the The Royal Tower, more boutique shops in their Cove Tower, Marina Village and the Pro shop. Whatever you fancy Atlantis offers that and much more. If you want to venture off Paradise Island, head down to Bay Street located in downtown Nassau. There you’ll find many shops, outlets, boutiques and the local straw market. The Straw Market is one of my favorite place to visit. The straw market is a traditional open-air market, where local vendors sell handwoven straw crafts, Bahamian souvenirs & tourist trinkets. Definitely a great place to buy gifts for family and friends. Great for bargains as well.

Where To Eat: 

The Atlantis has a variety of foods to offer, so you won’t go hungry thats for sure. If your looking for fine dining, dining al fresco or some quick eats Atlantis has it. Island life is the best life and its great for any setting for eating. enjoy eating at one of my favorite restaurants Nobu (Celebrity Chef Restaurant), if your looking for something more Island cuisine then you’ll enjoy 77 West. Here are some other restaurants at Atlantis that may tickle your fancy.

Fine Dining Options (Our Faves):                                                          

Casual Dining Al Fresco (Our Favorites): 

Quick Eats: 

And if your super hungry and looking for something with more variety check out Poseidon’s Table. This is Atlantis’s newest buffet dining restaurant that has so much to offer. With an eclectic cuisines for dinner and an array of your breakfast favorites.

There is so much to see and do at The Atlantis but the same goes for the entire island of the Bahamas. If you want to experience the island, here are some suggestion on what to see in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Facts

  • Officially known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • It lies just northwest of Turks and Caicos and Southeast of Florida and East of the Florida Keys
  • Nassau is the Capital located in New Providence
  • New Providence is the most populated Island in the Bahamas containing more than 70% of the total population
  • The Bahamas was the first site where Christopher Columbus set foot on in the New World in 1492
  • The Bahamas become a British Colony in 1718, but became independent realm in 1973 retaining Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch.
  • Bahamas in one of the richest countries in the Americas following the USA and Canadas
  • The economy is based on tourism and finance
  • The colours embodied in the design of the Bahamian flag symbolize the image and aspirations of the people of the Bahamas; the design reflects aspects of the natural environment (sun, sand and sea) and the economic and social development. The flag is a black equilateral triangle against the mast, superimposed on a horizontal background made up of two colours on three equal stripes of aquamarine, gold and aquamarine. (Wikipedia)
  • The symbolism of the flag is as follows: Black, a strong colour, represents the vigour and force of a united people, the triangle pointing towards the body of the flag represents the enterprise and determination of the Bahamian people to develop and possess the rich resources of sun and sea symbolised by gold and aquamarine respectively. In reference to the representation of the people with the colour black, some white Bahamians have joked that they are represented in the thread which “holds it all together.”(Wikipedia)
  • The Yellow Elder is the national flower, it blooms throughout the years

What To See

  • Blue Lagoon: Blue Lagoon Island is a private island located 5 km from Nassau, Bahamas and serves as a local tourist attraction
  • Ardastra Gardens: Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre in Nassau, The Bahamas opened in 1937 though the work of the Jamaican horticulturist, Hedley Vivian Edwards. From the Latin Ardua astrum, Ardastra means “Striving for the stars”
  • Junkanoo: Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance, and costumes of Igbo origin in many towns across the Bahamas every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The largest Junkanoo parade happens in the capital New Providence.
  • Fort Fincastle: Fort Fincastle is a fort located in the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas
  • Fort Charlotte: Fort Charlotte is a British-colonial era fort built on a hill over-looking the harbor of Nassau, The Bahamas. The fort sits a short walk west of downtown Nassau and the cruise ship terminal
  • Take a tour of Nassau, Paradise Island and more. For more information click here

If you’re anything like us, wherever we travel we like to check out where the locals hangout and eat. We love seeing and exploring the hot spots for the locals, especially for eating. So if your looking for something more local and authentic, take a little drive or walk down downtown Nassau to the Fish Fry. The Fish Fry, is where you’ll find real, authentic Bahamian dishes that will satisfy your tastebuds. The Fish Fry is a place I would highly recommend if your looking for local and real Bahamian cuisine.

During our trip, we enjoyed each day by the pool or beach, basically relaxed in paradise. Some days were spent, curled up reading a book or work in the Library lounge located in the Royal Tower. And of course we love taking photos. Honestly, every inch of this hotel and island was so Instagram friendly. It’s impossible to not find a more perfect place to take photos. If your favorite photo spot is occupied? Don’t fret, walk in any direction of the resort or even away from the hotel and you’ll find another perfect spot. This may seem like #bloggerproblems, but no fear the island is so beautiful, every inch is photo worthy. You’re in island paradise, so don’t worry you’ll be able to capture that perfect island photo shot, GUARANTEED! We enjoyed cocktails by the pool even tried our luck at the casino. Danced the night away at the Aura Nightclub and returned to the lobby bar for a nightcap.

The Island of the Bahamas and the Atlantis is so absolutely gorgeous with fun, relaxing and positive vibes. During you’re stay you’ll feel at ease and with so much to do you won’t ever have to worry about being bored. When you visit the Bahamas and stay at the Atlantis, you will surely have an amazing time as we did. Although the majority of our visit was spent at the resort, we also took time to explore the rest of the island. All in all, we enjoyed our stay in the Bahamas and at the Atlantis Resorts and Casino Paradise Island. We want to thank the entire staff at the Atlantis for making our stay such a fantastic experience. We also want to thank the Bahamas tourism board for the incredible tour of the beautiful island.

Have you traveled to Paradise? 

Book your next vacation at The Atlantis

  img_3467 img_3513 img_3539 img_3584 img_3604 img_3633 img_3906 img_3915 img_4008  img_4014

All about that Palm Tree Life !!

img_4041 img_4165 img_4220 img_4589 img_5012 img_5035 img_6842  atlantis atlantis-1  atlantis-suite bay-street-bahamas fullsizerender-6 \   img_5389 img_5390 img_5391 img_5392 img_5393 img_5394 img_5395 img_5429 img_5430 img_5431 img_5432 img_5434 img_5454 img_5455 img_3560   img_5459 straw-market-1 straw-market-2 straw-market-3  thecoveatlantis_indigosuites_king img_5431img_4824img_4826img_4829img_4836img_5458

I hope you enjoyed my Travel guide+diary and photos. I hope this was helpful for you in planning your next vacation or visit to the Bahamas or the Atlantis. I love hearing from you. Comment below or even write to me. If you ever get the chance to visit the Bahamas and stay at the Atlantis, please do share your visit using the hashtags: #SFBTravelDiaries #AlwaysAmazing #TheCoveLife #ItsMoreFunintheBahamas #StayAtlantis

As always, thanks for reading, following along and supporting me in my journey.


Posted on: May 20, 2016

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a fashion designer and see just  where all their inspiration comes from? Ever wanted to learn a designers aesthetic and see how they create their designs from start to finish?

Continue reading and learn more about Fashion accessories designer: Maria Cardelli.



Q. Give us a little background of yourself, how did you get started in design?

A. I have been designing my entire life. I started very young, and used to draw all over my school books even during school lessons. I began painting at around age 10, and spent all my pocket money on new pencils, watercolours and paints. I still remember when I found my first set of watercolour pencils in the shop. I was so excited! As a teenager, I used to spend evenings and late nights working on oil paintings. Since at the time we didn’t have the internet, I had to teach myself and just figure things out. An artist friend of my dad lent him a book on basic painting techniques, how to prepare your own mix of gesso, how to stretch a canvas, etc., which I learned from, as well as from my own mistakes. At that time, my works were mostly figurative, and sometimes a friend would pose for me.

Q. What lead you into the direction of designing Clothing?

A. At a certain point I had to make a decision whether to go into fine art, architecture or fashion design. Since I really enjoyed designing my own clothing, which my aunt Matilde was making for me, I opted for fashion design and joined the Accademia di Moda e Costume in Rome. After a couple of years, eager to get some hands on experience, I began looking for freelance work with companies all over Italy. A friend of mine mentioned someone she knew in NYC who was designing children shoes, and recommended that I stop there on my way to California, where I was headed. I did. I ended up working at BBC international for 7 years, designing children’s shoes for very diverse clients.

Q.  Where does your inspiration come from when designing your pieces?

A. I’m mostly inspired by my own past designs. I dig into my pile of sketches and things that I drew but hadn’t had a chance to produce and I rework them, often for hours or even days, until I come up with something that I am happy with. I may take a piece from one of my bags and make it into a strap for a shoe, or sometimes get an idea while at night when I am trying to sleep. I always keep a sketch pad near the bed for those moments of inspiration. Other times I get inspired from a new leather treatment I find, or a fun fabric I see, and I may design a bag or a shoe just to use them.

Q. What is your design process? What types of things do you or don’t you incorporate?

A. I plan the categories I want to cover in the handbags, or the heel heights I want represented if I am working on the footwear, and then I start drawing ideas. I may draw numerous rough sketches in a little book I keep around, then I choose the ideas I like the most and develop only these. Since my brand is a small company, I cannot make a very large collection, so I do a preselection at an early stage. I then carry ideas from the footwear into the hand bags or vice versa, so that they can complement each other. Once I am happy with my designs I start with the prototyping process.

Q.  Do you envision the wearer when you’re designing your pieces? Who do you envision?

A. I mostly design things that I would like to wear myself. I don’t have many opportunities to wear glamorous shoes myself, so when designing footwear I imagine the wearer at a special event, all evening, and I try to make them beautiful and functional. (For example, I can sometimes add platforms in the front of the shoe so that the heel does not feel as high as it looks.) When designing the bags, I like making them beautiful and practical as well, with useful inside pockets, removable shoulder straps or even bags that can be used 3 ways, like a handbag, shoulder bag and also backpack (like my Back-Up bag). All of my bags have the modern working woman in mind, and are large enough to fit a laptop and other gadgets, so that she can always travel and work in great style.

Q. What are some new designs you’re working on? What do you envision for the future?

A. I am currently working on the spring-summer collection for 2017. Lots of gorgeous colours, simple, sophisticated and clean lines, and some fun prints.


Q. How did you come to realize your talents? Did youhave any formal training for jewelry design and or clothing design?

e83807_188306259fb245609060120a947aeea8-mv1 (1)

A. My true love is to create more luxurious products, ones allowing for more creativity. And, I always wanted to go back and produce things in Italy, and to one day be able to create something more special and unique as a tribute of sorts to Italian craftsmanship. I took part in numerous art exhibitions around Europe for a few years. Many people commented on my colourful paintings in a way that made me think that I could probably have them printed on silk and make scarves, or ‘wearable art.” So, in 2013 I started doing that. After that I added a collection of handbags and now a small collection of women’s footwear for winter 2016-17. Everything I design is made in Italy.


Q.  What were your first designs that you created? And how has your brand evolved over the years?

  A. To be honest, I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t remember my first design. But come to think of it, it might have been some kind of clothing. And as far as how my designs have evolved, I think they probably evolved with what i’ve included in my designs and I attribute that to what I have learned through the years. When I started, for example, I used to design only very elegant footwear with leather soles and artsy heels. However, after working with factories in many parts of the world and designing many different types of footwear, from wooden clogs to athletics and dress, I incorporate that knowledge into my designs and I can mix and match styles as I please, for example incorporating some typically athletic feature into the more elegant styles, and I can have more fun in the process.

Q. How did you go about creating your business plan and what was your starting investment?

A. I had gained some experience already while working for others, but did additional research before creating my own company, especially since I didn’t know the rules in The Netherlands. (Where my husband and I relocated.) My husband has been my main supporter of course. And, he had been telling me for years that I should do my own collection. So he helped me by financing most of it. The rest came from cashing out my pension plan.

Q. What is a typical day in your life and at your office?

A. In the morning I take care of my 2 children. I get them ready for school and when they are off, I work until I have to pick them up at 3:30. Once they are in bed for the night, I pick up my work again. Fortunately, I work on my own and, without many distractions, I can be as productive as possible. And, with all the communication tools we have these days like Skype and video calls, I can talk to the factories regularly and make many corrections to the products without leaving my desk. Sometimes traveling is still necessary, especially at the prototype stage, but thankfully, Italy is not far from The Netherlands.





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A true world class designer Maria is, and her accessories are to DIE FOR!! A fashionista, multi-tasker, designer and fellow lady boss, Maria Cardelli is one woman to watch out for she’s taking the Fashion world by storm.  Her designs are ones you’ll want to own and add to your wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE her designers. I want one of everything and I know you will too. To shop and learn more visit her website:

Go and check out her website you WON’T be disappointed!!

Thanks to Maria Cardelli for collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts are my own.

As always thanks for stopping by, reading, supporting, and following along!!

Influencers & Blogger Brunch + Weekend Casual Chic Style

Posted on: April 24, 2016

Happy Monday Loves!

For this Motivational Monday, I’ll share and recap my weekend where I  attended this amazing brunch and I met some pretty awesome ladies who were quite inspiring and uplifting. In addition to my recap, I’m going to feature my very first outfit post on the blog. Here I’ll tell you all about my outfit that I wore to the event and if you like it as much as I did you can shop my look by clicking the items below. I hope that by sharing my experience with you it will motivate you into thinking only positive thoughts and making sure you have a wonderful week ahead! How will you make this week better than the last? Happy reading loves!


This past weekend I was invited to AMCONYC’S 2nd Annual Top 50 Beauty and Fashion Influencers Brunch, held at the ultra chic, trendy, delicious, Greek and Mediterranean restaurant, Nerai,  located at 55 West 54th Street NYC (between Madison and Park Avenue). If you haven’t been to this restaurant, and your looking for fresh and innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine discover, try and enjoy Nerai. Check it out and let me know what you think!  It was the perfect setting for this fun and intimate brunch. Now, I’ve read and seen many blogs, companies and brands, but it was so great to finally put a face to the names behind all the works of these creative ladies.

The energy in the room was quite powerful and strong, I felt honored to be amongst such an inspiring, creative group of fellow Girlboss’s and Influential ladies. I loved how everyone felt at ease and so comfortable.  Conversations were flowing, and it was great to all be at a united front, speaking about ideas on how we can all support one another and empower not only ourselves but our audiences who follow along in our journey through our blogs and various social platforms. I’m simply grateful and thankful for the opportunity and invitation to this wonderful event and lunch. It warms my heart, to meet such kind and genuine group of women this past weekend. The energy and shared loved that filled the room was very strong and you could definitely feel its presence. Nothing but  good, honest positive vibes that came from every single person there. I can’t stress enough, how uplifting and inspiring it is to meet such like-minded, forward thinking, creatives and entrepreneurs. I wish there were more women out there that thought this same way and lived life that same purpose. It’s great how we can all come together to support and empower one another. I’ve heard and seen so many cases where women are bashing other women or even bringing them down instead up lifting them up and rising up together.

A lot of our conversations, were about fashion, beauty but mostly and more importantly we spoke about empowerment. How we all are here for the same goals, we all want something better for ourselves and one another. We all supported the fact on how important it is to help one another however we can. One influencer, blogger and Girlboss said,

               “It’s better to support one another, thats the only way we move forward and in turn we all rise up together.”

She couldn’t have said it any better, so I hash tagged it as #riseuptogether. So key and fitting for this is the type of society we live in where it’s heavily driven by social media.  My philosophy is simply: We’re all here for the same ideas and purpose, we can only better ourselves and each other by coming together and supporting one another. And in turn this will help us grow and move forward, and it’s always better when you have a great team or an even better girl squad. You’ll forever have a great support system, cheering squad and lifelong relationships  and friendships. It’s truly a powerful things to be surrounded by so much love, genuine positivity, and energy by so many influential ladies. Not to mention inspiring, I’m extremely thankful for meeting such a remarkable group of women.  I only wish them nothing but the absolute best and more, much continued success all around. I just know and feel that only amazing things lie ahead for all of us. I look forward to meeting with these ladies again soon, and working together to discover more ways to support and empower one another. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet such wonderful women along my journey and we’ve become not only a great support system for one another we’ve become great friends too.

The entire brunch and event was so fun, a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Truly a very supportive, inspiring and empowering bunch we all were. And it only gave me more reasons to stay motivated, focused and even more determined for the future and what lies ahead. So many amazing things can happen when we all can come together like we did.  A HUGE thank you to AMCONYC for hosting this wonderful brunch and bringing us all together and for our amazing gift bags, I can’t wait to try out all the goodies!!

This quote is so fitting and true, ” Girls compete with one another, Women empower each other.” #girlsquad #riseuptogether #supportoneanother #sharingiscaring #GirlBosses










Now onto my outfit details………


Now even though i’m very much into fashion and keeping up with trends and styles, when picking an outfit for the day I always think, “Am I going to be comfortable in that.???” I always say this to myself, because in my opinion when you feel comfortable in your overall look + appearance you exude a sense of confidence, that will catch anyone’s eye. In a positive way of course, but when you feel confident and happy about yourself it’s a great feeling overall. Keeping comfort + practicality in mind, I still want to look fashionably chic in my own personal style.  I mean come on I live in the fashion mecca– New York City, so you know the looks gotta be on point lol. Fashion is one thing but two things I keep in mind are comfort + practicality. Fashion to me is what you make of it, everyone has their own unique sense of style. You still can be super fashionable even in your most comfortable and casual outfit, so whatever it is you’re wearing , You Better Work honey and rock it! You’ll only feel real and most comfortable when you stay true to yourself and what you believe in. Be creative, be glam, be stylish, be you! (My beliefs and motto all the way) Oh and for those who know me too, i’m all about that comfy+ casual + chic life! 😉

So for the brunch I was debating on wearing a dress or pants with a cute top. But seeing that the weather wasn’t so great starting out — (it was cloudy and rainy) I decided to go with this Casual, comfortable chic look. Even though it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day after all I’m still super happy with how my outfit turned out.  This Off the Shoulder Blouse from Loft are so on trend right now, and I’ve fallen in love with them. I love this style so much that I’ve purchased different variations of this style from other brands and stores. Great for future outfit styles for my upcoming trips. This is so simple but so versatile all at the same time. It can be dressed up or dressed down whatever it is the possibilities are endless. Pair it with a pair of distressed jeans, skirt, or shorts you’ll be looking fly either way. This top is so great and fitting for what’s currently festival season. Very Coachellaesque, pair with a floral headpiece or even braid your hair in two dutch braids as seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian or Blogger, Beauty+ Lifestyle expert Marianna Hewitt. This blouse is so cute and chic it’s perfect for any body type, so I would highly recommend this top to anyone. And this one from The Loft is on sale now and super affordable. If you don’t own an Off the Shoulder Top, dress, etc.. this is definitely a style that will be popular for Spring and well into the Summer even early Fall months. Stay tuned for more outfit post with this top in different styles.

Many people may not think that leather pants/jeans are the most comfortable let alone the most flattering. TheseAG Skinny Leather JeansBurberry Leather Cut-out heelsVince Skater sneakersSocial Fashionista Beauty’s April Favorites list. I just purchased them not to long ago and I wear them all the time. And I love how well they went with this outfit too.  i’ve owned for years and they are one of the MOST comfortable pair of pants I own. And what’s great about them, they go with just about anything like this Off the Shoulder top that I paired it with. You can never have too many leather jeans/pants. For my shoes, they aren’t seen in the photos, but for the brunch I dressed up the look a notch by adding these . They look casual and sporty but their ultra chic and modern. The exotic python leather detail and land snake heel design make them super fashionable taking them up a notch from your regular slip-on sneaker. They definitely make the . I’ve owned them for years and they are super cute, fun and fashionable. I can wear them for the a whole night of dancing but my feet will pay for it the next day. Super cute and somewhat comfortable but not as comfortable as the sneakers I wore, featured in the photos. I wore these heading to the brunch and coming home from the brunch I swapped my heels out for this super cute and comfy

For my accessories I kept it pretty simply. I love anything gold or rose gold, and here I wore my Orange Hermes “H” bracelet to add a pop of color to this basic black and white ensemble. I paired my beautiful  Chloe + Isabel Lunette Long Pendant Necklace  available now on my boutique: And the rest of my jewelry are my everyday staples: myTurquoise Evil Eye Beaded Bracelet and Silver Hamsa Bracelet (To keep the bad juju (vibes) away and only good energy around me) my two gold Cartier Love bracelets, My Cartier Love ring , and my Engagement ring and wedding band.

As always thanks for reading and following along. If you like my look shop my look below by clicking the items underlined. Lots of love to you all!















Are you all about that Comfy + casual life when it comes to fashion?

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Love can move Mountains: The Passion

Posted on: March 24, 2016

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In light of recent events in the world, I thought to write this post. And with it being Palm Sunday and the Lenten Season I feel it’s only fitting. It’s a time for sacrifice, a time to give thanks, a time to reflect, to give hope and love to one another. I want this post to serve as a means for inspiration, a means for hope, and to show love to everyone in the world.

I wouldn’t call myself super super religious, but I’m a worshiper and believer in my own right as a Catholic . And with today being Palm Sunday, this would be a great post to speak about hope, love, sacrifice and a time to give thanks. I thought it was very fitting for this to air on television with it being Palm Sunday after all. After watching the modern day take of The Passion, it made me think about a lot of things, especially what’s currently going on in the world today. Even if your not religious or even Catholic, I hope this post can speak to you and inspire you.

This is a great story of the all mighty and creator of the universe– Jesus Christ. Tyler Perry takes us on a journey through New Orleans, the backdrop for this musical event. Tyler Perry narrates and tells us the story of Jesus Christ and his followers has he spreads his word making his most ultimate sacrifice for all humanity, offering salvation for all those who believe. A story about betrayal, friendship, hope, sacrifice  and forgiveness something that speaks to us all. But a story about love in it’s truest form.

“New Orleans, an iconic city in itself. Filled with so much culture and history similar to that of Jerusalem so it seemed fitting to place this modern day version of “The Passion” in a city like that of New Orleans. This city too, prevailed and rose again after the affects of Hurricane Katrina. Leaving many homeless, hungry and in a state of despair. But just like Jesus, the city rose, prevailed, and once again became restored. While the community and many others came together to help rebuild. Redefining, reflecting and reminding themselves what New Orleans stood for . Realizing that giving them hope,  love and the resources to rebuild up New Orleans like how it was before. And now, the people of New Orleans stand proud, with their hearts filled with hope and love, a true inspiration in itself.  This is the true message and sacrifice that Jesus was showed and was trying to spread, showing that ‘Love can truly move mountains,” which is what the people of New Orleans invoked when trying to rebuild and regain their lives after this natural disaster.

The music incorporated in “The Passion” were hit songs from today that fit well with each scene in this modern rendition. The music made you feel the words and realize the importance of God’s word. I don’t know about you I felt the love and the yearning for hope that evening, and for the world. The show in it’s entirety, I thought was truly remarkable and the message and story is still alive, and well-known even today. If you haven’t seen this or heard of the story, it’s truly powerful, it’s message is a true testament of the truly meaning of Love, sacrifice, hope, and forgiveness. And I recommend it to everyone.

I also enjoyed the diverse cast coming together in this compelling and empowering event. I hope that after you see this post and if you watch “The Passion” I hope it can inspire and empower you. I hope that it will shed some light of purpose and hope for you, the future, and that we can overcome anything when you try and seek everything in life with love, passion, hope, and more.  Christians during this time of Lent, we learn to sacrifice, show compassion, listen to the words of God through worship and remember what he did for us. Jesus Christ showed us great LOVE by sacrificing himself for us. That is the truest form of love anyone can show the world.

” When will the hate end?” ” When will we all come together, and realize that love and peace is more important and hate is just a means for continued turmoil and tragedy… ” But what can we all learn from this?In relations to recent events, the country Belgium, specifically Brussels was attacked and many were hurt, and left for dead during this tragedy. My question is, And it’s not just Brussels who have endured such attacks, we all feel the effects of this tragedy. And not to long ago, Paris was attacked and many died as well. Just like Paris, I know that through the help of all of us, sending our prayers and thoughts to Brussel, they too,  will rise and prevail through all this. I hope we can all learn something from Jesus Christ and his sacrifices and the love he showed us. He died for us, for our sins, and he rose again. That is the truest form of LOVE one could do for all humanity. We need to practice this in our society, and show more love and compassion for others. And not turn to hate, or discrimination for others. This is the time for hope, this is the time for peace. Just like Jesus did with his disciples he spread love, he gave them hope, he made them realize that peace will come again. Love can move mountains and we can/will rise and prevail.

We don’t need to die to show our sacrifices, but we need to lean towards peace and love rather than hate. We need to show and spread more love, give hope and spread peace throughout the world. Maybe one day, our country will be rid of the hate, and maybe just maybe we will live in a loving and peaceful world that is safe for our children and the rest of the world. This maybe wishful thinking and me and many wanting to live in a dream world,  but we can only hope for a better tomorrow for all.

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I hope this post enlightened and inspired you to do better not just for yourself but for the greater humanity. Wishing you all an abundance of Love, Light, Happiness, Peace, Hope, and Blessings for today and the future.

**If you didn’t catch the live show of The Passion, you can watch it now available on Hulu, or on the Fox App on your Apple TV or Roku device.

How do you inspire others?

What are your thoughts on the recent attacks going on in the world?

Comment Below and write to me, I’d love to hear from you!

In a NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR Gal takes on NYFW 2016 PART I

Posted on: February 26, 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to NYFW has a PR gal, well look no further. Here is my recap of my busy week during NYFW 2016.

Everytime NYFW comes around I always anticipate a fun and not to mention jam packed week full of shows, presentations, events and an overall exciting week all around. But this also means, keep the lattes coming. Little to no shut eye is a given, but it’s all worth it for the sake of fashion!! Nothing a little concealer, big sunglasses can’t fix, oh and not to mention a killer outfit to go with it!!

I can’t believe it’s that time again, NYFW!! Everytime this time of the year comes around, it just gets better and better. The fashion and the events, a great way for networking as well as connecting with new and old friends. I love meeting and connecting with people, great way for building lasting business relationships as well as long lasting friendships.

The first show up is BCBG MaxAzria, I always look forward to this show, because it’s always the first show of the week and not only am I a huge fan of the designers and the brand, I alway look forward to see what’s up  Max and Lubov Azria sleeve.

The muse behind their inspiration is a performer with an individualistic style that “reveals artistic ingenuity through her onstage presence and offstage persona ” ( WWD magazine).  The collection envelopes a rich winter palette with gradient shades of light greys, creams and camels transitioning into rich merlot, ink blue and carbon colors. For this collection we can look forward to colorblocking colors, linear sihouettes and layers.  Overall it was a great show, and I would like to add a few pieces to my wardrobe!

With a break in between shows, I headed back to my office to get some much needed work done. Prepping for upcoming client events, client submissions, conference calls, and meetings I knew the day was gonna be a long one. But let’s face it, when is my day NEVER long or busy…. Just an insight into a PR and Talent Management creatives life.

I try and look on the brightside, there’s never a dull moment in this business. And as hectic and crazy as my days can be, I always have to find the humor and not to let things get the best of me. Aside from all the stress, and craziness that comes my way in a day, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

From the office I headed to the Skylight at the Moynihan Station…..

Next show up is none other than the talented Marissa Webb! I’m an absolute fan of her work, and honored to see it all unfold on the runway. Her style and chic designers are ready to wear fashion, and who wouldn’t want to own one of her creations.  — Her collection for Fashion week 2016, played up to her style of masculine and feminine, hard and soft edgy and sweet looks with a twist. I loved her printed silk flutter dresses and long plaid coats and outerwear, I must say very chic and luxe all at the same time. She threw us all for a loop with her tight leather pants and layers, the look proved to be somewhat different from the usual look she is known for. Although the black leather pants, may have proved to be controversial to some, I still admired her direction, and she’s still one of my favorites. I love how her style can be wore in the work place but can also be dress down for a casual day or night on the town. Either way, her designs are worth the purchase, you’re wardrobe will be thanking you!

From the Marissa Webb show I rushed across town to Gotham Hall to Style Fashion Week. Had the pleasure of seeing the designs of designers: Pop Impresska, Nina Gleyzer and House of Perna. I truly admired seeing such creativity and artistry come to life on the runway. Simply beautiful and stunning. I was honored and happy to be part of Style Fashion Week for another year, and glad to share this moment with fellow blogger: BrownEyedToast.

From Gotham Hall, I met up with my husband and we went to the Jewelry Boutique Marisa Perry’s Bourbon and Baubles event. Who can refuse cocktails, small bites, and beautiful jewelry paired with great people!! A girl can never go wrong with fashion and Diamonds, I mean they could equally be a girls two best friends!! My husband and I enjoyed meeting the owner of this posh and upscale Jewelry boutique located in the ever so chic Meatpacking Area. We met some great people that evening, and looking forward to connecting with them again soon at a future event. But if you’re in the market for an engagement ring or other fine jewelry delights definitely visit Marisa Perry Atelier at: 636 Hudson Street, NYC or check out her website at: You won’t be disappointed, I found a few gorgeous eye candy gems that i’d want to shine on my finger!!

After the Bourbon and Baubles event, we headed uptown to the Go for Red for Women– Red Dress Collection event and Fashion show. This is one event and show that I’m always so blessed and thankful to be part of. It’s a great event to support a great cause.  I love seeing designers, celebrities, personalities, models and more come together to show their support for women’s health and the American Heart Association. I also had the honor of meeting a fellow filipina and our very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtbach. She is truly an inspiration and a remarkable young woman. She sure is confidently beautiful with a heart! She was a great addition to the show, along with singer, song-writer and model Monica, Actress Candace Cameron-Bure, to name a few. It was a great end to day 1 of NYFW. Uplifting and empowering a great way to end the evening.

One thing I will say that I’ve learned in this business, no matter how much stress comes my way, or how defeated I may feel from time to time. I love connecting and meeting like minded creatives. I love how we can all come together reflect, engage, create while uplifting and inspiring one another in more ways than one. For me, that’s what keeps me going each day in this business. For the amount of times I’ve felt discouraged or uninspired, I get a pick me up every so often, and I tell myself I’m doing a good job. And no matter how big or little the job is I’m making a difference and inspiring the next person that comes along. So just remember, don’t ever think a dream or idea is ever to small and nothing can come from it. Continue to dream, inspire and do your thang girl!!

And that’s a wrap for Day 1 of NYFW 2016! Stay tuned for part II of: In a NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR GAL TAKES ON NYFW 2016 II- UP NEXT!

Check out my gallery of photos below of all the fun!

e83807_796073e4daa94a35a2dc19427f726b5f (1)

e83807_f4d3b7b56a36431db4a7f8ab62b3f184 (1)












(All Photos were taken by me. Photos are owned by Emily Sotera, SocialFashionistaBeauty)

Beauty Tips for your Lips

Posted on: February 23, 2016

Happy Tuesday Loves!

Today for Beauty Tuesday, i’m talking about lips — sugar lips to be exact. Well, when I say sugar lips, I’m talking about sugar exfoliators that help keep our lips supple, smooth and moisturized throughout the cold winter months. Or just even when our lips could use a little TLC.  I don’t know about you, but with the cold weather upon us here in New York City, my lips have been extra dry. Not even my trusty holy grail Esos lip balm is enough to keep my lips from drying.

I’ve tried and tested out different products and nothing seemed to work. Until I found this sugar lip scrub and it has helped drastically. It’s done wonders for my lippys. And I’m all about sharing, (sharing is caring) all my beauty tips and trick with you lovelies.

My go to sugar lip scrub is from Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James. Dimitri James is a aesthetician and cosmetologist that strives to bring the best and innovated beauty products to the world that are loaded with color and contain anti-aging ingredients. HIs purpose and devotion to the beauty industry is something that’s truly remarkable and admirable. Who wouldn’t love that!!

After trying this product, I fell in love, as did my lips. I use this product twice a week, and my lips felt smooth and nourished. And not cracked and dry. When I added my lip balm after, my lips felt extra moisturized. I absolutely recommend this product and I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.

You can find it at: for $20.00 with flavors like: Bubble Gum (Original flavor) and Strawberry Daquiri to choose from.

 And if you want something quick and easy and a great DIY Sugar Lip Scrub Exfoliator I have just the trick!

Sugar Lip Scrub DIY :


1 tablespoon Coconut Oil

1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar (or 2 Packets of Brown sugar)

1 teaspoon of honey

Mix all the ingredients together. Apply the lip scrub to your lips and gently massage in a circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry. Use as often as desired or when your lips need a little TLC.

**FACT** Sugar is a great ingredient to use especially brown sugar because it’s great and beneficial in removing dead skin cells.