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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to a fun event and trunk show. I enjoyed checking out and supporting local businesses in and out of the Tri-State area. I believe in that, supporting local business, we all gotta start from somewhere and I loved seeing the various talent and creativity from all the vendors present. Be sure to check out the Epic Trunk Show which takes place each year, be on the look out for the next one coming soon!

Epic & Co. Trunk Show June 4, 2016, Shop Studios : 528 W39th Street, NYC

During my time there, I was able to do a Q & A with the creator and founder of the Epic Trunk Show. Continuing reading and see how it all started and came together.

Q. Give us a little background about you/How did the Epic and Co. get its start?

When, how, where?

A. Epic & Co. (theultimatetrunkshow.com) started in my apartment back in 2009.  At the time I had an online boutique and was looking to sell older inventory in order to buy for the upcoming season.  I was unfortunately/but fortunately unemployed at the time after being laid off during the time that the economy not doing so well.  It was perfect timing.  The event started in my apartment and literally took on a life of its on.  It became an instant success and soon after we threw our first large scale trunk show at the Dumbo Loft in December 2009 in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Q. Who were the first vendors to start with Epic and Co.?

A. When the trunk show just began in my apartment, the brands that were apart of it were Heirport Apparel, Remember Me Retro, Elan Regime and Ally Marie.

Q. What’s behind the name for the trunk show , Epic and Co.?

A. Epic is a powerful word and how we should all live our day to day! It’s about never settling and going beyond the usual or norm. That’s what goes through my mind daily when planning the trunk show.

Q.  What inspired you to start Epic and Co.?

A. My love for talented designers and makers/creators and the enjoyment of being able to give these talented individuals a platform to showcase their collection.

Q.  Do you have any favorites, as far as vendors that join the trunk show?

A. They are all my favorite.  That’s why they are apart of Epic & Co.  We work with an overall amazing bunch of talented designers that each contribute to the overall success of the show.

Q. How do you choose the vendors to be part of the trunk show?

A. They first have to be designers or makers/creators of a product.  Their collection has to be cohesive, creative and reflect epic!

Q. How many years has the Epic and Co. Trunk show been running?

A. We are currently in our 7th year.

Q.  What goes into putting together a trunk show?

A. A lot!! LOL. It’s a lot of work. You have good days and bad days but what really goes into putting it together is resilience and determination.  You have to have tunnel vision so you can keep your eye on the prize, which is putting together a successful event for your guest, vendors and sponsors.

Q. Any advice for those who want to get their start and put together a trunk show at a size like the one last Saturday?

A. Be unique and find YOUR niche! Be prepared to learn from the process. The learning is the best






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What inspires you?

Thanks so much to Epic & Co. and First and Last PR for partnering and collaborating with me for this post. All thoughts are mine, outside of the Q&A answers.

As always thanks for reading, following and for your support. Thank you for following me in my journey.