SFB Takes on NYFW FW17: Hakan Akkaya

Posted on: February 11, 2017

Hakan Akkaya presented his runway collection on Day 2 of NYFW. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I was fully intrigued and waited with anticipation with other influencers, tastemakers and celebrities who attend the show. The anticipation and excitement always gets me super pumped for any show at NYFW. The show was not only fierce it was electrifying. From the music to the fierce and edgy models you craved for more. Both men and women rocked the runway in mixed metallic patterns paired with the all black ensemble.  The entire collection was very rocker, chic and eccentric.

It was interesting to see designers express their political stances through visual interpretation by way of their collections. You couldn’t help but notice the distinct political undertones seen on the runway that day. Akkaya and his collection spoke volumes and many truths in some of his pieces shown that day. It was both enlightening and liberating!

The show was not only visually stimulating, contagious but inspiring without question. The background music set the tone for the show with its edgy remixes which complimented the entire collection and vibe. This was definitely a crowd pleaser ending with a standing ovation. I couldn’t stop raving about this show, as did many NYFW attendees.

Congrats to the Turkish designer, bravo!

See the full collection here (Footage from NYFW):

Here are my top picks from his Collection:

Photos taken by me @SocialFashionistaBeauty

What would you wear from this collection? 

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NYFW Kickoff: Philip Ayler

Posted on: February 8, 2017


My NYFW kickoff evening continues with a presentation of Philip Ayler’s collection at What Goes Around Comes Around store on West Broadway, NYC.

“I started making these jackets because I had this vivid dream about traveling the world wearing this burgundy bomber jacket. I didn’t know where it came from but it stayed with me after I woke up. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. [That morning] I got a phone call from a close friend of mine who’s a stylst and 15 minutes later she pulls up at my house, hops out of the car and is carrying a gift for me, a burgundy bomber jacket. I literally got on my knees outside of my house and said, ‘This is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me, because I had a dream about this jacket last night.’ I really fell in love with that jacket. It fit me perfectly. I was getting so many compliments that it made me feel like I could wear it anywhere: to a rock show, to a fancy dinner at Chateau Marmont.” – Philip Ayler 

The presentation was a full blown party to preview his collection of vintage style jackets. Bomber jackets to me are all the rave now and i’m absolutely LOVIN’ the look. I would totally rock a bomber jacket in just about every style any day! All handmade in Los Angeles with only the finest vintage materials handpicked from all over the world. All of his jackets have a chic, patterned details with a retro vibe making each piece very unique.

Here are some of my favorites:

Although his jackets have that vintage appeal they can suit and flatter anyone really. Available for both Men and Women. Philip Ayler is exclusively sold online and at the What Goes Around Comes Around in New York and Los Angeles.

If vintage is your style, then get your very own limited edition Philip Ayler jacket today!

For more information on Philip Ayler and his jackets go to: www.philipayler.com

Which one would you rock? Please do share using the hashtag: #SFBFashion #PhilipAyler

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