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My day starts off with a big cup of coffee well a Skinny Soy Vanilla Latte to be exact from none other than Starbucks. Then off to the office before my first show at 10am Tadashi Shoji. But first work must be done to start my TGIF and day 2 of NYFW. As I sip on my coffee and check my emails that go on for days….. I reply to a few emails, chat on a some conference calls with clients, and continue with my talent submissions. That’s just the beginning of my day, fridays are casual at my office and at times can be chill, today wasn’t one of those days. If your looking for PR or Talent Management advice or consultation, head on over to my services page. I list all of my specialties and services and how I represent you as a client. I’m all about building relationships, creating, and harvesting careers, and taking a brand or client to the next level. Contact me today for more information.

And one thing I may add, while trying to be stylish and chic for NYFW, this Fashion week was all about layers and feeling comfy but still keeping it glam. Because it was beyond cold, and winter was definitely in full effect. I don’t know about you but I was cold AF. (excuse my language but I’m keeping it real 🙂 )


Now off to the Tadashi Shoji show, I absolutely love Shoji’s creations. Tadashi Shoji is known for his iconic red carpet gowns and evening wear.  Flowy, shimmery and  sparkly dresses, where some have been influenced by his Japanese culture and background. The set design was stunning, dark but dramatic, and the gown definitely gave off major sex appeal. That runway was hot and sexy and we loved that from this collection. With thigh -high slits, cutouts and embellished bodysuits, the collection was super sexy and to die for. This collection caught everyones attention, including mine, and I love the contrast in his direction with this line. Velvet, sequins and lace were recognizable on the runway. Tadashi Shoji gave his gowns a super sexy upgrade, and I’m sure we all can agree we absolutely LOVED IT. Definitely a collection worth checking out and rocking.


Best known for her bridal designs, casual fun and flirty wear and accessories,  also a former Rhody as an alum of Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her work and seeing it come alive on the runway, a great show to close my week and Friday.  For this collection,  she wanted to find a way to make winter seem more happier and brighter as oppose to it’s cold and gloomy outlook. She makes references to nordic style with wears featuring colorful beading, embroidery, tassel prints, and tons of ruffles. Even with the Nordic style and

folkloric influences, she channels and connects eclectic vibes and wintery whimsical air, while staying true to the labels essence of fun, flirty style with a youthful spirit.



I absolutely LOVED Mara Hoffman’s presentation at The High Line Hotel. I must say, I love going to presentations because you get to see the designers designs up close and personal, take the photos you’d like and really get a feel for the collection. Not to say I don’t like runway shows, but sometimes they are too fast and you aren’t able to capture the true essence of what the designer is trying to convey at times. Also it can sometimes be hard to get the right photo opt. With the constant flow and movement of all the gorgeousness on the runway, getting that perfect shot can be tricky. Nonetheless, both are visually beautiful.  Mara Hoffman’s presentation seemed dream like, inspired by her three muses of Grace Jone, Jerry Hall and Cher.  Women and children were dressed to the nines with ensembles referencing the  twenties and seventies. Ladies lounging on persian rugs giving off the luxe and chic vibe. All of the designs were eye-catching, I wanted one of everything in my size. She even incorporated her signature pieces- her beautiful maxi dresses that were lace embroidered. She was saying at the presentation that she wanted to “Represent the journey of a women, a women who traveled the world.” In this collection, with it’s vibe, fabrics, and twenties -seventies influences she sure did that just that.



My husband and I head to the ShopStyleCollection Social House event at 404 10th avenue. We braved the cold again, all layered and bundled and headed to the fun-filled event. And it surely wasn’t just an event for just women, men, husband, boyfriends etc were welcomed too. My husband got to join in on the fun, and he enjoyed himself, but mostly he enjoyed seeing me in my element. Networking, connecting, and embracing the whole experience with me. We arrived in this social house filled with vendors and brands, displays of the latest styles and trends in fashion for you to borrow and wear to complete your look during NYFW. How awesome is that, it was AMAZING! We met some of the team from Shopstyle, Gigi of New York, and Daniel Wellington. And to top it off, Gigi of New York gifted women monogram bags that had a crossbody strap that detached to convert the bag into a super cute clutch. Daniel Wellington was also gifting their watches to attendees. My husband and I got matching watches. Love the brand, so classic and versatile,  and definitely stylish and fashionable. We enjoy small bites, light cocktails, a photo session with notable photographer Craig David, viewed wearable collections from top brands and I enjoyed a little beauty touch up from their beauty station with Stoway Cosmetics & R+Co.  While at the event, I met other fashion bloggers and fashion savvy elites, as we discussed our week ahead and exchanged which shows we were attending as well as information to stay in touch. What a great event to start the Fashion week mania. Overall, both my husband and I were thankful for the invitation. Looking forward to future events. Upon leaving we were gifted goodies totes filled with momentums, gifts and other information about the event, the brands there and more.

With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, I got to enjoy the rest of the day with my forever valentine, my husband.  Took a break from my NYFW schedule and spent the rest of the day and evening with my love. We grabbed a bite to eat in the city before heading home. We continue our Valentine day/weekend by relaxing and cuddling up on the couch to a movie at home. To some that may seem boring, but with it being so cold, and both of us being super exhausted from the week, it was a perfect evening. And it’s never boring when your spending it with someone you love. (Sounds corny, but I keep it real and it’s the truth)!! 🙂


After a romantic night in with my husband, this was yet another sleepless night for me. My body was telling me I need sleep, but my mind was telling me you still haev a gazillion things you need to do. I began my mental list…. As much as I tried to get some shut eye, I still had a million things to do before my next couple of shows and presentations for today and the week ahead. So after enjoying a nice movie with my husband, as he rested, I replied to a few client emails, (my westcoast clients) and edited my photos from shows, presentations and events for the blog and portfolio.

A PR girl’s job is never done nor does she ever stop working, she’s always in working mode, and making moves everywhere she goes. Stress will arise regardless,  but I too sometimes need to listen to my own advice. It’s extremely important to get rest, even though your days are long and busy rest — staying healthy is vital and important.  Even though I may struggle with the lack of sleep element, I fully promote R&R. It’s good for your body and good for your soul.

That day I met with the two amazing female bloggers BrownEyedToast and Rock.Paper. Glam at the Michael De Paulo presentation. Michael De Paulo’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection was truly exquisite and breathtaking. I appreciated that De Paulo didn’t shy away from working with varying silhouettes. It was nice to see the versatility throughout his collection. From his full-length ball gown to his flirty and might I add sexy beaded jumpsuit and his fun and whimsical take on a ballet skirt. I can’t express enough how I love seeing a designers creative artistry come to life. Michael De Paulo’s collection exudes luxury and sophistication yet chic and sexy all at the same time. My personal favorite was the beaded deep v jumpsuit. It was very chic and super sexy!

 For the rest of NYFW I attended the shows/presentations of:  Lela Rose, Rachel Zoe, Monique lhuillier, Style Fashion Week, Nolcha Show– Rohitava Banerjee, and Alice and Olivia. On one of the nights during Fashion week, I took a break from it all and attended a NY Society event and Release Party for Sophisticated Weddings. I’ll  speak more about the event in my Wedding Wednesday post for next week. Overall, NYFW 2016 was a success, even though my body and mind were completely exhausted, it was a fun-filled week. The fashion just gets better and better each time around. I enjoyed seeing and meeting the people I connected with. A couple days with little to no sleep is all worth it for the sake of FASHION!!  That concludes my recap and take on NYFW 2016, hope you enjoyed my take and recap of my fully loaded week of glamour, fatigue, and fun!!

Enjoy my gallery of photos below of : A NEW YORK MINUTE: A PR GAL TAKES ON NYFW 2016

My PR /Talent Management/Blogger advice: R&R is key, stress will come with anything, and the workload will surely be there. But be sure to take care of you first, before anything else. Above anything else, stay humble, and stay true to yourself. Take a moment and take it all in and never let a moment pass you by. Count your blessings each and everyday. And always remember to be courageous, be stylish, be glam, and be YOU! Love of love to you always!

What can we expect in fashion trends?

Color blocking

Gradients of colors

greys, caramels, creams,

Blue hues

Twenties and Seventies influences

Sexy, Chic, luxe styles

The blend of masculine and feminine styles colliding

 Fashion that’s more comfortable, chic yet versatile

Lots of drama, floral prints, flowy dresses and gowns

Lace, velvet and embroidered pieces

After what I saw and what you’ll see in my photos you would want to own something from each collection if not all!!

To end here’s my PR/Talent MGNMT/BLOGGER GAL Advice to you all:

 R&R is key, stress will come with anything, and the workload will surely be there. But be sure to take care of you first, before anything else. Above anything else, stay humble, and stay true to yourself. Take a moment and take it all in and never let a moment pass you by. Count your blessings each and everyday. And always remember to be courageous, be stylish, be glam, and be YOU! Love of love to you always!  If you can dream and believe it anything is always possible!! MUAH!

Who is your favorite designer and who would you wear most?

Let me know by commenting below!



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