Posted on: April 6, 2016

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 I hope everyone is having a great week so far. It’s almost over, but in the meantime enjoy my new Wedding Wednesday Series post. So, as many of you know I’ve shared photos from my wedding on my various social media accounts, advice, wedding decor ideas, and other details leading up to your special day. But what I haven’t shared is our Engagement Photo shoot session and how we chose our photographer + videographer.

Well, ask and you shall receive….

It been 3 years since our engagement shoot. And come to think of it, it was this same weekend and time when we had our shoot, can’t believe it’s been 3 years, feels like yesterday. The weather on that day was so beautiful. Thankfully, mother nature blessed us with good weather for our day shoot.

To start, let me tell you how we choose our photographer and how we got to our engagement shoot session.

First off, finding a photographer isn’t easy, especially one that you’ll like and get along with. After much research and many phone calls, we finally narrowed down a company to work with. And even to this day, we are so happy we chose them and continue to rave and recommend them to anyone and everyone.

After meeting with a representative from their company in our local area, hearing about their work, packages and their reviews we went home to discuss. After many phone calls, meetings, and reading reviews of various companies/photographers/videographers we narrowed down our search. We chose to work with George Street Photo + Video, and we couldn’t be more happier and grateful to them.

George Street Photo + Video specialize in Photojournalistic style of photography. They strive for excellence in executing all of their clienteles needs. They also cater and make make their clients feel as comfortable as possible and are willing to work with you and your needs and wants for your special day. I’m sure other companies do the same, but we felt most comfortable with them after our first initial meeting and going forward. So it just make it that much easier for us to decide to work with them . After you sign the contract and decide to work with them, you select a package, and then they send over their Style Quiz. The style quiz is designed to help best decide and choose the best and right photographer + videographer that best suits your needs and what you’re looking for, for the your special day. After that is determined they will then give you your results and a list of photographers+ videographers are sent to you, you can then view there work and decide from there. Our results for our quiz were : Romantic, Classic, Elegant and Modern. So we then chose our photographer and videographer and they sent us their contact information. From start to finish George Street Photo + Video were very accommodating and they were great to work with. Which is why there aren’t enough words to describe how thankful and blessed we were to find them and work with them. So if you haven’t checked them out I’ll be sure to leave their information below.

Engagement Shoot Advice

What I loved about George Street Photo+ Video is that they work with your needs and wants. So that the vision you have for your photos can be met and executed. What my husband and I also appreciated was that they gave us the contact information for our photographer + videographer. If you can, I’d suggest you contacting them and reach out prior to having your engagement shoot. I know you’ll initially reach out to them to plan out your engagement shoot day, but if you can meet with them beforehand, in my opinion it would make the shoot run even more smoothly. It was such a relief and great to meet out photographer prior to our Engagement shoot. We were able to tell him about us, as he did the same. And he told us about his work and the way he shoots, and we were able to give him our input and what we were look for, for our engagement shoot and our wedding photos. Our initial meeting went off with flying colors, we connected and jived so well. And come engagement shoot day, we were laughing, smiling, and just having a grand ol’ time.

Do your research…. If you have certain photo details or visions in mind tell your photographer beforehand Also, if you want to use props, bring them along. A huge resource and tool that I used throughout my wedding planning is Pinterest. It’s a great website that has an abundance of ideas, details, and decor references that can be useful for you for any occasion. If you haven’t checked it out you should. Check out my personal page and you can see all my vision boards :

Lighting is very important when trying to get the perfect shot. Naturally lighting to be exact. So try and schedule your shoot for the early morning hours or early to mid afternoon hours if your shooting outside.

Try not to wear bold graphics. They tend to distract and lose focus from the photos aesthetics and main focus which is you the couple. Photographers notes: Everyone wearing the same clothing, tend to blend in together and leaving little to not much pop and life to the images. Coordinate VS. Matching…. let’s not get cheesy! Avoid large logo’s, emblems and graphics like “GAP” and “Old Navy” because again, these will typically distract attention away from the subject. We want your faces and emotion to show, not promote the clothing company you purchased from! Be timeless. If your planning on making outfit changes bring it all with your along with your props if you will be having any. You’ll be able to change but on the go, you’re models for the day go with it and work it!!


Remember photos tell stories.. Create a love story/story you and your partner want to display and tell. Show off your personalities and have fun with it. These are your photos for the world to see and to cherish for years to come. So, laugh, smile, make jokes, kiss, and have SO MUCH FUN! That’s the whole point of the session. Enjoy it all!

Please enjoy photos from our Engagement shoot. I hope they inspire and give you ideas for your upcoming engagement shoot. I’ll be sure to list the information below for George Street Photo + Video and our photographer. Congrats, Enjoy + Best Wishes!!

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