Posted on: December 22, 2016

Tis’ the Season!

It’s the holiday season, a time to give thanks, to celebrate, a time for hope, love, peace and joy. But most importantly its the season for giving. I’ve mentioned this before, this season always gives me all sorts of the feels and when you continue reading you’ll see another reason why it gives me all the feels. Good ones too!

I’ve been a fan of this duo and their Youtube family for many years now. I stumbled upon Judy’s beauty videos many years ago and even then she was very relatable with many useful beauty tips and tricks. Then, I started watching her daily vlogs and fell in love with both Judy and Benji and the love they share. When they had their kids (who are the absolute CUTEST) their daily vlogs turned into a wholesome family vlog that I would tune into daily. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Judy and Benji in person and they are exactly the same as they are in their vlogs and so much more. They’re so sweet and down to earth, just a good wholesome people. When you meet them and see all they do it’s hard not to fall in love with them and their family. I truly admire all they do for their kids and for others. The values and morals they’ve taught their 3 girls are all things I hope to be when I’m a parent one day.

In the spirit of giving back, Benji and Judy do so much for their community and to those in need. Every December for the past 5 year, Benji and Judy began this annual fundraiser called #Dancember raising awareness and giving back to their chosen cause. During their 24 hour broadcast, they dance to raise awareness and and funds for that particular cause/organization/mission. Each year it’s gotten bigger and bigger and it just warms my heart that I can be part of this amazing fundraiser and so can you. This year once again they are giving back to Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope is an organization that helps those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting. This year, during their annual 24 hour broadcast Benji and Judy along with friends and family hope to raise $500,000 to help feed 50,000 children. This years live broadcast was on December 17th, and if you’ve seen this years live feed and years prior you’ll see, feel all sorts of emotions, fun, and want to be part of the cause as well as see all the good that comes out of the event. If you’ve seen this Youtube duo and this cause before, then you know all they do is simply spectacular. You too can give back, just think $10 dollars can go a long way. Think about it, your donations can help feed children in need, starving, and impoverished. It’s the season of giving, let’s all come together and help Benji and Judy get to their goal of $500,000 to feed 50,000 children . They are 87% away from their goal. Know that your donations are going towards a good cause and it will help so many children in need. See all the good Benji, Judy, family, friends and all of you have done and can do, click the videos below.


Click the link below and donate HELP FEED $50,000 CHILDREN TODAY!

I hope this post inspired you to continue to be all you can be and to believe in the power of giving. I hope the spirit of this holiday season is enlightening, inspiring and empowering. Sending you all warmth, peace, love and joy this holiday season!

As always, thanks for reading, following and supporting me in my journey!

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