My name is Emily. I’m the sassy, fierce, enthusiastic, Boss babe behind Social Fashionista Beauty.  Social Fashionista Beauty is an extension of my PR company. SFB is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle business digital edit that explores one’s passions, living life with a “can do ” attitude. The purpose for this platform is to inspire and empower fellow bossbabes, entrepreneurs and many others in leading a life with passion and determination. As a women with a strong sense of spirituality and faith, I encourage everyone to keep the positive vibes flowing always and never lose hope. I do believe that miracles happen every day, we just have to believe and keep the faith.  I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel, and hope to inspire many in leading a beautiful life both inside and out.  I’m a true believer in being authentic and being yourself always. Stay up to date with SFB’s Latest by subscribing and following today!

The backstory on  Social Fashionista Beauty and Me: 

I’m a PR professional with over 16 years of experience in the industry. I’ve worked in the areas of : Marketing, Media, and Talent management. I love the work I’ve done over the years, and I wanted to enhance, expand and explore my passions even further. I started my business over 6 years ago, starting as a small start-up company with only a handful of clients.  To now a fully operating Creative Media and Digital company and PR/Management guru to my clientele. Working with brands, campaigns, publications, labels and personalities such as but not limited to: Vogue, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, NYFW, Giorgio Armani, Tarte Cosmetics, Pixie Beauty, Killian Beauty,  Sony, Def Jam Records, The Kardashians, Pnina Tornai, DVF, E! J.Lo, P. Diddy, MTV, Prada, Gucci, Kiehls, Who What Wear Fashion,  American Express, NIKE, MLB Network, NFL Network, Disney, Sebago World, Cartier, Macallan, Shopstyle, Amazon, Broadway, Coach, Altec Lansing, The Jonas Brothers, CN Traveler, Margaux Shoes, Oren Isaac Eyewear, Credo Beauty, Cotton On Group, Pat McGrath, Tom Ford, Elle Magazine and the list goes on……


Over the years, SFB has evolved into something more. By combining my experiences in the industry, my contacts and my love for all things: beauty, fashion, travel and more this platform has encourages everyone to see the beauty in life and enjoy it to the fullest. Remember that, nothing is ever impossible, especially when you have a great support team (SFB Squad), passion, purpose, drive and determination. One of my favorite quotes from Audrey Hepburn is one I’ve applied to all aspects of my life and that is, ” Nothing is impossible, the words itself says “I’m Possible!” I hope to connect, collaborate and possibly work together in the future. Find your passion, continue to work on your craft and always be authentically you, living your life to the absolute fullest.


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If you’re looking for PR, Talent Management consulting + representation, Styling consulting please refer to my Consulting services page.


As you can see I’m your modern day “Jane of all trades.” I don’t limit myself to just one thing. We only have one life so take your passions and live life to the fullest in every way.

This is me in a nutshell, I’m merely a woman with an adventurous soul, curiosity for the world, with a love and passion for  my business and my craft. I’ve continued to pour my heart and soul into my babies and I love seeing them grow and flourish over the years. Hard-work doesn’t happen overnight, continue to work on your craft remember anything is possible, just keep going and growing.  Follow along on the journey and enjoy my loves!


“Be Creative, Be Glam, Be Stylish, Be You.”